How You Can Make a Difference on Veterans Day 2019

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If you’ve never served in the military and don’t know anyone in active service, you may not know what Veterans Day is. This federal holiday honors all the men and women in the armed forces. It happens every year on November 11th. The history of Veterans Day is quite interesting and there’s plenty you can do to observe the holiday. Keep reading to know more.

What Is Veterans Day aka Armistice Day? A Brief History

The first Veterans Day was called Armistice Day. After the end of World War One, the Allied powers created a holiday in remembrance of their military men’s bravery.

In 1954, congress passed a resolution to change the holiday’s name to “Veterans Day.” That’s how we know it today. This was done in honor of all military service personnel, regardless of what war they fought. Thus, on this date, we also honor the veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

In Great Britain and Canada, people wear poppies to pay homage to all fallen soldiers. Here in the United States, it’s customary to pray and give thanks for everything those in active duty have done for their country.

What Day Is It? When Is Veterans Day?

Because of its history, we honor military veterans every November 11th. That’s because the official armistice of World War I happened on that day, in 1918. This year, it will fall on a Monday.

Is Veterans Day a Federal Holiday?

Yes, it is! Veterans Day has been a federal holiday since 1968. That means this weekend you and your family may get to enjoy an extra day together, away from work and school. It’s a great time to visit the Unknown Soldier National Cemetery (or Veteran’s Arlington Cemetery) if you’re on the East Coast.

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It Is Not Memorial Day!

Even though we also honor active-duty military personnel on Memorial Day, they’re not the same holiday. One falls in November, while the other falls in May. Veterans service organizations appreciate you observing both holidays, though!

5 Ways to Support Veterans Day 2019

Are you planning observance of Veterans Day this year? Not everyone knows exactly how to spend this holiday. We have some ideas that will make military members appreciative and proud.

Visit a Veterans Nursing Home or Hospital

What better way to honor military veterans than to visit them at a nursing home? Many of the men and women who fought for their country don’t get enough visits to not feel lonely. Your presence would definitely cheer them up. Not to mention that they would probably love sharing their interesting and heartfelt stories with you.

Say Happy Veterans Day by Volunteering

Veterans’ organizations welcome volunteers all year round—but especially on Veterans Day! They’re always working on dozens of important projects they need help with. For instance, you could volunteer at a soup kitchen where many veterans go for a warm meal. Or you could volunteer to cheer up veterans who are hospitalized and need a smile on their faces. All you have to do is ask around and look up more information online.

Once again, veterans’ organizations open their arms to you. If you can afford it, consider donating to veteran charities. It will help veterans get back on their feet and get help when they need it. This is an especially generous way of helping, especially if you don’t have the time to volunteer with a charity in person.

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Fly That Flag

Another way you can show your support for this holiday is by flying the United States flag on your property. After all, military personnel risked their lives for the country they love so that everyone could remain free and have a good life at home. Yet another thought is getting a flag with the red poppy symbol for the armistice.

Attend Community Gatherings or Celebrations

Are you looking for a family-friendly activity the little ones will love? We’d like to suggest attending a Veterans Day ceremony or parade. So many small towns across America have their own “veterans service” club. One of the many things they organize is a bike parade up and down the main avenue. It’s so fun to watch and a great way to show your support for the country’s armed forces and military men and women who’ve served.

Looking Back: The Highlights of Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day, November 2018 was an eventful day—for all the right reasons. Google launched a unique doodle honoring those who have served. Thousands of restaurants offered free or discounted meals to active-duty military personnel and their families. There was a huge parade in New York City and in so many other cities on both coasts.

What About Veterans Day 2017?

Let’s not forget 2017. It may have been a while back but it was still a good Veterans Day! There were parades, special sales, millions of people volunteered or donated nation-wide—it was a great national holiday. And this year, we expect celebrations to be just as big!

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