The Swedish Vallhund! Meet The Little Viking Dog!

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The Swedish Vallhund! Meet The Little Viking Dog!A member of the Spitz family of dogs, the Swedish Vallhund closely resembles Corgi breeds. So, it’s no wonder that these dogs becoming quite popular. An excellent addition to any family, the Swedish Vallhund is an energetic, intelligent watchdog.

Swedish Vallhund Breed History

When people first come across the Swedish Vallhund, the first thing that often comes to mind is their uncanny resemblance to Corgi dogs. This is much more than a coincidence, as both breeds are part of the Spitz family of dogs. The exact history of the Swedish Vallhund and its ancestral connection to the Corgi may never be known, but it seems there are some likely possibilities.

Almost looks like the Corgi Husky mix in particular. See a picture of them here.

We know that the Swedish Vallhund is a Swedish breed, while the Corgi hails from England. The question, then, becomes whether the two distinct breeds of dogs originated with the Swedish Vallhund in Sweden, with some left behind in England by Swedish Vikings during one of their many coastal raids – or whether Swedish Vikings brought back some English Corgi dogs to Sweden, which would then become the Swedish Vallhund dogs.

And who knew you can fit 6 variations of Sweden into 1 sentence?

A swedish vallhund dog standing on a rough road

Regardless of their ancestral history, Swedish Vallhund breeds have existed as distinct canine breeds for thousands of years. Also known as Swedish Cattle Dogs or Vastgotaspets.

The Swedish Vallhund has been employed as a watchdog and cattle dog for many years. Officially recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club as early as 1943. The breed was only introduced to the United States in 1983 and recognized by the American Kennel Club as recently as 2007. Even today, Swedish Vallhund dogs are not commonly found in the United States, although their popularity continues to increase.

3 Facts You Need To Know About The Swedish Vallhund

  1. With a long history of farm and cattle work, many people understandably think that Swedish Vallhunds are outdoor dogs. In fact, the Swedish Vallhund has proven to be perfectly suited for indoor home life. While they do need access to an ample sized yard with secure fencing, Swedish Vallhund dogs are happiest when keeping their human family members company indoors.
  2. Swedish Vallhunds can have one of two types of tails – a natural bobtail or the more traditional longer Spitz tail. Interestingly, different puppies within one litter can be born with different types of tail.
  3. Swedish Vallhunds are natural problem solvers and excel at thinking independently. Training becomes much easier when owners of Swedish Vallhunds work within their dog’s natural problem-solving skills and train with a firm yet gentle consistency.

Appearance and Personality of The Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund may have a smallish body, but have the personality of stereotypical big breeds of dogs. Their compact size gives them agility and ease of movement, while their natural intelligence and unceasing energy levels make the Swedish Vallhund the perfect dog breeds for agility training or to keep up with the demands of energetic children within a family.

When it comes to the dogs’ appearance, Swedish Vallhund dogs will have bands of color running down the sides of their shoulders. They can have distinctive markings on the muzzle, neck, and around the eyes. These contrasting yet complimentary colors on the dogs’ head tend to make the Swedish Vallhund an aesthetically pleasing dog.

Swedish Vallhunds have a double coat of medium length. With double coats come inevitable hair shedding, but apart from that dog owners will find that the coat of a Swedish Vallhund is easy to care for.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies Are Energetic!

If you’re looking for a calm lapdog or a sleepy companion, the Swedish Vallhund may not be the best choice. Swedish Vallhunds are energetic when fully grown, and their puppy counterparts have boundless energy that can exhaust even the most active children.

Coupled with their natural intelligence and their problem-solving skills. The Swedish Vallhund’s energy levels make them excellent playmates for children, happily joining in games – and even creating their own games to entertain themselves.

Is This Viking Dog Right For You?

The Swedish Vallhund breeds have many charming qualities that make them excellent companions for a variety of people. Their intelligence and alertness make them excellent watchdog breeds, quick to let you know if someone is at the door or even if something is happening at the neighbors but in a non-aggressive way.

A highly vocal dog breed, the Swedish Vallhund loves to chatter, making them an excellent companion for anyone wishing to break the silence in their home. Some gentle yet consistent training will teach your Swedish Vallhund to moderate the use of their voice.

