Introducing Vet Ranch: Vets on a Rescue Mission

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group of vets with various animalsWe love a great pet rescue story, and Vet Ranch has a bunch of them to share with the world! This American veterinarian non-profit organization dedicates its time to saving pups and kittens in need. They treat and rehouse abandoned pets who have nowhere to turn.
In a nutshell, they are doing everything they can to give these adorable animals a happier life.

What Is Vet Ranch?

Vet Ranch is a veterinary hospital and a Youtube channel completely dedicated to saving lives. There are thousands of abandoned cats and dogs roaming the streets every day. Many of them have serious medical conditions that can be fatal, but no one to care for them.

That’s where Vet Ranch comes in. They take these homeless pets to the animal hospital and look after them. They perform emergency surgeries, give vaccines, fix cats and dogs, and cure mange among other things. All in all, they’ll do everything in their power to keep these pets alive.

The Vet Ranch Youtube Channel: How It All Began

The story behind the Vet Ranch Youtube channel is a heartwarming one. Its goal is to make people aware of how many homeless animals are in need of medical attention.

Back in 2014, Dr. Matt Cariker received an after-hours call from the veterinary clinic he worked in. A homeless pup had been hit by a car at night and had to be euthanized. When the doctor arrived at the scene, he saw a sparkle of life in the dog’s eyes. He couldn’t put her down, so he decided to document her recovery with his iPhone.

Dr. Matt Cariker’s Story

Cariker’s love for animals in impossible to question. He graduated from the Texas A&M University in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Since then, he’s worked at numerous veterinary practice centers and, of course, developed a successful Youtube channel.

Vet Ranch is now a thriving corner of the internet relying on donations to help abandoned pets. What started with a sweet black Labrador puppy has grown into something much bigger. Currently, they have almost three million subscribers and a legion of fans who donate to help their rescue missions.

person taking homeless puppy to vetranch

What to Expect From a Vet Ranch Video

Years after the first video on the Vet Ranch Youtube channel, the rescue stories never get old. If you enjoy learning more about veterinary medicine, we highly recommend checking out their channel. Even if you just want to have some more faith in the world, their videos are great for you! Just beware, there are some bloody and graphic scenes ahead…

In every video, we viewers are introduced to a new patient. The vet on call briefs us in with details of the animal’s conditions. Things like where they were found, how much they weigh, how old they are, and so on.

The Animal’s Diagnosis & Prognosis

Then, it’s time for the diagnosis. The vet will explain the process of how they have diagnosed the animal patient and how serious their problem is. This part can be heartbreaking, as sometimes there isn’t a long-term cure for the pet. Keep this in mind if you, too, have a heart made of butter!

Lastly, we get to see their road to recovery at the end of the video. The vet on call will tell you what meds the pup or kitten is on, what their progress has been like, and if they’ve found a forever home yet. This is our favorite part of their videos because this is when the pet is all happy and energetic again.

They Save Pups from the Streets and High Kill Shelters!

All of Vet Ranch’s patients come from hopeless situations. They are either roaming the streets after having been abandoned or are in a shelter. Unfortunately, there are still kill shelters in the United States, and many pets end up being euthanized every year. But not on Dr. Matt Cariker’s watch!

vet ranch volunteer hugging dog with a dentastick

It Takes a Tribe

Cariker, along with other animal lovers and his wife and children, visits shelters to find pups and kittens in need. When they find a pet desperate for their medical attention, they take them to their animal hospital. That is where they’re nursed back to health, and recorded for the Youtube channel.

What they are doing is amazing. Every large and small animal deserves a second chance, and at Vet Ranch they get it. You, too, can help reduce the number of animals in shelters. Why not add a furry companion to your family? Visit an animal rescue shelter near you and adopt a pet! We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Vets on a Rescue Mission: These Veterinarians Are Making a Difference!

Vet Ranch’s rescue pet project has helped hundreds of homeless animals. Thanks to Dr. Matt Cariker and his team, these animals have found a happy ending. Not to mention they have raised awareness for the number of homeless pets in America! We can’t know how many of their viewers have adopted a pet because of Vet Ranch’s work. But by taking a look at the comments section, we know it’s not been a few!

How Can You Help?

You don’t need to have attended a college of veterinary medicine to help Vet Ranch. All the equipment they use to treat pets and the bills associated with that is paid for by viewers. Donations made by people like you are extremely helpful to all the homeless pets helped by Cariker and his team.

If you want, you can make a donation — however small you want it to be — through the Vet Ranch official website. Alternatively, you can buy Vet Ranch merch to help keep the homeless pet project alive!

person greeting dogs in a shelter

Let’s Look at Some of Vet Ranch’s Heartwarming Rescue Stories!

In June of 2015, Vet Ranch opened its doors to Scrappy, a puppy with a demodectic mange. His fur had all fallen off and his skin was covered in scabs and blisters. Before Dr. Matt had picked him up from the shelter, he had been scheduled to be euthanized. After 17 days of intensive care and a lot of love, Scrappy got all his fur back.

Another story worth sharing is that of a paralyzed kitten who got back the ability to walk. When someone took their small cat to Dr. Matt and his team, he couldn’t walk or stand on his back legs. He was also covered in fleas and has gotten into a fight with another male cat. After his surgery, the kitten regained sensibility on his hind legs. Now, he can finally show how playful he is!

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