Inside Look into Value Vet: An Affordable Pet Care Service

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carolina value vet, affordable pet care iconIf you’re located in Tennessee, Georgia or Virginia, and looking for friendly, affordable veterinary care, Value Vet may be just what you’re looking for. This family-owned veterinary business prides itself on first-rate facilities, service with a smile, and happy pets!

What is Value Vet Afforable Pet Care?

Value Vet is a family-owned veterinary practice business that owns veterinary services across 10 locations across Northern Virginia, Middle Tennessee and Metro Atlanta.

From Dogs to Horses! Services Offered at Value Vet

Value Vet offers a range of veterinary services designed to prevent illnesses, keep pets healthy, and treat any conditions that arise.

The preventative treatments that Value Vet offers include annual wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm and other parasite prevention programs, microchipping and dental care.

Value Vet also offers diagnostic services, including blood test and lab test services, which are analyzed by a specialist lab with state-of-the-art veterinary technology to give quick, accurate diagnoses.

Of course, preventative veterinary care cannot always stop out pets from getting sick or injured, which is why Value Vet offers a number of surgical procedures, each one performed by a top-rated veterinary surgeon with the very best veterinary surgical instruments.

These surgeries include spaying and neutering, laceration repair, mass removal, foreign body removal, dental surgery, amputation, caesarian section, tail docking, dewclaw removal, and more.  Value Vet also has a number of value-added services, including advice on medications, tips to keep your pet healthy, and a Pet Portal, where you can access all your pet’s veterinary records quickly and easily online.

Cheap Vets Near me? Can Value Vet Benefit You and Your Pet?

The main ethos at Value Vet (which we share here at CertaPet) is that prevention is better than treatment. Often, a simple vaccination, a quick course of treatment, or even a minor surgery, could help to prevent much more serious problems down the line, saving your pet from needless pain and discomfort, and you from worry and potentially huge expenses.

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Does Value Vet Have an Online Pet Pharmacy?

Value Vet does not have an online pet pharmacy, and will only provide prescriptions during in-person examinations. They do, however, have a prescription inquiry form on their website, and can answer questions online. They also provide a list of trusted and recommended products on their website.

Pet Vet Clinic! What About Natural Alternatives?

If you’re looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals for your pet, many owners swear by CBD oil, which is short for Cannabidiol. CBD is a compound extracted from cannabis plants, which many people believe can help with everything from pain, inflammation, allergies, and seizures, to stress and anxiety.

CBD, which is usually taken in an oil form, is completely legal in all 50 states, and can’t get your pet (or you) high, so don’t worry!

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil for pets online, Honest Paws offers bespoke packages that can combat any number of conditions. Honest Paws CBD is available as a straight oil, or as delicious, healthy treats.

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Where to Find a Suitable Veterinarian

If you are trying to find the right veterinarian near you, this means finding peace of mind for both yourself and your pet. But how should you start looking for a suitable veterinary clinic? We’ve got some handy tips for you:

  1. Firstly, it depends on what type of animal you have. Is it a small animal, like a mouse, rat or hamster? A more common pet, like dogs and cats? Maybe it’s a more specialist pet, like a reptile, bird, or exotic animal? Or is a farm animal, like a goat, sheep, cow or horse? Different veterinary practices focus on different species, so make sure that the one you choose is able to treat your pet.
  2. Secondly, ask other pet owners if they have any recommendations for a good vet clinic. Try asking family and friends, in pet stores and dog parks, or even on online forums. Other people’s experiences will help you to judge if a particular veterinary hospital is suitable for you and your pet.
  3. Ask yourself: what do you prioritize in a veterinary clinic? Is it good people skills? Expertise with a specific breed? State-of-the-art veterinary equipment? Try to look at the reviews you have to see which vet center best matches your criteria.
  4. Once you have narrowed down your options, check that they are registered with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which sets high standards for veterinary clinics.
  5. And finally, go ahead and visit a number of veterinary surgeries. Doing this before your animal gets sick or requires treatment will help you make a calm and informed choice.

Veterinarian Near Me: How do I Find Value Vets Near Me

Value Vet has a number of locations across Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. To find the nearest Value Vet surgery to you, check the “Locations” section on their website.

Pet Insurance: Affordable Pet Care!

If your pet gets sick unexpectedly, this can be a huge financial burden. Luckily, Vet Value is able to offer payment plans (subject to approval) through CareCredit, a credit card which allows pet owners to spread out the cost of expensive medical procedures.

Another option for pet parents is to take out pet insurance. There is an increasing number of animal-oriented insurance agencies offering pet insurance packages. Although the choice may be overwhelming, make sure to shop around in order to get the best deal. Look out for low premiums and no waiting lists, and of course, make sure your specific breed of animal is covered.

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2 Pawesome Pet Supply Stores Online!

As we said already, keeping your pet fit and healthy from the get-go is preferable to treating them only once they get sick. These are our two favorite online pet supply stores for getting top-rate supplements to keep your pet healthy.

  1. Honest Paws produce a wide range of supplements, each containing the wonder-ingredient, CBD oil. From arthritis to anxiety, seizures to allergies, the specially-formulated oils and treats from Honest Paws offer a natural solution to many of the most common health complaints in pets.
  2. Vets Preferred offer affordable, veterinary-grade supplements that aim to “plug the gap between the nutrition in pet food and what pets really need to be fit, healthy, and happy.” They also offer bespoke subscription plans that cater specifically to your pet’s age, breed, weight and more.

5 Veterinarian Facts You Need to Know!

  1. In the USA, veterinarians must study veterinary medical science for a full 4 years after completing an undergraduate degree. They must pass then pass  North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) in order to practice, though each state has its own specific rules regarding qualifying.
  2. Just like human doctors, a veterinarian will further specialize after qualifying. They could specialize in surgery, general practice, or a specific species.
  3. Not all veterinarians practice veterinary medicine—some go into research or teaching.
  4. Vets, like doctors, must take an oath before they begin to practice. It involves promising to use one’s skills to benefit animal health and to practice conscientiously and with dignity, among other things.
  5. Being a veterinarian isn’t the only way to treat animals: you could also be a veterinary technician (vet tech), veterinary assistant, or a veterinary nurse, all of which are hands-on roles.

Ready to Make Your Pet’s Life Better?

Having a veterinarian that you know and trust is a vital part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. Should the worst happen, and your pet get sick or injured, being able to go to a vet who knows you and your pet, and who you know has your pet’s best interests at heart, is priceless.

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