The Springer Spaniel: A Smart and Elegant Dog!

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english springer spaniel rescue in snowAre you looking for a dog as a family pet? Or an animal to share your outdoors and indoor lifestyle?  Beautiful inside and out, the Springer Spaniel is an awesome family dog.

This dog also makes for a doting companion for singles and couples. An amenable nature means this dog really does have the potential to become your best friend. Read on to learn more about this pooch!

The King of Spaniels! What is a Springer Spaniel?

Overall there are many different recognized spaniel breeds.  Spaniels are originally hunting dogs and sporting dogs.

It is thought they were taken to Britain and other parts of the world from Spain, hence the name spaniel. Spaniel breeds vary in size and hunting prowess. The double-barreled name Springer Spaniel gives you a hint of this particular breed’s abilities and history.

History of these Alert Spaniels!

The English Springer Spaniel dates back to the days before the invention of rifles and shotguns. Bred to work closely with their human companions, hunters used these dogs to flush out prey.

How would this do that? By literally springing, ears in the air, into a thicket or bush! This would bring the hunted animal or bird out into the open and then they would help retrieve them!

Springer Spaniels were officially recognized as a separate breed in the early 1900s. The breed is related, but distinct from other sporting dogs such as the English Cocker Spaniel, Water Spaniels, Norfolk Spaniel, and the Welsh Spaniel breeds.

Nowadays there are also differences in the breeding lines of English Springer Spaniels themselves. They may be bred from hunting lines to work in the field or as a gun dog, or as show dogs.

Appearance and Personality of the Springer Spaniel!

Springer Spaniels have an overall look that is almost impossible not to fall in love with! They have an adorable sweet and gentle but alert face, trusting eyes, and long droopy ears.

Their coats are thick, medium-length and feathered on their ears, chest, tummy, and legs. They may have a docked tail.  Springer Spaniels have been bred to work and play hard outside. This breed has a sturdy, muscular and athletic build.

This breed is social, affectionate and people-pleasers. They like having company and are loyal to their human companions. They may initially bark as someone they don’t know, but they are not a guard dog.

Their friendly temperament means they prefer to make friends rather than enemies! They’ll soon want to win their affection with a happy wag of their tail! Springers are naturally polite and train easily. This breed wants to please the people they love.

Colors of the Rainbow!

The coloring of Springer Spaniels spreads across the spectrum! In the Kennel Club Breed Standard, they can be combinations tan, liver, orange, red, blue, black and white.

Their fur may be spotted, ticked and roan.  Roan is an even mix of colored and white hairs. For example, a liver roan coat would be fine liver and white hair blended together.

Ticking is bands on color on individual strands of hair. Roan is an even mix of colored and white hairs. For example, a liver roan coat would be fine liver and white hair blended together.

How Big Do They Get?

As adults, English Springer Spaniels are medium-sized dogs. They grow to a height of 19-20 inches (48-50 centimeters) to their shoulder. Their weight as an adult dog is between 40-50 pounds (18-22 kilograms).

english springer spaniel puppies playing

4 Fun Facts You Need to Know About a springer spaniel puppy

  1. Indoor and outdoor lovers, this is one very versatile dog! They will want to hang out at home with you and spend time outdoors enjoying some fun and exercise.
  2. English Springer Spaniels are bred either as field trial dogs or show dogs. Field Springers have a slightly pointier muzzle, less hair, and shorter ears. Show Springers have a squarer muzzle, longer hair, are a little heavier build, and have longer ears.
  3. Springer puppies need socialization, training, and exercise from when they are a young. They usually love water. When they’re old enough they will swim with you in your pool, or a swim with this dog in a safe place in nature is also an option!
  4. This dog has a good nose and an excellent sense of smell! This breed of puppy trains as sniffer or detection dogs in different environments.

Does this Breed Pass A Vet Check?

English Springer Spaniels are generally healthy. This dog breed usually has an expected lifespan of 12-15 years of age. Like any type of species, they can have health predispositions. These can relate to individual genetic history, or conditions associated with the breed. Those to look out for in this dog breed include:

  • Ear Infections: Floppy ears block air circulation! So you will need to check, clean and dry your ears carefully and to prevent infection.
  • Bone Conditions: Genetic and inherited conditions that affect their joints include hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Hip x-rays are used to screen and check for this condition in a dog.
  • Eye Disorders: Potential eye problems include retinal dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Both conditions in a dog can result in blindness.
  • PFK Deficiency: Phosphofructokinase is an enzyme that converts sugar and carbohydrates into energy. Blood tests are used to test if a dog is deficient in this enzyme.
  • Rage Syndrome: This is a rare neurological disorder, but one associated with spaniels. The dog may suddenly act aggressively, and then quickly become calm again.
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease: This is a genetic bleeding disorder. It results from a protein is lacking or missing in the blood. It can be identified with blood testing.

Witty and Active! English springer spaniel puppies are Highly Energetic!

Springers are lively and have much energy to burn!  They need regular daily exercise. This can include being able to run around an enclosed fenced yard and play games with you.

Or they make a fantastic daily walking or jogging buddy. Bred as a hunting dog for the field, they’ve got stamina and the endurance. They will stay by your side over different terrain for miles if you are a keen hiker.

An Einstein among Other Dogs!

Springer Spaniels are very smart, have excellent memories, so they are easy to train. They’re also explorers and retrievers. So, if they spot sudden movement of a bird, look out, they may be off to get it!

They need training on what is appropriate, and to respond to your cues and commands!  They do well at dog sports such as tracking and agility events.

Where Can I Get A springer spaniel puppy?

Are you ready to get out and about, and snuggle up indoors with an English Springer Spaniel? You’ll find Springer Spaniels available to buy from breeders, and from rescue groups.

A Reputable Breeder

Reputable breeders of Springer Spaniel pups will make sure they have the right puppy for you. Good breeders will also ensure you are the right person for their puppies.

A breeder should give you health information, and the history of the puppies they have bred. They should also answer your questions and give help and advice on the needs of the breed. Some breeders may also offer adult dogs that are retired show or field dogs.

If you want to buy a puppy, you could start your search for your pup with a formal club. The English Spaniel Field Trial Association is the parent club recognized by the American Kennel Club. You may also have a local English Springer Spaniel Club in your State.

Adopt from a Shelter!

There are many good reasons to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. One is the obvious and rewarding feel-good factor of providing a new home to a dog.  Both young and adult Springer Spaniels for adoption are very intelligent.

Give a Springer your love and attention, and they will be keen and eager to learn about you and your home. With their curious and kind temperament, they will soon be an important part of your life.

welsh springer spaniels on a leash

3 Tips for First Time Springer Spaniel Owners!

  1. Learn as much about English Springer Spaniels as you can before you make the final decision. Check out all their needs for grooming, nutrition, and types of dog food, daily care, and health checks.
  2. Make sure you can provide your Springer with the opportunity outdoor activity. They are usually happy living in any size home, including apartments. But this dog does need to get outdoors for their health and sanity! A bored and cooped up Springer Spaniel may find other ways to release their pent up energy!
  3. Take time to socialize and train your Springer. Their temperament means this dog is easy to train. They will be very keen to please and interact with you.

Born to Be Free! These Doggos Love the Outdoors

A commitment to an English Springer Spaniel in your life or as a family pet is likely to be twofold.  This friendly dog also needs a good balance of indoor and outdoor living.

Chances are they will help you and your family get that balance between screen time and fresh air!  The feeling of the breeze on their skin and their hair will exhilarate an English Springer Spaniel. What’s more, their enthusiasm for exploring nature is contagious!

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