5 Awesome Benefits of Running with Your Dog

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man running with dog on bridge

Virtually every dog owner knows the importance of spending time and being active with their furry friend. In order for your dog to remain the happy, energetic furball that you know and love, they’ll need a good amount of affection and playtime. Have you thought about running with your dog?

If you’re someone that absolutely loves to jog, it may be a good idea to consider bringing your dog along with you! Running with your dog combines your daily exercise with the routine exercise that your dog needs, and brings with it so many benefits.

In this post, we’ll go over 5 great benefits of running with your dog.

It Keeps You Both in Shape

First and foremost, jogging keeps you and your dog in shape. While this isn’t breaking news by any means, it does help to know that jogging isn’t just a hip thing to do. It brings a world of benefits to both you and your pup. For humans, jogging has many health benefits. Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also increases your cardiovascular health, reduces your blood pressure, and even makes your immune system stronger.

Dogs benefit immensely from jogging, too! These animals were born to run, so a daily jog will help ensure that their bodies are kept healthy and strong. While they are quite different from humans, dogs’ bodies see many of the same benefits as us from jogging. So, not only does it keep your dog happy and satisfied, but jogging also works to lengthen and improve their life.

You Become More Motivated

One issue that many people tend to run into when starting to live a more active lifestyle is a lack of motivation. Whether it’s the fact that the exercise is hard or boring, that there’s nobody keeping you in check, or that you think that you have better things to do, you’re not alone in being unmotivated. However, running with your dog does an excellent job reinstating that motivation.

When you incorporate your dog into your jogging routine, you’re now not the only one that benefits from your outings. Seeing the joy on your dog’s face during a run and experiencing the health benefits that it brings the both of you usually keeps you on the right track. You may want to take a day off, but do you really want to miss out on the joy radiating from your dog post-jog?

Additionally, your dog’s love for running is nothing short of inspirational. Dogs don’t run because they have to, the run because they want to. A dog’s love for running is so pure and infectious that it will help you find that joy for getting outdoors and putting one foot in front of the other, and being in the moment.

It’s Excellent for Dog Training

Most owners don’t see exercise time as a great time for training, but it absolutely is! All the time spent running with your dog is a great opportunity to work on training commands and general obedience.

Jogging that far distance will help train your dog to stay right by your side on a leash. Quickly passing by a ton of other dogs and owners will help your dog stay more focused on your run and ignore the distractions. Commands like “sit” and “wait” can also be fine-tuned at intersections or other times that require patience.

On top of that, the amount of energy your dog will dispel during a daily jog will greatly contribute to their good behavior. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, so general behavioral issues tend to be remedied through more intense exercise.

woman jogging with her dog on a leash

Your Dog is a Great Social Catalyst

Whether you’re new in a city or simply aren’t the most outgoing person in the world, meeting new people can be tough. If you’re a busy professional with no time to go to a bar or social event, this problem can be exasperating. Fortunately, bringing your dog along with you on your daily jog is a great way to meet new people!

It’s been known for years that simply just having a dog with you in public will attract people from all walks of life. Taking your pup on a jog, though, is taking this to the next level! Whenever you pass by another person jogging with their dog, you’ll receive a friendly nod at the very least, or maybe a nice conversation. You’ve already got something in common with the other person, making conversion a lot easier to jump into.

Of course, you’re most likely not going on a jog with your dog only to meet people. However, the added benefit of having a smiling, wagging conversation piece right by your side certainly doesn’t hurt!

You Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Dog

As a dog owner, you obviously want a great connection with your furry friend. Very few people own a dog just to have one — they own a dog so that they can have a loving companion for many years! Fortunately, partaking in a physical activity like running with your dog is a great way to strengthen the bond between you two.

Jogging with your dog does two great things for them. First of all, they will likely experience new parts of the world as your jogs get longer, exposing them to new sights and scents. Additionally, they’re getting a more intense workout to help expel most of their pent-up energy, and they absolutely love this.

Being right there next to your dog as they experience these things and have the time of their life will no doubt tighten your bond to them.

If you’re a dog owner reading this article, there are only two possibilities — either you jog or you don’t jog. If you don’t jog, it can’t be recommended enough that you start. The great mental and physical health benefits that it brings will help you feel and look better than you’ve felt or looked before. Once jogging is a part of your life, or if it already is, then bringing your dog along with you will only enhance your experience.

happy golden retriever running through snow

Give it a go! You Might Just Love It!

By bringing your dog with you on your jogs, you’re not only keeping them in great shape, but you’re also motivating yourself, presenting new training opportunities, creating a way to meet new people, and strengthening the bond between you two.

You probably don’t need any convincing, though. Chances are that you’re looking for any excuse to bring your dog along on your adventures. What better way to get them involved than experiencing nature in a challenging but liberating way?

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