The Tibetan Mastiff: The Lion of the Dog World!

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The Tibetan Mastiff: The Lion of the Dog World! Coming into contact with this beautiful yet incredibly intimidating animal might feel like you are putting your life in your hands. Although the Tibetan Mastiff looks like a lion, he is really a gentle giant. And with the right pet owner and trainer, he can become the perfect, loyal companion to any family.

A Rare Bear! Appearance and Personality of the Tibetan Mastiff

Red Ruby Tibetan Mastiff Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff is a massive dog breed. This dog’s appearance is juxtaposed with a grizzly bear! Here are some defining physical characteristics of the Tibetan Mastiff:

  • Large dog (but not a “giant” breed)
  • Incredible stature and intimidating stance
  • Long, fluffy, and coarse coat, particularly around the neck
  • Wooly undercoat
  • V-shaped ears
  • Broad and impressive head
  • Deep, soft yet expressive, almond-shaped brown eyes
  • Feathered tail with a single curl

Unfortunately, due to their rarity, immense and intimidating size, and high cost, the Tibetan Mastiff is also one of the least popular dog breeds out there.

A Ruby Beauty—Red Tibetan Mastiff

Many dog breeds come in various colors and markings. One such variation is the Red Tibetan Mastiff. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is one of the rarest, the largest, and the world’s most expensive dog breeds.

In fact, one Red Tibetan Mastiff sold for over $1.5 million because many believed he actually had lion’s blood in him. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is typically seen as a status symbol and represent extreme wealth.

The White Lion of the Dog World—White Tibetan Mastiff

Snow leopard? Not quite.

It’s a White Tibetan Mastiff. The Tibetan Mastiff is most certainly a breeder dog. Breeders have been breeding brown, black, and red Tibetan Mastiffs for years. You may even see a White Tibetan Mastiff today. In fact, the first White Tibetan Mastiff arrived in the United States in 2008.

However, many true dog breeders believe that the White Tibetan Mastiff is an imposter rather than a rare beauty. Furthermore, anyone from Tibet would claim that you would never see a White Tibetan Mastiff dog anywhere in Tibet…

Panda Tibetan Mastiff: Is There Such A Thing?

Tibetan Mastiff puppies were a hot commodity in China for some time. However, as the trend began to decline, a new phenomenon—the “panda dog”—became all the new rage. As a result, many confuse “The Panda Dog” with the Tibetan Mastiff.

There are some similarities between the Tibetan Mastiff and “The Panda Dog”, such as the long, fluffy coat, and substantial size. However, the “Panda Dog” is actually a Chow-Chow, which is another popular dog breed native to China.

He’s Going To Be Massive! Tibetan Mastiff Size

One of the most distinguishable characteristics of the Tibetan Mastiff is their incredible size.

In fact, some male and female Tibetan Mastiffs can weigh between 120 and 160 lbs! Females are typically more petite, weighing between 70-120 lbs. Males typically weight between 90 and 160 lbs. This is essentially the size of an adult human!

Tibetan Mastiff Dog—A Brief History of This Nomadic Breed

Believe it or not, the Tibetan Mastiff isn’t a true Mastiff.

This particular dog breed hails from Tibet. The Tibetan Mastiff was used to protect sheep from other wild animals, such as bears and wolves. Studies have shown that the Tibetan Mastiff is similar to other dog breeds, such as the Bernese Mountain dog, the Saint Bernard, the Rottweiler and the Caucasian Shepherd.

Although the Tibetan Mastiff has been used in nomadic tribes for years, it didn’t become a popular dog breed in homes until 1980.

Some variations of the Tibetan Mastiff, such as the Red Tibetan Mastiff, are incredibly expensive. In fact, the Red Tibetan Mastiff is seen as one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Tibetan Mastiff

Here is some other Tibetan Mastiff info you probably didn’t know:

  1. The best guard dog—Yes, the Tibetan Mastiff is one of the best guard dogs for people and families.
  2. Tibetan mastiff vs Lion—Are These Dogs Really That Strong?—Yes, two full-grown Tibetan Mastiffs can take down a lion.
  3. Calm, Cool, and Collected Temperament—Despite their large size, sheer strength, and level of aggression, Tibetan Mastiffs are very calm, patient, and reliable dogs.
  4. The World’s Most Expensive Dog—Tibetan Mastiffs are often associated with royalty and are seen as a symbol of wealth. Some Tibetan Mastiffs have sold up to $2 million!
  5. Highly Intelligent—The Tibetan Mastiff dog breed is also one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are known as “self-thinkers”. This means that they don’t need to be alerted in a dangerous or emergency situation.

Tibetan Mastiff Puppies are Smart, Powerful Pups!

