In the World of Hairless Cats – Meet the Curious, Loving Sphynx Cat!

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In the World of Hairless Cats - Meet the Curious, Loving Sphynx CatSphynx cats are just as exotic as they sound! These hairless beauties love receiving as much attention as they draw. From Prune, the first ever hairless Sphynx cat, to Mr. Bigglesworth the most famous Sphynx cat playing in Austin Powers, this breed has a lot of character!

Sphinx or Sphynx Cat?  Who is this Hairless cat?

What came first? The Great Sphinx of Giza or the hairless cat?

The statue in Egypt is a sphinx (slightly different), a Greek god known to have the head of a human and the body of a lion. This was built first, then along came a hairless cat, Prune. A genetic mutation causing the birth of hairless kittens, soon to be the ancestor of all Syphnx cats!

Egyptian hairless cat are these bald cats really from Egypt?

Contrary to popular belief, these cats did not originate in the vast deserts of Egypt. Originating in Canada, these cats were initially named The Canadian Hairless Cats.

After being recognized as a breed by the International Cat Association, Canadian sphynx breeders settled for Sphnyx, a reference to the worn, smooth over the finish of the statue in Egypt.

So yes, the Sphinx statue came first!

Appearance and Personality of these Hairless cats

One thing you won’t be short of is characteristics!

The Syphnx cat breed comes with loads of surprises, both looks, and personality wise. With its lack of hair and tall, prominent ears, the Sphynx cat is not one for the light-hearted.

Coming in almost all colors and patterns, including white, black, tabby patterns and tortoiseshell, these pot-bellied cats express their colors through their beautifully pigmented skin.

With their soft wrinkles and sparse-to-no eyebrows, whether you’re a fan of the looks or not, everyone will no doubt remember their first encounter with a Sphynx cat!

Temperament of the Sphynx cat

Unlike the majority of cats, the Sphynx cat is very much people-orientated! Extremely friendly and oddly fond of all people, this hairless breed loves attention!

Greeting you home from work at the door, obviously happy and excited, the Sphynx is really not like most cats. Although very fond of people, this cat does not tend to share his love with other cats or dogs, preferring all attention for himself.

For this reason, owning a Sphynx usually means owning cat-friendly dogs. Seemingly always attention deprived, the Syphnx cat has gathered the catchphrase ‘look at me!’ from most veterinarians. With this very social personality trait, it makes the Canadian sphynx a breeze for the vet visits and more than ideal for children.

It is also not surprising to see Sphynx cats used as emotional support animals too. When he’s not greeting strangers or playing with children the Sphynx can be very energetic and easily entertain himself. Seeking high places or chasing bugs, the Sphinx loves activities which challenge his intelligence and athleticism.

The Sphynx cat is highly agile and alert, never failing to entertain themselves or their owners for a matter of fact!

white and black Sphynx cat rescue playing with bobble head

6 Interesting Facts about these Naked Cats

  1. The Sphynx cats are naturally very curious! It can be dangerous to leave them unattended outside for too long as they could get up to mischief.
  2. Much like the personality of a dog, the Sphinx will follow you around the house and show off for attention. Be ready for a big personality!
  3. Nick-named ‘The Velcro Lap Cat’, these hairless cats are always seeking a warm place to sit, your lap is no exception!
  4. Despite popular rumors, Sphynx cats are no exception to cat allergies! They still produce Few d1, the protein causing allergic reactions in people.
  5. Because of their lack of hair, the Sphynx cat runs about 4 degrees warmer than most cats. This is due to their large constant loss of heat, without hair they are unable to conserve it as well as other cats would.
  6. They are a popular breed in the US! Maybe not as well known as the American short hair or other common cat breeds, but the Sphynx breed is in the top 10 in popularity.

3 Cute Hairless Cat Breeds You Need to Meet

As well as the Sphynx, another hairless cat breed you’d love, the Bambino cat. This beautiful feline came about after a cross between a sphinx cat and a munchkin was done.

