6 Great Outdoor Things to Do With Your Dog This Fall!

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Fall is finally here, and with that refreshing nip in the air, there’s no better time to get outside with your pooch and get moving! Before you get to cozy on the couch, start thinking about stretching those legs and get a list of things to do with your dog this fall!

Today we’re sharing six great outdoor activities to try with Fido this fall. While you’ve probably heard of a couple, we think a lot of these will be new sports for a lot of readers. Pick up that leash and have fun!


Canicross is the perfect sport for owners who love running and are looking to strengthen their relationship with their four-legged buddy.

In canicross, an owner and dog work as a jogging team, with the dog pulling the owner as they run as a together. There isn’t much equipment needed to get started with canicross. Owners wear a hands-free bungee leash that sits on the waist and is hooked to the dog’s harness.

You can find canicross competitions and meetup groups all across the country!


This activity is one of the few on this list that you’ll definitely be familiar with. Dogs love hiking a good mountain just as much as you do, and there’s no better time to get climbing than autumn when the foliage is showing off its colors!

You don’t need much in the way of supplies to get started hiking with your pup, but you will want to make sure you gear up with a dog hiking harnesses. Sport-oriented harnesses tend to have a few components that make them different from your standard everyday harness. They are:

  • Colorful: When you’re hiking, visibility is essential, so make sure your dog’s harness is bright, colorful, and has reflective stitching or material incorporated somewhere.
  • Well-fitted. A loose harness can easily get snagged on tree limbs and brush, so make sure you’re selecting a properly sized harness for your pooch. This will likely involve measuring your dog’s chest girth, neck girth, and body length.
  • Designed for movement. Hiking harnesses let your furry friend extend his full stride and allow for easy movement. Many traditional everyday harnesses (especially ones designed to prevent pulling) can restrict your dog’s movement in a way that is not conducive to running and leaping up a mountain!

Also keep in mind that while you may love the idea of letting your pooch go off-leash while hiking, it’s really only a smart option for a canine companion who has perfect recall.

Dog GPS collars are another product to consider – they won’t be necessary for the occasional hiker, but if you do long trips through strenuous terrain in the great outdoors, you may want to consider them. Dog GPS collars ensure that if Fido goes missing, you’ll be able to track and find him.


Bikejoring is similar to canicross in that it’s another outdoor sport where dogs and humans work together as a team. With bikejoring, the human is on a bicycle rather than running on foot! If you’re looking to tire out a full-throttle canine, few sports get the job done like bikejoring.

Bikejoring requires a bungee leash that is attached from the dog’s harness to the bike – this is known as a gangline.

You’ll also need some kind of device to keep the gangline from getting tangled in the spokes of your front wheel. The Scooter Noodle is a popular choice. It holds the gangline out away from your bike as you pedal to prevent any tangles.

If you enjoy cycling and doing things with your dog, this is the thing for you!


Treibball is a fantastic sport for herding dogs especially. Treibball involves teaching your dog to herd giant plastic balls into goals to earn points. Most owners can start off using exercise balls, but these do pop more easily, so many choose to opt for specialized herding balls. As far as things to do with your dog goes, this is a super fun choice.

Treibball involves some training and requires your dog to follow a handful of commands issued by you, so it’s great for owners who want to work on better training and communication with their dogs.

You’ll need to have some training basics down first before you start teaching your dog to nose around giant balls.  Make sure your dog is able to work off-leash, can come when called. They also need to sit and stay when asked to, and lie down and face away from you.

There are no leash laws involved in Treiball. Once your fur baby figures out the rules, enjoy the game them. Maybe get some other dog lovers to bring their doggos to join in on the fun!

Carting / Sulky

Carting and sulky are two more fun urban mushing dog sports that utilize your dog’s pulling power.

Sulky entails the owner sitting in a small cart, which the dog then pulls. This is a good option for dogs who simply love to pull, but are partnered with less able-bodied or athletic owners.

While smaller dogs probably won’t enjoy tugging their owners around for a ride, but they can still participate in carting. Carting entails pulling smaller loads (for, example, a wagon full of water bottles for a day at the beach). Some clever owners even have their dogs pull strollers!

These dog sports require a bigger investment in equipment, with carting requiring a special siwash harness and hookups in addition to a pulling cart. Sulky is even a bigger investment. You’ll need a sulky harness and a custom sulky cart made for your size.


Barkour is a fantastic dog walking game to spice up boring daily walks. Are you looking to push your pooch a little bit more during regular walks around the neighborhood? Barkour is definitely worth a try!

As you might suspect from its name, barkour is parkour for dogs! And it’s one of the most fun things to do with your dog!

On your walking routes or trails, you’ll ask your dog to jump, weave, and slip under various obstacles and objects. You have to teach your pooch some basic cues like “up, down, over, under,” and “through” for barkour.

Just make sure to get your vet checks your pooch out before you start engaging in any extreme stunts. That goes for all the outdoor activities we’ve mentioned today.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of autumn dog activities for you to try out! Do you have any favorite fall-time sports you like to play with your dog that we didn’t mention? Tell us about your favorite autumn activities and things to do with your dog in the comments!

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