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10 January, 2017

Top 10 Pawsitive Resolutions For Dog Owners

Vow to Visit the Vet Your dog’s yearly examination is an integral part of preventative care. Many medical problems, such as obesity, arthritis, or diabetes, can be alleviated or cured altogether if caught at an early stage. Remember: not all medical conditions are obvious so yearly health and wellness exams are essential to a happy, healthy pup. Update Pet ID Information Pet …

21 October, 2015

18 Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs

Here’s a hilarious compilation of dogs showing us that canines can fail too (and sometimes worse than their owners)! Maybe the most important lesson here is to not take life so seriously. That and no matter who you are or what you’re doing, a hilarious fail may be lurking right around the corner… SHARE if you got a good laugh out of …

20 October, 2015

60 Hilarious Dog Vines That Will Have You Howlin’

Here’s a collection of 60+ of the funniest dog vines on Youtube. Whether they’re playing dead, destroying a squeaky toy or just generally being awesome, these dogs remind us not to take life too seriously. SHARE if you enjoyed this!