Tibetan Mastiff puppy

Because of their high levels of intelligence, Tibetan Mastiff training is possible. In fact, training should begin the minute you bring your Tibetan Mastiff puppy home.

Tibetan Mastiffs learn fairly quickly; however, they are also known for their stubbornness. Therefore, a Tibetan Mastiff puppy will require firm discipline and obedience from their owners.

It is best to reward a Tibetan Mastiff puppy for good behavior rather than bad behavior. He or she will respond best to this form of training.

A Rare Find—Tibetan Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Although Tibetan Mastiff puppies are incredibly rare and expensive, they can still be found for sale. The best place to find a Tibetan Mastiff puppy for sale is by working directly with a qualified and professional breeder.

Tibetan Mastiff for Sale in North America

The best place to find a Tibetan Mastiff breeder is to search for breeders on the American Kennel Club (AKC). For example, the AKC Champion Bloodlines are a great place to find a purebred dog Tibetan Mastiff. You can easily search for a reputable and certified AKC breeder to find your Tibetan Mastiff puppy.

Tibetan Mastiff Breeders

In addition to the American Kennel Club (AKC), you can also find a Tibetan Mastiff puppy breeder on the American Tibetan Mastiff Association website. The American Tibetan Mastiff Association is also associated with the AKC.

The World’s Most Expensive Dog Breed—Tibetan Mastiff Price

Although some Tibetan Mastiffs are sold for millions of dollars, you can adopt your very own Tibetan Mastiff puppy for a lot less. The cost for a purebred Tibetan Mastiff puppy can vary between $1,600 and up to $7,000. The price can depend on many factors. Some of these factors include the breeder’s location, litter size, puppy bloodlines, Mastiff care and Mastiff training, socialization and more.

Tibetan Mastiff puppies that come from top champion fight breeds and bloodlines can cost up to $7,000. You can also find Tibetan Mastiff puppies for only $1,600. However, be forewarned that some of these puppies do not come with official purebred papers. You may be able to receive papers after you spay-neuter your Tibetan Mastiff.

Lifespan of the Tibetan Mastiff

If you spend upwards of $7,000 for a Tibetan Mastiff, you want to ensure that he or she lives a long, happy, and healthy life. With sufficient and proper Mastiff care, Tibetan Mastiffs can live up to 15 years.

How Does the Similar Breeds Compare? The Caucasian Shepherd vs Tibetan Mastiff

As we mentioned above, the Tibetan Mastiff is very similar to the Caucasian Shepherd, or “Mountain Dog”. These dog breeds have a lot in common, such as size, stature, coat, loyalty, and temperament. Although the Tibetan Mastiff is considered a large dog, the Caucasian Shepherd has him beat.

According to breed standards, the minimum weight for a male Caucasian shepherd is 110 pounds. Some can weigh up to 200 lbs!

Read more about the Caucasian Shepherd here!

5 Tips You Need To Know Before You Get A Tibetan Mastiff

Would you love your very own Tibetan Mastiff? Here are some tips you should know before you take home a new puppy:

  1. Get Ready to Feed Him A Lot! Tibetan dogs need to keep up with their large size. They don’t require a special diet, but they can eat up to six cups of premium dog food a day!
  2. Coat Care and Climate. Tibetan Mastiffs have long, thick, and fluffy coats. This means they require more grooming than some other dog breeds. Also, due to their extremely thick coats, Tibetan Mastiffs are best suited for colder weather rather than hot and humid climates.
  3. Sufficient Socialization. Tibetan Mastiffs can become calm-tempered and gentle creatures, making them the perfect addition to a family. In order to avoid aggression, it is best to get your puppy to become acquainted with other small pets or young children at an early age.
  4. Eager Exercise. Tibetan Mastiffs can become destructive and aggressive when they are bored. They can also bark incessantly. Be sure to take your Tibetan Mastiff for walks every day, and ensure that he or she has plenty of room to run and play. Tibetan Mastiffs do not do well cooped up in crates or kennels, or small yards or apartments.
  5. Health Issues. Even though Tibetan Mastiffs are incredibly expensive dogs, they are far from perfect. Like many dog breeds, Tibetan Mastiffs are prone to some thyroid issues associated with weight gain. You can keep your Mastiff healthy by keeping a watchful eye on his or her diet to ensure a normal thyroid.

He’s a Protective, Powerful Dog That Requires Strong-Willed Owners!

All in all, if you are looking for a protective, powerful, and beautiful dog, then the Tibetan Mastiff is for you. However, due to its large size and necessary training, the Tibetan Mastiff is not recommended for timid or first-time dog owners. Tibetan Mastiffs require owners who are firm, consistent, and also loving.

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