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Raised Dog BedDog owners are offered a large selection of pet products and pet beds options for their doggos. Many of these options are designed for human aesthetics and without consideration of their dog’s orthopedic needs. As a rule, we choose the most attractive bed that is the softest and assume that our puppy sweethearts will be delighted with our choices. However, if our dogs chose their own beds, many would prefer a raised dog bed with a memory-foam cushion.

What is a Raised Dog Bed?

Raised dog beds are elevated off the ground, and the elevation of raised dog beds can range from a few inches to several feet. A raised pet bed may have sleeping surfaces made of breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate around dogs as they rest. For outdoors they might select Kuranda dog beds or Coolaroo dog beds, they are particular favorites among many breeds of dogs.

A dog on a black elevated dog bed

Elevated Dog Beds! Why Does a Pet Need One?

Elevated pet beds benefit dogs with double coats. Dogs like Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians can easily overheat, and these dog breeds were designed to survive exposure to extremely cold temperatures and wet conditions. Pups with thick coats should be in areas with fierce winters and cool summers, but many live in hot climates.

The gift of an elevated dog bed can make warm months more bearable for fluffy dogs; allowing them to sleep without excessive panting and general discomfort.

Elevated dog beds also benefit single-coated dogs like Greyhounds and Chihuahuas. These dogs are often cold in the winter or in air-conditioned rooms year-round. Raising single-coated dogs up off the ground protects them from exposure to cold, hard, drafty floors.

Owners prefer some brands of raised pet beds because like Kuranda and Coolaroo as they are made of materials that are hard for dogs to chew.

The Puptastic Benefits a Raised Dog Bed Can Have for Your Pooch!

Comfort and long-term joint health

A dog sleeping on a cool floor is not a problem in the short run, but over time hard floors cause strain on their bones and joints. A hard floor is unforgiving and does not have any give to accommodate the heavier areas of a dog’s body, creating uncomfortable pressure points.


Lying down and getting up is easier from a raised bed, for older dogs. Dogs are just like people, as they get older they lose muscle mass, flexibility, and dexterity.

Help for dogs with skin conditions

Some doggy skin conditions are caused by yeast or fungi that thrive in closed areas with low air-flow. Sleeping on a raised bed can improve skin conditions by keeping both sides of your resting pet exposed to air flow.

Other skin issues can be caused by insects and parasites. The breathable, outdoor fabrics used in some durable raised dog beds, such as ballistic nylon, are easy to clean, and, in some cases, can be hosed down, to avoid infestations.

How to Teach Your Dog the “Up” Cue

Prior to getting an elevated dog bed, train your dog to walk or jump up on a stable, raised surface like a concrete step. Give the cue “up” and lure them onto the step with a high-value treat. With repetition and reward, your dog should learn to get “up” on any object you choose.

The “up” cue is also helpful at the vet when it’s time to weigh your dog. Knowing “up” will have them hopping right on the scale; unless, of course, they’ve cheated on their diets!

From Stairs to a Bed Next To Yours! The Many Types of Raised Dog Beds You Can Consider

Raised Dog Bed with Stairs

Dogs may need stairs or ramps to reach their elevated beds. The Savvy Pet makes an attractive elevated dog bed called Lacey’s Lookout. While they are more on the expensive side, the comfortable cushion on top of Lacey’s Lookout is reached using a matching step. It’s the perfect perch if your pooch likes to look out a window.

Raised Dog Bed Next to Bed

A raised dog bed that sits next to your bed is ideal if you want your dog to sleep near you, but not in your bed. Merry Products on Amazon offers a Wood Pet Home that not only has stairs and is elevated to sleep by your bed, but it is a pet home that can also be used outside. With a lower lounge area, this raised dog bed has it all!

I think this pup would encourage you to buy a bed that isn’t hard to get into!

Large Raised Dog Bed for Those Big Pups!

Large-breed pups love lounging around on canine sofas like the Rattan Rectangular Pet Sofa made by Iconic Pet. This PE rattan indoor/outdoor sofa comes with a washable cushion and is built on a durable metal frame. While it is not highly elevated, this large raised dog bed is perfect for the pup who lives inside AND outside.

Raised Dog Bed Extra Large

The Manhattan Dog Sofa with Memory Foam Cushion, designed by EcoFLEX, is designed for giant-breed dogs like Great Danes. This charming, elevated wood bed, looks like it would be at home in a Cape Cod cottage. It has a large memory-foam cushion that measures 38.5 inches wide and 26.4 inches deep.

Raised Wooden Dog Bed

If you have modern décor and a small pup, consider Pet Lounge Studios’ Bambu Cross Hammock Pet Bed. As a raised wooden dog bed, it’s comfortable and a washable mattress is suspended off the floor, sitting on a trapezoidal-shaped, bamboo frame whose simplicity recalls mid-century designs.

Outdoor Raised Dog Bed

Coolaroo and Kuranda make pet cots that are similar to military cots. Coolaroo and Kuranda indestructible dog beds are elevated off the ground on rounded frames built of powder-coated steel, aluminum, or poly-resin. Their sturdy frames are topped with tightly-stretched pieces of durable, breathable outdoor fabrics. The materials have just enough give to cradle a dog like a shallow hammock.

The fabrics Kuranda and Coolaroo use to create their indestructible dog beds are designed to be rinsed with hoses, sprayed with sanitizing chemicals, survive chewers, and resist weather, sun damage, mold, and mildew.

Raised Dog Bed on Amazon!

Ultra-Plush for Your Pocket Pet

Enchanted Home Pet’s Ultra Plush Headboard Bed may be a comfort match if your dog is a miniature or toy breed. As one of the best-reviewed raised dog beds on Amazon, it comes with darling side chair in several shades of colors, and has a pouch on the back to store your pet’s chew toys.

Oh, and rumor has it that cats love it too.

Try An Affordable Choice! DIY Raised Dog Bed

Build a PVC dog bed frame

A dog beside the materials for building a pvc dog bed

If you’re not afraid to use a few tools, screws, a drill, and a sewing machine, you can make your own PVC dog beds similar to the fabric and pipe dog cots listed above! Using PVC for the frame, and the fabric of your choice for the bed, you can copy the same chew proof dog beds offered by popular dog-cot brands.

Upcycle Pallets!

Pallets are approximately six inches high when laid flat on the ground. For larger dogs, use pallets as-is with the addition of a custom-made, machine washable cushion. To create dog beds that are chew resistant, select tough outdoor fabrics or marine vinyl for your cushions.

For a small four-legged friend, cut down a pallet to the standard sizes of store-bought memory-foam pet beds or outdoor furniture cushions.

It’s Time to Find the Perfect Pet Bed for Your Four-Legged Friend

Whichever raised dog bed you end up choosing, the main point is that they’re comfortable and safe. Purchasing an elevated pet bed for your dog will increase their comfort each day and may contribute to a longer, healthier life for your best friend.

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