Meet the Toy Tiger aka the Toyger!

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The Toyger is a designer cat breed that originated from the United States in the 1980s. These friendly felines have become quite popular amongst cat enthusiasts as they’re considered the only cat breed that looks like a tiger. If you think you’re ready to a toy-tiger, then read on!

Meet the Toyger Cat aka the Tiger Cat Breed!

What do you get when you cross breed a domestic tabby with a Bengal cat? You get an awesome, exotic jungle cat called a Toyger.

Smart, agile, and incredibly graceful the Toyger is a big-boned, medium-sized cat breed that is slowly growing in popularity for its unique look.

Through years of breeding with a Bengal and domestic shorthair, breeders were gradually able to cultivate a cat that has the look of the King of the Jungle, but a personality of a Golden Retriever.

History of the cat that looks like a Tiger!

Are they from India, China, Nepal, or Russia. Where on earth do the Toygers come from?

Well, believe it or not, this exotic looking cat breed is actually from the United States.

But, how did the breeding program start? And who should be credited for the creation of the ‘Toy Tiger?’

During the 1980s a cat breeder by the name of Judy Sugden had a goal in mind, she wanted to emphasize a unique coat pattern in tabby cats so that they looked more like that of a tiger. She had a cat named Millwood Sharpshooter who was born with two spots on her head. This unique pattern inspired her to breed a cat that looked like a Tiger.

So, during the 1980s Judy began crossing a domestic shorthair tabby by the name of Scrapmetal (Scrapmetal was a one-of-a-kind cat because she had a lovely mackerel coat pattern)  with a beautiful Bengal named Millwood Rumpled Spotskin.

Finally, after years of crossing, Judy was able to develop the Toyger.

Cats that Look like Tigers: How do Toygers Look?

The Toyger is a medium to large sized cat breed, who can weigh anywhere between 10 to 12 pounds. These graceful cats are prized for their silk coats and patterns.

Like the Tiger, the Toyger will have a powerful presence. And, if there’s one thing that’s memorable about them, then it is their muscular body and stance.

At sight, they Toyger holds an exotic look; they have beautiful dark brown stripes which may look a lot like stretched out rosettes. Although they do not retain the bright orange undercoats like wild tigers, they do instead retain an earthy orange-gold undertone to their fur.

The Toyger cat can come in three different colors, orange tan, brown-red, and reddish orange. The eyes of a Toyger remain powerful and profound. Eye color can vary from a bright earthy-green to an illuminating gold.

Toyger Cats and Kittens with mother

The Tiger Cat Who has a Great Personality and Temperament

Despite having a jungle cat appearance, Toygers are just smart house kitties!

The Toyger cat can be described as a feline with a big personality. These furry-friends are often outgoing individuals who love to interact with members of the family.  These furry-friends are active cats and will require a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. So, they’re best suited to people looking for a lively and sassy cat.

The Toyger cat is also revered for its intelligence. In fact, these cats are so smart that they can quickly learn new tricks, much like dogs.

So, if you have ever wanted to teach a cat how to walk on a leash or how to sit, stay, or come, then the Toyger is purrfect for you.

So, Would these Designer Cat Breeds Make Great Emotional Support Animals?

An emotional support animal is a type of assistance animal that helps those with emotional or mental disorders. ESAs have grown in popularity as they have shown to be quite useful in helping those suffering from social anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Social, intelligent, and loyal animals often make the best ESAs! And, so it comes with no surprise that the Toyger cat breed can make a tremendous emotional support cat!

Toygers are not only social animals, but they are also incredibly loyal pets. They are also very smart animals, and so training them will be a piece of cake!

If you’ve got a Toyger who you think would make a magnificent support animal, then consider taking CertaPet’s 5-minute free questionnaire to see if you could qualify for an ESA letter.

Are these Bengal Cat Mixes a Healthy Mix?

