Vetericyn for Dogs: A Must Have for Any Pet First Aid Kit!

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If you’ve ever walked across your local pet shop you’ve probably seen Vetericyn for dogs! Vetericyn is a company that has designed a range of products which aid in wound healing. If you’d like to learn more about how this product can help your pooch then read on!

What is Vetericyn for Dogs!

Vetericyn is a company that manufactures a range of pet health care products. These pet health care products are not only of high quality, but they are also innovative, safe, and effective at fulfilling their purpose.

The company not only caters to dogs, but they too provide a range of medical products that can be used in cats, exotic animals, and even livestock. For the purpose of this article, we will focus solely on the companies more popular products that are catered to dogs.

Vetericyn has created a few health products that are specific to dogs. These products include the:

  • Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care Liquid
  • Vetericyn Plus All Animal Hydrogel Spray
  • Vetericyn Plus Canine Ear Rinse
  • Vetericyn Plus Hot Spot Spray
  • Vetericyn Plus Canine Eye Wash

Vetericyn products contain hypochlorous acid which aids in healing wounds! This is acid gives the products it’s antimicrobial effective.

From Hot Spots in Dogs to Cuts and Scrapes: What is Vetericyn used for?

When it comes to dealing with cuts, scrapes, burns, or even hot spots in dogs. Owners may feel a little overwhelmed with figuring out what they can do to help their furry friend!

Fortunately, Vetericyn has made the lives of pet owners easy by creating products that can be used topically.

Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care Liquid is an easy to use liquid formula which can be used to treat minor scrapes, burns, cuts, and skin ulcers.

This product contains no antibiotics, alcohols, or steroids! And, as an added bonus it is 100% non-toxic to animals. This is totally awesome for pets who may accidentally lick their wound areas!

Now if your dog is prone to hot spots then you need not worry anymore! 

Vetericyn Plus Hot Spot Antimicrobial Gel is available to pet owners who are seeking to rid those crazy hot spots on their dogs.  Now, the company has two products that cater to hot spots in dogs. The first is an antimicrobial gel and the second is a hot spot spray.

The antimicrobial gel simply provides an extra layer of protection to a wound. And so, it’s better to use the antimicrobial gel when you suspect severe cases of hot spots!

Conversely, the hot spot spray is used to treat and relieve mild irritation that may be caused as a result of dogs licking, biting, or chewing on their irritated skin.

Dog Wound Care 101: The 3 Must-Haves for Any Pet First Aid Box

There is no denying it! Every pet owner needs to be prepared for when their pooch gets hurt. So make sure you have all these essentials in your pet first aid box.

Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection

Prevention is always better than treatment! Before you expose your dog to extreme weather conditions consider getting a product that protects their paws from wear and tear. Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection does just that!

This fantastic pooch product will help protect your pet’s paws and it even heals cracked pads.

Vets Preferred Advanced Anti Diarrhea Liquid

Did your dog get into some garbage? Chances are most dog owners have experienced the unfortunate wrath of their dog’s diarrhea.

Fortunately, you can quickly rid your pet of those stinky terrors by giving them Vets Preferred Advanced Anti Diarrhea Liquid is designed to specifically soothe upset stomach in dogs.

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Reliving Inflammation in Dogs!

CBD oil for dogs has become quite popular amongst households all over North America, and there is a reason for this! CBD oil has proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to relieving pain and inflammation.

Now, if you’ve got a really fussy dog then don’t worry! Honest Paws has created a range of CBD oil based treats, chews, and even coconut oil that is sure to cater to your dogs taste buds!

A Dog Spray you Need to Have: Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care

Vetericyn Plus dog sprays will have multiple uses. The sprays are marketed under a liquid formula and they are often used to clean, flush, or moisten wounds. These sprays can be used to treat:

  • Rashes
  • Itchy skin
  • Sores
  • Scratches from other animals
  • Cuts
  • Abrasions

Vetericyn Spray Instant Foam Shampoo! It Helps Calm any Itchy Animal Skin

Now the one thing doggie parents need to have is a good and reliable shampoo! Vetericyn for dogs has made this daunting task of searching for the best shampoo easier!

The first product they created is the Vetericyn Foam Shampoo which is free from paraben and chemical dyes. It is also considered an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic shampoo, which makes it perfect for pups with sensitive skin.

The second line of products created by this company is the Vetericyn FoamCare Pet Medicated shampoo. Now, this shampoo is a must have for any dog owners who have a pooch suffering from severe itchiness, dermatitis, dry skin, and hot spots!

Vetericyn Plus for Dogs! They Don’t Just Treat Wounds

Ear care and even eye care products are available for purchase by this company. Both products contain similar ingredients and will aid in relieving itchiness, dryness, and irritation.

Vetericyn Eye Care & Ophthalmic Gel

The Vetericyn eye care line contains two different products—an eyewash and ophthalmic gel. The eye was products are specifically designed to flush and clean eyes from debris or foreign material.

On the other hand, the antimicrobial ophthalmic gel is commonly used to alleviate burning, itchy, or severely irritated eyes.

Vetericyn Ear Care

In addition to providing a range of wound care products. The company also produces one of the best ear cleaners for dogs!

Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse is an easy to use product that can be used to treat:

  • Mild itchiness in the ears
  • Excessive debris and dirt in the ears
  • It can also reduce any ear odors and
  • It can also be used as a regular ear cleaner for dogs.

Dogs Everywhere Love Vetericyn for Dogs!

Vetericyn for dogs is certainly a must-have for any pet owner looking to create a first aid kit! However, Vetericyn is not a cure-all!

These products simply assist in healing minor injuries and symptoms associated with other conditions. Remember, if your dog has a serious wound or injury consult your veterinarian first!

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