Shiba Inu Puppies aka “Doge”: Japanese Dog Breeds 101

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Shiba Inu Puppies to Doge- Japanese Dog Breeds 101Fun and fearless, the Shiba Inu is a real character! Inu means “dog” in Japanese, which is where this beautiful doge originates. Only coming to America in the past century, this dog breed has already won our hearts. Find out if the fearless doggo is right for you in this guide!

Shiba Inu: The Smallest of the Japanese Dog Breeds!

Around 300b.c. hunters worked in teams with their dogs to track small game and, of course, to have them along for company.

The Shiba Inu pack dog is one of those ancient dogs which, along with 8 other native breeds from Japan, has recently surged in popularity in America.

A Brief History of Shiba Inu Dogs!

Doge has been around a lot longer than you thought! They’re insanely popular in Japan, being the most favored companion animal despite nearly becoming extinct during the second world war.

With their determined, fiery personalities it’s no surprise that they’ve bounced back!

The Shiba Inu Doge: An Iconic Meme!

Anyone who’s spent 5 minutes on the internet knows the doge meme! The breed demands your attention with bundles of cuteness and a lot of attitude.

Since shooting to fame as the meme that everyone pronounces differently (we say doe-jjj), the Shiba Inu dog has jumped to #44 in the American Kennel Club popularity rankings.

What Kind of Dog is Doge?

The doge is a Shiba Inu – not the taller Akita Inu, although they are quite similar.

While this pooch makes for a super cute meme, remember that adopting a dog is a lot of work – make sure you’re ready to commit to the cuteness full-time before adopting Shiba puppies!

The Appearance of Shiba Inu Dogs

Right from the start, Shiba puppies are a very distinctive non-sporting group. They have short fur and legs, a firm stocky body and cute curled tail! They also have alert, erect ears and an intelligent muzzle that will become more defined over time.

These doggos are very friendly, approachable and similar to other Japanese dog breeds like the Kishu Inu and Hokkaido.

Average Shiba Inu Size and Weight

This is a medium-sized dog but the smallest of the traditional Japanese dog breeds.

shiba dog sitting on porch

Lady Shibas weigh around 17 pounds and reach about 15 inches tall.

Gentlemen Shibas weigh around 23 pounds and reach about 16 inches tall.

Other dogs around this size include the medium Poodle and Bulldog.

A Fat Shiba Inu is a Cute Shiba Inu, but Are They Healthy?

Just like humans, over-eating is bad! Give your Shiba a nutritious diet, feeding them appropriate amounts as a puppy or OAP (old age pup). You should be able to feel their ribs when you snuggle up, but not see them protruding through their coat.

White Shiba Inu, Black Shiba Inu, and More! The Many Shiba Inu Colors!


  • White Shiba Inu – As white as freshly fallen snow!
  • Black Shiba Inu – Black with white or tan markings on the face, belly, and paws.
  • Sesame Shiba Inu – A light brown dusty coat with black strands along their back.
  • Black and Tan Shiba Inu –Just like the popular Hound Dog and Rottweiler breeds, the black and tan Shiba’s coat is black with light tan areas on the face, belly, and paws.
  • Red Shiba Inu – The most common color of the breed! Soft, russet brown that’s almost ginger with a creamy white belly and jaws.
  • Cream Shiba Inu – Just like a white Shiba but with a touch of creamy fur on top of the head and along the back.

Shiba Inu Mixes!

Although not considered purebred, Shiba Inu mixes are utterly adorable! Make sure you thoroughly check out the seller of any mixed breeds – avoid puppy mills and always ask for a full history of the dog’s parents.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix

These dogs are always that lovely ginger-brown color with white coat patches on the belly and jaw. The Corgi Inu is much calmer and less fiery than the Shiba.

However, combining the hunter nature of the Shiba with the herding nature of the corgi does have some drawbacks! Seeing small animals like rabbits, birds and even cats is a psychological trigger for an instinctive reaction – chase! Keep this pooch on a leash.

Shiba Inu Husky Mix

A Husky Inu is a beautiful dog to behold, much like the Imo Inu (American Eskimo mix). They’re a lovely mix between foxy and wolfy, with an attitude to match! Husky Inus are NOT recommended for new dog owners due to their high energy, stubbornness and impressive ability to escape even the most secure yard!

Shiba Inu Puppy to Old Doggo: What is Their Lifespan?

On average they will live between 13 and 16 years – of course, with an active lifestyle, healthy diet and loving owners they could live longer!

Doggo Dynamite: Shiba Inu Temperament and Personality!

They’re often described as fierce, stubborn and bossy. These dogs have a distinct personality and they make sure you know it!

You may have heard of the Shiba scream too – a loud, ear-piercing, glass-shattering yelp that your Shiba may make if they feel threatened or upset. Luckily, they’re not overly vocal dogs the rest of the time!

This dog breed suits more experienced dog owners who are ready for extensive obedience training and early socialization to ensure that their Shiba knows who’s boss.

Cute Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale!

Although they won’t get mahoosive in size, their personality will grow from the time they’re just a bundle of fluff!

cute shiba inu puppies ready for a race

Shiba Inu Price

For reputable dog breeders get ready to part with around $1800 – for registered, competition standard pups with a full history, expect to pay nearer $3000.

Shiba Inu Breeders Near Me!

As this breed is increasingly popular, you need to look out for any sellers profiting on the designer dog craze. Look for signs that they’re reputable (licenses, awards, and affiliations), check reviews from people who’ve bought dogs there and ask about medical checks and history records for the pups you want to buy.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Better yet, why don’t you adopt one?

Ask a Your Local Animal Shelter About Shiba Inu Rescues!

While you won’t have litters of puppies to choose from, giving a home to a rescued Shiba Inu is seriously rewarding.

Too many people buy a Shiba Inu mini or normal sized Shiba dog for their beautiful looks, not realizing how much of a handful they can be. So, they end up with rescue groups, ready for a new home with a more capable owner.

3 Tips for an Original Doge Owner!

  • Their coats shed like crazy! Brush your pooch weekly with a firm bristle brush to remove dead hairs and use a hairdryer to blow away any loose strands without pulling on the undercoat.
  • Make sure you get them checked out – they can suffer allergies and are prone to patellar luxation, both of which you can pre-check for, if the previous dog owners or breeders haven’t already.
  • The breed is also prone to hip dysplasia, so keep a close on your Shiba as they age, and don’t overdo walkies.

Common Questions on Shiba Inus

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