ESA Weekly News November 3rd: Rooster Ruffles Feathers and ESAs Help with Back-to-School

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In this week’s emotional support animal news, a rooster annoys neighbors and ESAs help college students adjust to the new school year. Keep reading to know all about zoning laws and the role of ESAs on campus. CertaPet brings you the weekly scoop.

“Emotional Support” Rooster Annoys Entire Neighborhood

East Arlington welcomed a new resident recently: a Hawaiian rooster. His owner loves him, but he’s alone in that feeling. Neighbors have been reaching out to the mayor and the media. They say they can’t get a night’s sleep because of how loud the rooster is.

Reporters visited the owner of the morning-loving animal. He says he picked up the rooster from the street and has been keeping him as an “emotional support animal” ever since. Yet, he has no letter from a licensed mental health professional.

The city responded recently. They quoted the zoning code. It states roosters cannot live in urban areas, and East Arlington is considered one. Neighbors also pointed out the rooster is always outside, never inside providing emotional support.

After a few weeks of complaining, the owner reached out to news stations and said he’d let the rooster go. He told them he “didn’t need the trouble.” Now, the neighborhood will sleep again, but no one knows where the animal has gone to.

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ESAs Helps College Students Handle Anxiety and Stress

College campuses have seen an uptick in students reaching out to mental health professionals. James Madison University is no exception. This Virginia university welcomes emotional support animals in dorms and recognizes their important role.

A recent graduate says living with her ESA cat greatly improved her life at university. She’s an advocate for the emotional and mental wellbeing of students. And she’s not alone. More and more students highlight how important it is to seek professional help.

Part of therapy is living with an emotional support animal. But for many students, the process of being approved isn’t smooth. As they told the university’s newspaper, there are many barriers and obstacles hard to overcome. It takes a long time to get approved for an ESA to live in dorms, even with the Fair Housing Act in place.

More and more students are speaking up about their mental health problems and removing the stigma around it. Thus, today, there are more ESAs on campus than ever.

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CertaPet’s Thoughts on This Week’s News

The East Arlington rooster case, although somewhat comical, is a big deal. The owner was trying to pass it off as an emotional support animal. Yet, he had no emotional support animal letter or mental health problem to speak of. That is a big shame.

It’s thanks to situations such as this one that ESAs get a bad rep. It doesn’t only annoy neighbors but also portrays those who legitimately need an ESA to live their day-to-day lives in a bad light.

On a more positive note, we’re glad to see James Madison University students living better lives thanks to their ESAs. That’s the true purpose of a support animal. We hope the bureaucratical process improves. Nonetheless, we’re happy with the university staff for acknowledging the importance of an ESA.

If you also need the companionship an ESA can provide, CertaPet can help you. Start by taking our 5-minute pre-screening test for free. We will put you in touch with a licensed mental health professional (LMHP). They’ll be the ones meeting with you and assessing your mental state. If your mental health condition warrants it, you could get an ESA letter in just a few days.

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