Since the Toyger is a new cat breed, there is very little information regarding the possible genetic disorders this cat might be prone to. As a mixed breed, Toyger can live long healthy lives. Nevertheless, few diseases are common to the Toyger breed, and these include:

  • Heart murmurs
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and
  • An increased risk of contracting feline infectious peritonitis

Since these feline friends have a unique genetic makeup, sometimes it can be hard to determine whether or not your toy tiger will remain healthy! So, if you’re a pet parent concerned about your cats’ health then consider getting your cats DNA tested. With Cat DNA testing you will not only learn about what diseases your feline friend may be prone to, but you can also learn more about your cats’ ancestry.

These Felines aren’t your Average Fat Hairless Cat! They will Require Lots of Excercise!

If you’re looking for a lively and playful feline friend, then look no further. Toygers without a doubt, take first place for being energetic and social cats.

These feline friends aren’t the type of kitties who love to sleep or eat all day. They instead thrive in an environment where they can run, climb, and play with members of the family. Because of their playful and kind personality, Toygers often get along really well with children and other pets.

Toyger Price Tag: These Designer Cat Breeds don’t Come Cheap!

If you’d love to get your hands on this domestic jungle cat, then prepare to take out a loan!

Toyger kittens are considered one of the more expensive kitty cats one can buy. The average cost of getting a Toyger kitten can range anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

Toyger Kittens for Sale

Getting a Toyger kitten can be a delightful experience. These feline friends will bring nothing but joy to your life! So, if you’re ready to get a kitten, make sure you do your research well beforehand.

So, How Do You Find the Right Toyger Cat Breeder in the USA?

Finding a reliable breeder can be a lot of work. Many unreliable cat breeders may overbreed these cat breeds for the sake of a profit. A trustworthy Toyger cat breeder will, however, want to preserve and better the Toyger cat breed. Reliable cat breeders will not give their kittens to anyone.

They value their cats’ welfare, and so, the adoption procedure for getting a Toyger will be throughout.  So, if you’re interested in purchasing a Toyger, you can start by looking through the TICA database as many reliable cat breeders are registered and recognized by TICA.

two toyger kittens looking at camera for photoshoot

Save a Life and Adopt your Next Kitty!

The most rewarding experience a pet owner may have in adopting a pet.

Finding a Toyger in a pet shelter is as good as finding a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible!

If you’re interested in saving a life by adopting, then make sure to keep an eye on your local cat shelters and rescues. Talk to designer cat rescues and mention to them your interest in the Toyger cat breed.

Keep an eye on your facebook pages as well. There are a few private shelters such as Toyger Rescue Me! And Toyger Cats USA that rescue and adopt out these designer cat breeds.

8 Facts You Need to Know About the Toy Tiger Cat Breed!

  1. Judy Sugden was the daughter of Jean S Mill, and it was Mrs.Jean Mill who received acknowledgment for the creation of the Bengal cat breed. So, Judy was already quite knowledgeable about cat genetics when it came to breeding.
  2. Although the breed was created during the 1980s, they were only registered and recognized by the TICA in 1993.
  3. Toygers are only said to resemble tigers. They don’t actually have any “tiger” blood in them. However, the Toyger comes from the Bengal cat breed. And, Bengals were originally developed from the wild Asian Leopard cat.
  4. Because of their dominating and boisterous personality, Toygers are considered alpha cats! These feline friends will have no problem picking a fight with your big Great Dane.
  5. All Toyger kittens are born with blue eyes, but as these kittens age, their eye color will begin to change to either bright green, metallic brown or yellow.
  6.  Their fur color is going to change! When these kittens are a few weeks old, their coat will appear fuzzy with little to no pattern in it. However, as these kittens reach a few months of age, their coat will begin to develop a proper stripped tiger pattern.
  7. Get them cool cat posts!  Like tigers, these furry friends love to climb to great heights, so if you own a Toyger, make sure you get them tall cat posts to feed this behavior.
  8. They can be big eaters! Toygers love to eat and they love to eat a lot! If you’ve got a Toyger then make sure you feed them quality pet food. Ideally, you should feed a Toyger a combination of quality dry and wet cat food.

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