Introducing: The Ancient Saluki Dog Breed

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saluki dog breed adult saluki standing in forestThe ancient Saluki dog is one of the oldest breeds in the world! After thousands of years by our sides, Saluki pups have wise eyes, old souls and endless loving companionship to offer. When a Saluki offers you their friendship, you know you’re a lucky human! Find out if you’ve got what it takes to earn their love in our essential guide.

A Brief History of this Ancient Breed!

Full attention, please. This dog has been around for centuries, so we have a lot of history to cover!

Most hunting dog breeds, like the German Shorthaired Pointer and Beagle, have only been popularized over the past few 100 years or so… but the Saluki’s history goes back as far as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were huge dog and cat lovers, they buried their pets in Egyptian tombs right beside their owners!

The Saluki breed has a long history in the Middle East, being the canine of choice for many people back in the Sumerian empire. Their Arabic name is El Hor, which means The Noble One. In the 1930s Salukis made an appearance again as the hunting dog of choice for the King of Bahrain, Al Khalifa.

They’re a naturally shy breed, but that hasn’t stopped them photo-bombing some impressive tapestries and paintings over the years. As Xuande Emperor of the Ming Dynasty’s greatest muse, Salukis prove they are a very photogenic breed. They’re even the mascot for the Southern Illinois University Carbondale football team!

The Appearance of Salukis

The Saluki is also known as the Persian Greyhound. It shares many of its features with Greyhounds and other hunting dog breeds.

The Saluki has a very wise, long and loving face with intelligent eyes and a big squishy nose. That cute face is framed by large floppy ears that hang on either side with silky long fur.

It’s a tall dog with very long legs, a slim waist, and strong chest. Don’t be alarmed if your Saluki looks too skinny – they’re naturally quite lanky and bony with a shorthaired coat to emphasize that lean build.

Average Size and Weight of the Saluki Dog Breed!

Male Salukis grow up to 28 inches tall (just under waist height on the average American woman!) while females can be from a few inches shorter to half the height of a male.

Weight can vary from 35 to 70 pounds! It all depends on the height and age of your pooch. Although these dogs have big appetites they very rarely become overweight.

The popular Saluki Whippet Greyhound mixed breed tends to be a little shorter and lighter, while still retaining that distinctive muzzle and body build.

Egyptian dog saluki puppies standing near water

Coats and Colors Explained!

Salukis come in many different colors and coats, from a beautiful white cream coat to black and tan combo. There are 2 main types of coats: smooth (short hair everywhere but those silky ears) and feathered (feathery fur growing longer on the legs and tail).

While they’re suited to most moderate and hot climates, their short coats are not enough to keep them warm in the cold winter.

The American Kennel Club and Saluki Club of America recognize many different colored coats, meaning whether your favorite fluffy friend is fawn, tri-color, golden or snowy white, they can compete in competitions!

Temperament and Personality of These Hounds!

The Saluki is traditionally a sighthound bred for speed and endurance, making it an excellent breed for entering competitions such as lure coursing. This domesticated dog, however, is also very kind-natured.

What starts life as an over-excited, slightly loopy pup, will grow (and grow A LOT) into a quiet, mindful companion that loves to get comfy on the sofa with you. Make sure they have lots of pillows in their bed or kennel to keep them comfortable curled up on their long legs.

Lastly, you need to give your Saluki plenty of exercise. It’s a big dog that needs a big yard to run wild in (with a very high fence) and plenty of walkies during the week. Plan for 1 or 2 half-day adventures every week, more if you only have a small yard for them to play in during the day.

Enclosed parks and secluded locations are best for your Saluki. They can play well with other pups if socialized early, but don’t forget that hunter psychological trigger. One whiff of a squirrel and they’ll be off!

Salukis run a lot faster than humans – keep them on the leash until you’re in a fenced area!

How Long do These Doggos Live?

This hound dog breed will be your loyal companion for 12 to 14 years. The Saluki cares for humans – once the pup has chosen you as their faithful companion, they will stick by your side for life.

sighthounds saluki dogs cuddling on blanket

3 Potential Health Issues to Be Aware of and How to Prevent Them!

  • Mammary cancer – this is one of a few cancers that Salukis can develop. This is easily prevented with early spaying!
  • Bloat – a life-threatening condition that occurs in many hunting dogs with that small-waist and broad chest build. Make sure they eat several small meals throughout the day. Don’t go out for exercise straight after eating either!
  • Valve disease and arrhythmia – usually developed later in life and tested for with a cardiac exam. With the right diet and controlled exercise, this is quite manageable.

Salukis are in general a very healthy breed, the biggest problem you may have is separation anxiety when you head out to work every day. With a healthy and nutritious diet, your pup should live a long and happy life!

Saluki Puppies for Sale!

Saluki pups are like miniature Saluki doggies! They have a slightly chubbier build with unsteady legs and oversized floppy ears. They can be boisterous if you don’t show them who’s boss. These pups are very playful but rarely aggressive. They’ll fit in with a family with kids.

Be Sure to Get Your Saluki Puppy from a Reputable Breeder!

A reputable breeder will be able to give a full history of momma and papa dog, including their health records and temperament. If you can, meet the momma and check her temperament too!

Never buy from a puppy mill. If you’re in doubt about picking a Saluki breeder, check for AKC and Saluki Club of America certified breeders but be prepared to pay more!

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Ask an Animal Shelter About Saluki Rescues!

If budget is a concern, take a trip to the nearest rescue groups for rescue pups!

Many pet owners don’t understand what they’re taking on when they adopt a Saluki. When they realize they don’t have space for a big dog or can’t handle the exercise requirements, the poor pooch ends up back at the shelter.

Give these kind-hearted doggies a home!

long haired salukis on grass

Common Questions About Saluki Dogs

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