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Delivery services are trending nowadays. You can get a box of fresh ingredients to whip up a delicious recipe for you and your loved ones. Now, thanks to Spot and Tango, Fido can also enjoy yummy and nutritious meals. You can have your furry friend’s healthy meals shipped right to your door. What could be more convenient than that? There’s no excuse not to put Fido on a healthy diet now!

Why Pet Parents Love Spot and Tango Fresh Dog Food

Do you know those food delivery services that will send you ingredients and instructions on how to cook some bomb meals? Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, you know what we’re on about. Spot and Tango is just like that, but for Fido. They send you everything in safe-for-transport packaging and you don’t even have to do the cooking!

For busy pet parents, Spot and Tango is a lifesaver. This fresh dog food delivery service makes feeding Fido a perfect diet easier than ever. You can relax and trust that your four-legged buddy is getting the best dog food for them.

On top of that, if your dog has food allergies, feeding them will become surprisingly easy. It can be daunting to have to screen pet food for allergens. Especially when the ingredients list is printed in tiny font. One small mistake could have dangerous consequences. Luckily, Spot and Tango take care of that for you!

What’s On the Spot & Tango Menu?

As a fresh pet food delivery service, Spot and Tango’s menu isn’t always the same. They change things up once in a while to introduce more seasonal and nutritious meals. However, you’ll always find high-quality protein and fresh fruits and vegetables in their meal plan. Those are always a staple.

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6 Things We Love About This Pet Food Delivery Service Brand

It was hard choosing only six things we love about Spot and Tango. From having delicious meals for dogs and cats to serving only the best fresh beef, there is a lot to talk about. But for brevity’s sake, let’s get into the reasons why this is one of the best pet food delivery companies out there.

Meals on Wheels: They’ll Bring Fido’s Food Straight to Your Door

Spot and Tango is as convenient as fast-food—but as healthy as homemade dog food. This meal-delivery service will ship Fido’s meals to your doorstep once every two weeks. You can keep the food pouches in the fridge for up to four days or in the freezer for up to six months. That way, you can go through the food as needed. Yay, no food waste!

On top of that, everything comes pre-cooked. Each meal is usually prepared the day before shipping. Open the box, pop the portions in the freezer, and that’s that! Much more convenient than cooking wholesome meals at home.

They’ll Make Food to Fit Fido’s Dietary Needs

A lot of pet parents think they’re feeding Fido balanced meals. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Too little or too much of some nutrients can be harmful. Fortunately, Spot and Tango meals take care of that. All meals are rigorously calculated to give your pet exactly what they need. Fresh ingredients + adequate nutritional plans = happy Fido!

They take your dog’s breed and age into consideration and then create a meal plan for them. This way, Fido gets the vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy and strong.

If your pup has food allergies, Spot and Tango will also take that into account. They will only include ingredients that will help your doggo’s digestion.

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They Source Fresh Local Ingredients

Another thing Spot and Tango have going for them is the quality of their ingredients. Since they source them locally, you’ll be helping local farmers, preserving the environment, and giving Fido the best nutrition possible.

You’ll find a lot of wholesome foods packed with vitamins and minerals in Fido’s meal plans. Fresh beef, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, vegetable stock, apple cider vinegar—the list goes on.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In addition to sourcing ingredients locally, Spot and Tango take it a step further in their environmentally friendly stance. The insulation of their packages is bio-degradable: dip them in a sink full of water and watch them dissolve. It will still keep Fido’s pet food cold and safe, but it won’t have a drastic impact on the environment.

They Have Expert Approval

Spot and Tango meals are perfectly safe for your dog. Just ask the animal nutritionists and the Association of American Feed Control Officials who have worked with them! Furthermore, all of their kitchens are USDA-certified.

They Have 100% Happy Pup Guarantee!

The big-name authorities are on-board with Spot and Tango meals. But what about the real customers: hungry pets? We’re happy to report dogs and cats all over the country have fallen in love with Spot and Tango’s products! The response from our canine friends has been overwhelmingly positive. Even the pickier eaters have fallen under the spell of fresh, nutritious pet meals.

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This All-Natural Dog Food Will Hit the Spot for Fido!

Your dog’s health comes first. It’s important to put Fido on a balanced diet, especially if he’s still a young puppy! Spot and Tango meals will give your doggo the energy they need to be their adorable selves and grow healthily. With these delicious beef, turkey, and lamb meals, your pupper won’t miss the taste of processed, calorie-dense treats. They’re well worth the investment!

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