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Premier Veterinary Group - Chicago

Premier Veterinary Group - Chicago

3927 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL, 60618
Phone: 773-516-5800
Premier Veterinary Group - Chicago
After acquiring Emergency Veterinary Care South in Crestwood in 2013, we changed our name from Animal Emergency & Treatment Center (AETC) to Premier Veterinary Group: Animal Emergency & Specialty Centers. The new name echoes our team’s unprecedented dedication to customer service and the superior emergency and specialty care we offer pets, pet owners and referring veterinarians. We believe clients, pets and veterinarians deserve premier experiences. Everything we do reflects this mission.
At our core is a team of dedicated individuals with a profound desire to share their gifts of healing and understanding with companion pets and their families. With locations in Chicago, Grayslake, and Orland Park, Premier Veterinary Group is one of the most trusted and reputable veterinary referral centers in the Chicagoland area. In addition to offering 24-hour emergency care at all Chicagoland locations, Premier Veterinary Group’s specialty services for animals include anesthesiology, cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, neurology, surgery, and emergency medicine. Our team is comprised of the best doctors and technicians, many of whom are have achieved board certification, our industry’s highest accreditation.

Anesthesia and Pain Management

  • Pre-anesthetic planning and management
  • Pain management for acute and chronically affected patients
    • Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
  • Management of emergent and critical patients
  • Basic and advanced monitoring techniques
  • Anesthesia consultation


For a complete listing of our cardiology services, click here

Emergency / Critical Care Services

  • ICU and critical care
  • Blood pressure measurement and monitoring (Doppler, central venous pressure)
  • Blood gas analysis
  • ECG
  • End-tidal Co2
  • Oxygen chamber and therapy
  • Ventilator support
  • Emergency and trauma surgery
  • Cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation
  • Trauma medicine
  • Parenteral nutritional support
  • Focused abdominal ultrasonography
  • Focused thoracic ultrasonography

Advanced Surgery

  • Arthroscopy
  • Soft Tissue
  • Orthopedics
  • Oncologic
  • Neurosurgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery (laparoscopic/thoracoscopic)

Internal Medicine

  • Gastroduodenoscopy – gastric/GI disease
  • Gastroscopy – foreign body removal
  • Colonoscopy
  • Rhinoscopy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Ultrasonography (abdomen, thorax, cardiac)
  • Esophageal balloon dilation


  • Complete diagnostic capabilities and staging evaluation for confirmed and suspected malignancies
  • A comprehensive review of the pets clinical status
  • Use of innovative, progressive therapy for veterinary cancer by a board-certified Oncologist
  • Comprehensive review of treatment and management options for all tumor types
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy
  • Management of chemotherapy toxicity when they occur
  • Participation in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer
  • Palliative care/hospice management
  • Comprehensive pain management
  • Cryotherapy

Video Endoscopy

  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy (intestinal tract)
  • Gastric-feeding tube placement
  • Foreign body retrieval
  • Bronchoscopy (respiratory system)
  • Rhinoscopy/Sinusoscopy (nasal cavity)
  • Cystoscopy (urogenital tract)
  • Otoscopy (ear canals)

Video Ultrasound

  • Diagnostic ultrasound used to evaluate and assess the internal organs
  • Echocardiography (specialized ultrasound of the heart)
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsies and tissue sample

Digital Radiology

  • Latest in veterinary radiology
  • Higher quality and faster results
  • Ability to share images electronically or digitally
  • Image enhancement for greater diagnostic capabilities
  • All images are reviewed by a Board-Certified Radiologist

CT / MRI Imaging

  • High-resolution, slice-by-slice, and Helical imaging
  • Enhanced vascularized tissues/structures such as tumors
  • Images include: brain, spine, all extremities, abdominal and thorax

Animal Blood Bank for Cats and Dogs

  • Blood components prepared and stored on the premises
  • Fresh blood products available when needed for all situations
  • Blood transfusion, administration and monitoring capabilities
  • Volunteer blood donor program with over 150 current volunteer donors enrolled

Diagnostic Laboratory

  • Laser-flow cytometry hematology (CBC) for the most accurate differential
  • Complete in-clinic organ chemistry analyzer
  • In-clinic electrolyte analysis
  • Coagulation (blood clotting) assays
  • Blood-gas analysis
  • Cytology-microscopic exam
  • Urinalysis

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The Premier Veterinary Group - Chicago has 102 reviews on its Google My Business profile, with an average rating of 3.4. This rating level is very good compared to neighboring clinics in Chicago, IL. Click here to view the Google profile for additional information. Here are the most recent reviews from Google users:

Jennifer Ryley
Verified Google Review
(5.0) 03 Dec 2019
Excellent care. Faster than other ER vets. Had to take my senior kitty here a couple of times this week. Staff was caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable. The... Read more
Katie Barrick
Verified Google Review
(5.0) 07 Dec 2019
I’ve been here more times than I would like to admit. But for each time I’ve been in for my dog the care has always been outstanding. The triage process i... Read more
Christina Poon
Verified Google Review
(5.0) 15 Nov 2019
Took my pup on a Friday morning for a minor issue. There was only one other person there. The staff (front desk, nurse, and doctor) were awesome! They saw him... Read more

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Kim C.
Verified Yelp Review
(5.0) 11 Jan 2020
My dog had a swollen face and an increasingly bad respiratory issue that got so bad he could no longer walk up the stairs. After spending $1000 and visiting... Read more
Nancy H.
Verified Yelp Review
(1.0) 20 Jan 2020
My dog was brought in because he was suddenly shaking uncontrollably and making loud noises as if he was struggling to breathe. They brought him back... Read more
Dale D.
Verified Yelp Review
(1.0) 09 Dec 2019
The vets and staff violated my cats body and desecrated his memory. ZERO would be better rating. This facility is nothing more then a racket. Trust me,... Read more

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