The Farmer’s Dog: Amazing Fresh Pet Food Meal Service

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Health-conscious pet parents: the best dog food delivery service is now ready to serve Fido! The Farmer’s Dog meal plans are nutritionally balanced, homemade, and incredibly delicious. Your puppy will love its taste and you will love how convenient and healthy their products are.

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Food Company: Where It All Began

The story behind Farmer’s Dog is a tear-jerker, but it’s worth sharing. Brett Podolsky, the company’s founder, had a Rottweiler called Jada, who was having health troubles. She had terrible stomach problems that stopped her from being the active puppy she used to be.

One day, after trying countless dog food brands, Brett decided to start cooking his pet’s meals at home. As soon as he switched from kibble, Jada started feeling much better. And he hasn’t stopped ever since!

Podolsky founded The Farmer’s Dog to make home-cooked dog meals accessible to busy dog owners. Now, they deliver fresh dog food to pups all over America. It’s an awesome way of giving your furry friend a well-rounded diet packed with vitamins and minerals. Not to mention high-quality protein!

Made Freshly: Meals More Than Fit for Fido

Farmer’s Dog specialty is making healthy and delicious food for dogs. They create a personalized meal plan for each pet. Moreover, they follow beloved recipes made from the freshest ingredients from small family farms.

Their motto is “You shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy.” That’s why they consult nutritionists regularly. All their meal plans are prepared in USDA-certified kitchens in the state of New York. It’s no wonder they’re the leading human-grade pet food delivery service!

From Farm to Pet Plate: How This Fresh Food Delivery Works

This pet food company took a pretty interesting approach to make their products readily available. You won’t find any in stores. Rather, the food comes straight to you.

First, you go on their website and take a short quiz about your pet. They’ll ask you about your pup’s age, breed, current diet, and activity level among other things. Based on this information, they will create your pup’s meal plan.

Then, you provide information about where you live and are directed to an online checkout area. Once you’ve paid for your order, it will be immediately processed.

Some days later, you will receive a package with Fido’s meals, ice packs to keep them cool, and feeding instructions.

The most awesome thing about this process is that your pet’s food doesn’t sit on a shelf for months. Every order is cooked a few days before being shipped. Yay for fresh, healthy food!

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It Doesn’t Get More Convenient Than a Pet Food Delivery Service!

What pet parents wouldn’t love having their bundle of joy’s food delivered to their doorstep? We don’t know any! Just because you’re a busy person who is always on the go doesn’t mean Fido can’t have a fresh balanced diet.

With Farmer’s Dog, you never have to go to a pet store to buy food again. The food comes straight to you, hassle-free and full of love!

What’s Inside? 3 Things the Healthiest Dog Foods Have in Common

This fresh pet food company beats all others with its quality ingredients. When you look at a dog kibble bag, do you recognize all the ingredients? Probably not! That’s why Farmer’s Dog beats the traditional pet food industry. Let’s look at what ingredients they use (and don’t use!):

  1. High-quality real, fresh meat: All the protein used in these formulas could be found at a butcher’s shop. No “chicken meal,” and no animal by-products.
  2. Nutritious vegetables: In addition to turkey, Farmer’s Dog uses delicious veggies to offer your pup a balanced meal. They include sweet potato, green beans, broccoli, and spinach.
  3. Healthy fats: All pets need some fat in their diet, but only if they’re wholesome fats! Farmers Dog uses fish oil in its recipes, which makes any dog’s fur instantly shinier and healthier.

Are These Homemade Dog Food Recipes Vet Approved? Heck Yes!

It’s important for pet parents to be feeding their bundles of joy a healthy diet. And who would know dog diets better than trained vets and nutritionists?

Farmer’s Dog is a vet-approved recipe blend. This is due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, good macronutrient ratio, and superb health benefits. Delicious and wholesome? You betcha!

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Even When It’s Healthy Dog Food: Discuss Your Dog’s Diet with Your Vet!

Nonetheless, before signing up for Farmer’s Vet dog food delivery service, talk to your vet. Discuss with them your concerns and goals about this food product and see what they say.

Where to Find This Dog Food Online

Are you ready to start feeding your dog the best diet money can buy? Then it’s time to get shopping and placing your first order!

Head On Over to the Farmer’s Dog Website to Find Out More About Their Dog Food Delivery

The Farmer’s Dog website is just like their food labels: easy to understand and navigate. You’ll find all the information that you’ll need there, from price to shipping logistics. Besides, you can read real customer reviews there, too!

Do My Farmer’s Also Make Wholesome Vet Recommended Dog Food? Why Not Ask?

All recipes cooked by this New York-based company are recommended by vets all across the United States. The only thing they don’t cover, however, are special diets fit for illnesses or allergies. If Fido has an allergy to green beans, for example, they won’t be able to switch to Farmer’s Dog.

Ask your vet what wholesome pet food brand they recommend your puppy. They’ll know what’s best for your dog’s health!

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Why Not Find Raw Dog Food Recipes and Ask for Those Human Grade Dog Food Ingredients?

Farmer’s Dog cooks their dog meals at low temperatures. But if you are an avid believer in the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs, you can cook your pup’s meals at home! Our top recommendation is that you find human-grade USDA-approved meats. Not only do they taste a lot better but you’ll also know they won’t make your puppy sick!

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