The Tough But Cuddly Shiloh Shepherd

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The Tough But Cuddly Shiloh ShepherdHave you ever wanted a gigantic, cuddle, and friendly dog? Hmmm, if you DON’T want that then you’re going to be sadly disappointed. The one, the only, the Shiloh Shepherd is all of that and more.

As a lovable and family oriented dog the size of a massive teddy bear, the Shiloh Shepherd wants to have fun with the family and lounge around like a couch potato when the day is said and done.

Origins: The Shiloh Shepherd Dog A Proud Pooch!

Shiloh Shepherd Dog playing in the snow

The Shiloh Shepherd originates from Karlsruhe in Germany and was developed from a diverse combination of sheepherding and farm dogs.

Naturally, they became very popular as a working dog.

During the war, they were recognized as a Red Cross dog due to their strength, obedience, and ability to be trained quickly, making them excellent police dogs in the future.

As a rare breed of the German Shepherd dog, this gentle giant makes for a perfect search and rescue animal to find anyone or anything.

A Giant Pooch? What Is A Shiloh Shepherd?

Like we mentioned above, the Shiloh Shepherd is a rare breed of the German Shepherd dogs that are large in size and extremely family-friendly.

Originating from Germany, these are highly intelligent dogs and are like a big cuddle bear when it comes to loving their owners while showing obedience like a good herding dog.

Great for working activities or owners who love exercise, the Shiloh Shepherd will challenge you, make you laugh, and love you endlessness.

Appearance and Personality of Courageous Shiloh Shepherd Dogs

Yes, they are big in size and that can be a little intimidating, but appearances can fool you.

They are nothing but big, sweet teddy bears that want to snuggle up on your lap and love you endlessly.

Ranging from 66-76 cm tall, the Shiloh Shepherd can come in a range of colors from reddish tan, solid black/sable black, golden, grey, dark brown, and more.

They have beautiful, long hair and a smooth coat that needs grooming regularly.

Don’t let their size turn you off, these pooches are loyal, loving, intelligent, and try their hardest to become a part of the family.

Two Pawesome Breeds Temperaments: German Shepherd Vs Alaskan Malamute

The Shiloh Shepherd comes from a family of dogs that have been known for their great temperaments, including the German Shepherd and the Alaskan Malamute.

German Shepherd Temperament

The German Shepherd is the cousin of the Shiloh Shepherd and has been described to have a temperament that is friendly, intelligent, social, extremely energetic, affectionate, and loving.

Alaskan Malamute Temperament

The Alaskan malamute has been described to have a temperament that is loyal, devoted, playful, affectionate, and dignified.

Shiloh Shepherd Temperament

The Shiloh Shepherd has one of the best temperaments for any breed of dog, being described by owners as extremely loving, intelligent, courageous, loyal, and placid.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Shiloh Shepherd

  1. They are low maintenance and very chill.
  2. They constantly shed. These companion dogs have a smooth coat but are long haired so do have a brush handy!
  3. They are easy to train.
  4. They are extremely active dogs so daily exercise is needed.
  5. They are great with kids as they are like a big kid themselves!

The Gentle Shiloh Shepherd Dog Vs The Confident German Shepherd Dog

Due to their selective breeding, the Shiloh Shepherd has been known to be a lot calmer and easier to handle than it’s confident cousin, the German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is a straight out working dog, whereas the Shiloh Shepherd can still do that, but would prefer the more laid back and chilled sort of like where things are a lot calmer, social, and more family oriented.

They tend to want to just ‘go with the flow’ and love their owners.

Unlike the German Shepherd who is more independent and strong-willed, the Shiloh Shepherd would prefer to depend more on their owner and do what they are doing.

Because of this unconditional love, this doggo would make for a great therapy dog and emotional support dog, even a service dog!

Mans best friend? It’s definitely the Shiloh Shepherd!

Grooming 101: What You Need to Know About Shiloh Shepherd’s Smooth, Plush Coat

The Shiloh Shepherds have a beautiful, smooth plush coat with a thick mane and a dense undercoat.

Now, if shedding is a deal-breaker for you, then the Shiloh Shepherd is not your type of dog. It’s the breed standard.

This furry pooch tends to shed twice a year and it can be epic.

If you don’t brush your dog’s coat, then it will matt, so it’s important to brush their fur at least once a week.

Sit boy! Shiloh Shepherd Puppies

A Shiloh shepherd puppy posing isolated on white background

Think that the Shiloh Shepherd is for you?

Well, you may want to look at getting your furry friend at a young age and that starts with them being an adorable puppy.

The Shiloh Shepherd puppies are affectionate, loving, and can’t wait to become a part of the family.

If you want to train them early, then you won’t have any trouble. These pups are highly intelligent and can’t wait to approach the challenge ahead.

Shiloh Shepherd Price

If you want to buy Shiloh Shepherd pups, then you are looking at $800-$1000 USD.

I Want One! Shiloh Shepherds For Sale

Have we got you convinced? Here is where you can purchase your furry friend:

Shiloh Shepherd Puppies for Sale!

International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance
Fireside Shiloh Shepherds
Guardian Kennels

Shiloh Shepherd Breeders

Pike Speaks Shilohs
High and Hills Shilohs

Note: Check with your local vet/groomer to find responsible and reputable breeders.

Shiloh Shepherd Rescue

Shiloh Shepherd Rescue and Rehome

5 Tips for Owning A Shiloh Shepherd

Brush their coats at least once a week to prevent their fur from matting.

One good walk per day will turn these breed into couch potatoes.

Be affectionate towards them always, as these are very trusting and loving dogs.

Start socializing them early.

Give them a rich protein diet as they are a big dog and need their fuel!

A Man’s Best Friend! Shiloh Shepherd Dog – A Sweet Pooch

Who doesn’t want a big, sweet cuddly pooch?

The Shiloh Shepherd truly is a mans best friend, and just wants to become a part of the family where they will be endlessly loved by their owner. Great for children as they love to play, the Shiloh Shepherd is a true family dog.

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