When it comes to a playmate for children of all ages, the Swedish Vallhund is an excellent choice. Playful, friendly, yet not aggressive breeds, stocky Swedish Vallhunds are the perfect size to interact with toddlers and older children alike.

Swedish Vallhund Price

Swedish Vallhund puppies are not readily available in the United States, despite their increasing popularity. For this reason, you are unlikely to find a Swedish Vallhund puppy for less than $500 and can expect to pay $1,000 or more for a show quality breeds of Swedish Vallhund puppy.

The price of a Swedish Vallhund puppy will depend on various factors. This can include:

  • The puppy’s breeding
  • The size of the litter
  • The location of the breeder
  • The titles and breeding of the parents, and
  • Whether the puppy has been bred to be a show dog or a family pet.

Swedish Vallhund for Sale

A swedish vallhund puppy lying down on a wooden floor

The best way to find a good Swedish Vallhund for sale is to first locate a reputable breeder. Swedish Vallhund breeders are few and far between in the United States. This makes it even more important that you ensure that the breeder has screened out as many health problems as possible. It’s very important that a breeder is more focused on placing each puppy in the right home than with offloading the pups as quickly as possible.

Swedish Vallhund Breeders

When it comes to choosing the right dog to suit your family, much rests on the skills of breeders.

After all, it is the breeder who has spent time with the puppies since they were born and will have a very good idea of the temperament of each puppy and how suited they will be for different people.

When speaking with Swedish Vallhund breeders, be honest about your lifestyle and your requirements for a puppy. A reputable breeder will have a good idea of which puppies in the litter would make the best show dog breeds, and which are better suited for family life.

Swedish Vallhund breeders also have a moral obligation to offer a health guarantee on all puppies. Swedish Vallhunds are not known for serious health problems but, like all breeds of dogs, are more susceptible to some health conditions than others.

Choose a breeder who is upfront and honest about the health problems that have occurred in their dogs and breeding lines in the past.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies for Sale

You may find it difficult to find Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale in the United States.

Despite their increasing popularity, reputable Swedish Vallhund breeders cannot easily be found outside of their native Sweden.

For this reason, it can be tempting to jump at the opportunity when you see Swedish Vallhund breeds for sale. However, try to resist the urge to commit to buying any puppy breeds before you have asked all the right questions and made every inquiry to satisfy yourself before taking on the responsibility of a Swedish Vallhund puppy.

5 Tips for Swedish Vallhund Owners!

  1. When you combine the intelligence levels and watchful nature of Swedish Vallhund dogs, you get an excellent watchdog. While Swedish Vallhund dogs will be keen to let you know every time someone walks past your house or even when there is activity down the road or at the neighbor’s house, they will need firm, gentle, yet consistent training to understand that a little barking goes a long way.
  2. As with many breeds of herding dog, socialization is of utmost importance for Swedish Vallhund dogs. When not properly socialized, these dogs can easily become anxious. This leads to them becoming overly suspicious of anyone new. Choose a breeder that socializes the puppies in the breeder’s home from birth.
  3. With their high intelligence levels and boundless energy, training Swedish Vallhund dog breeds will need to start from the moment they enter your home. Responding well to play, praise, and food rewards. A Swedish Vallhunds are easy to train, but the training must begin as soon as possible.
  4. Swedish Vallhund breeds are not prone to serious health problems. However, obesity will be one of the biggest concerns for your dog throughout their lifetime. Start early by incorporating healthy food and plenty of exercises. This will keep your Swedish Vallhund mentally stimulated and at a healthy weight.
  5. Before purchasing a puppy, consider whether an older Swedish Vallhund could be a good fit for you. With all the benefits of Swedish Vallhund puppies, adult Swedish Vallhunds let you skip the energetic puppy stage and enjoying the less destructive, slightly less demanding attributes that adult Swedish Vallhunds have to offer.

A Vallhund Puppy Will Be The Perfect Match For Any Dog-Lover!

Swedish Vallhunds are highly intelligent, spirited, energetic, and ever alert herding dog breeds. These dogs are excellent playmates for children and talkative companions for adults. Love the look and temperament of big dogs? Prefer a small pooch instead? The Swedish Vallhund is your pooch.

Common Questions About The Swedish Vallhund

Is a Swedish Vallhund a Corgi?

Does Swedish Vallhunds shed a lot?

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