Relaxing Music for Dogs: Tunes to Help Your Doggo Tune Out

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Cute French Bulldog listening to relaxing music for dogs

Finding relaxing music for dogs has become the go-to calming strategy for many dog owners to relieve their beloved puppies’ anxiety. From classical music to soft rock and reggae, we will evaluate all the tunes that can help your furry friend keep their heart rate under control during the most stressful moments of their day.

Do Dogs Even Hear Music? How do they Experience Music and Sounds?

Fighting anxiety with relaxing music for dogs is a popular option to help dogs remain calm in stressful situations. We have already addressed natural alternatives for your dog to keep their temper under control. Soothing music for dogs is another remedy that could help Fido relax so that you can sleep peacefully tonight.

In Greek mythology, Orpheus, the son of the sun and the muse of music, knew it: music can calm even Cerberus, the three-headed dog that protected the entrance to the Underworld. Dogs can hear and interpret music, that’s clear. Actually, they have a sense of hearing four times more developed than humans. But, do dogs enjoy the same music that we do? Or do they have particular preferences?

Relaxing music for dogs is a thing. Why? Because it works! Not only do they have musical preferences, dogs even prefer specific instruments and rhythms more than others. In fact, their favorite moment to listen to music is when they have been left alone at home, as silence sharpens their anxiety.

Whether it be classical music or famous bass players, does relaxing music for dogs have a real effect? Scientifically speaking, what evidence do we have that music therapy for dogs works?

High or Low? Notes and Octaves. What Makes up Relaxing Music for Dogs?

Dogs can use their perky, pointy ears to hear sounds with much more precision and quality than we can. They can detect higher-pitched sounds that the human ear cannot. That’s why dog whistles can be undetectable for us and very useful when calling them. Dogs can hear frequencies ranging from 67-45,000 Hz, but ours is of 64-23,000 Hz.

In fact, according to psycho-acoustics researcher Joshua Leeds, relaxing music for dogs should be interpreted at a little bit slower tempo and an octave lower, so that their delicate ears can enjoy music quietly, without sudden changes, or frightening sounds.

Dachshund listening to music with earphones

Do Dogs Like Music? Which Kinds of Music do Dogs Like Best ?!

We humans have very clear ideas of what we like when it comes to music. There is a perfect ballad to create a romantic atmosphere, there are rhythms that help to increase productivity, and tunes to chill out with friends. The same thing goes for dogs. There is relaxing music for dogs and, let’s say, music that elevates their heart rates due to their not so relaxing sounds.

Heavy metal, pop-rock, house, drum and bass, punk… Those are the genres that you might want to save for later, if not completely avoid. Strident sounds of guitars, vocals, even conversations, and repetitive beats with accelerated percussion (metal-head’s dreamland, so to speak) aren’t your dog’s favorites. In fact, they prefer classical instrumental music, slow, calming, soothing melodies…ZzzZZ

Classical Music: Relaxing Dog Music?

According to researchers, exposing dogs to soft classical music will help manage their anxiety better, combating restlessness and agitation. So, you better skip Beethoven’s 9th and go with “Für Elise” instead. Why? Because of the tempo. The speed at which the melody is being played can have an impact on the heart rate and mark the difference between the music being relaxing music for dogs or an anxiety causing barking trigger.

Calming Music for Dogs: Soft Rock vs Reggae

Believe it or not, some types of soft rock and reggae meet the melodic requirements to help your dog relax with music therapy. Stressed dogs, such as shelter dogs, prefer this type of music to chillax. Which one is best? It depends on your dog’s behavior and individual preferences. So put on some records, and let’s puppy it up!

Dog Anxiety? Separation Anxiety? Block out the Stress with White Noise

jack russel dog relaxing to some dog music

There are other effective alternatives to help control canine anxiety. The so-called white noise. That’s the name of a signal composed of two different frequencies of different intensity, which creates a consistent sound without any variations in timber, pitch, or volume. This sound can counteract the silence angst, and keep your pup distracted from the smaller environmental noises around them.

Having such sharp hearing, absolute silence puts the dogs in an ultra-alert state that stresses them out even more. That’s why they look so relaxed in environments where a radio or a TV is on, even if their owners have gone out to buy groceries.

Switch on the Dog Radio! Where to Find Puptastic Tunes ?!

Turn the beat around! You can find excellent relaxing music for dogs online! Every genre, ranging from classical music, music therapy, calming music, soft rock for puppies, to reggae for doggos is streaming right now. You need only know where to look!

YouTube Dog Music

There are many YouTube Channels with white noise effects, even cosmic ones. Navigate YouTube, and you will find several options to lower your dog’s heart rate and help him fight separation anxiety. But not only that! You can also play classical music with the soothing effects of waves, meditation music, even some Barry White classics, and wait to see your pet’s reactions.

Relax My Dog: Soothing Dog Music Online

pet owner downloading relaxing music for dogs on her smart phone

The YouTube channel “Relax my dog” is just marvelous. With 3-hour tunes of relaxing music to back you up at home while running errands, to 15 hours relaxing music for dog’s videos to keep Fido happy while you’re having a hectic day in the office… There is relaxing music for dogs suitable for everyone that you can also enjoy while meditating, working, or washing the dishes.

Volume Control – Keep Your Pooch’s Sensitive Ears in Mind

Remember, dogs’ ears are very delicate. So unless you want your dogs to go “4th of July Fireworks mode” in your living room, it is wiser to go for a low volume.

Love to Love You Puppy

Music therapy is an effective and pleasant alternative for your dog to feel accompanied and protected while you’re out. Currently, several studies on the usefulness of music therapy in dogs are being conducted to help shelter dogs in the management of their loneliness. If you have some time on your hands, go to your local shelter and bring a little Chopin with you. Form an orchestra if you can. Just be careful with playing the Dies Irae movement of Verdi’s Requiem… It’s just too exciting!

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