The hairless trait of the Sphynx and the short legs of the munchkin is what gives this breed its dwarf appearance. With it mini legs and newborn-like skin, it’s not surprising Bambino means ‘baby’ in Italian!

A more foreign-type hairless beauty you need to meet would be the Russian Peterbald cat. Originating from a cross of a fine shorthair with a Sphynx, the coat can either be completely bald or have fluffy fur like a peach! These elegant social butterflies are also known to be very vocal!

A Beautiful Bald Cat: Grooming and Maintenance

No hair means easy grooming right?

Wrong! Without hair like a normal cat, Sphynx struggles to keep their skin well moisturized and oil-free. A gentle, scent-free lotion should be used to keep their skin supple and soft and weekly baths are needed to avoid those nasty oil stains on the furniture.

All cats produce body oils from their skin to help maintain their coat, but without fur, the Sphynx builds up a greasy layer on their skin instead. Being blessed with no hair also comes with increased sensitivity to sunburn and the cold.

However, don’t go lathering 50+ suncream on your cat, because they also have hypersensitive skin! Being wary of the sun and keeping your Sphynx predominantly inside is the best effort you can do.

And don’t forget if you’re cold, it’s likely your hairless cat is too! Invest in something warm for your cat, a knitted covering would be much appreciated by your Sphynx.

Sphynx Kittens and Thier Possible Health problems

While the Sphynx is a relatively healthy breed of cat, there are some breed-specific health problems to be aware of. Respiratory issues due to lack of hair can be common, especially in kittens.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a form of heart disease), hereditary myopathy and also sensitive digestive systems are the common diseases of the Sphynx too.

Although considered a hearty cat by most veterinarians, they can prove to be difficult with their food allergies, bad teeth, and heart problems. Breeders often think that an outcross of the sphynx will produce a hairless cat without the heart problems but unfortunately, this is not the case.

So, if you decide to purchase a Sphynx, buy from a well researched and trust-worthy breeder!

Sphynx kittens resting under blanket

Sphynx Cat Price

For a Sphynx kitten in good health, you’re looking to be set back upwards of $1600.

Maintenance, supplies, heart scans, blood tests, and vet checks will usually cost the breeders around $1000. This is something to look for when buying Sphynx kittens.

If you’re looking for a Sphynx outcross, such as the Elf, you’re looking more around the $2500 mark. Not exactly a friendly price, so be sure its what you want before you purchase!

Sphynx Cat for Sale

Buying a Sphynx from a reputable breeder is the number one rule!

Sphynx cat breeders should run all checks on their kittens (as mentioned above) before selling. It is your responsibility to check this and ensure your cats and kittens have had the best start to life possible.

Popular websites such as Hollywood Sphynx and Beeblebrox Sphynx both support a healthy breeding program. Run on breeding ethics by reputable breeders these two programs are your best bet for guaranteed health.

Adopt; Don’t Shop! Sphynx Cat Rescue

If buying from a breeder is not your cup of tea, then visit your local rescue center. There are Sphynx rescue centers across America dedicated to saving the lives of these hairless beauties. There is no connection stronger than one between you and your rescue animal!

5 Tips for Cat Lovers Looking For Their Own Sphynx

  1. They are full of energy! If you’re buying a cat for a quiet, low maintenance-type like domestic short-hair, steer clear of the Sphynx, they have a lot to burn!
  2. Sphynx may not be so friendly with your other cats! Don’t forget Sphynx love attention, they don’t like sharing it!
  3. No hair doesn’t mean no allergies! If you think getting a Sphynx will avoid those nasty reactions, you’re wrong!
  4. Don’t be fooled into thinking a bald cat is easy grooming. It’s actually quite the opposite effect! A bath every week and daily moisturizing is expected.
  5. If you’re cold, they probably are too! buy your Sphynx a sweater or something to keep him warm.

They may not have fur, but these hairless cats are just as loving!

Known as the friendliest cat on the planet, the Sphynx make up for their baldness in their character! Intelligent, inquisitive and always wanting your attention, these hairless felines will never fail to surprise you.

Why wouldn’t you get one these beauties? Grab one and join the fun!

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