Victor Dog Food Review: Coupons, Ingredients, Nutrition and User Reviews

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Victor Dog Food Product Line

Does Victor Dog Food take first place for its product line?

Victor Dog Food is a well-respected company on the pet food scene, offering healthy and reasonably priced products to the modern owner. Their dog food is a particularly popular range – covering both dry and canned options, which are manufactured in Texas.

Victor’s selling point is the company’s dedication to providing the most nutrition possible in each mouthful. They claim to offer the best nutritional content of any product in their price range. They also ensure that each item is free from corn, gluten, soy and wheat.

Through this commitment to excellence, the company has landed 5-star ratings in an extremely competitive market. Check out the video below to learn more about the heritage of the brand!

This review will take a closer look at the Victor Dog Food range. We will decide whether their best-selling products really do provide excellent nutrition. We will also see what customers have said after purchasing their food!

Victor Dry Dog Food Review: Victor Performance

Victor Performance Dog Food with Glucosamine

Victor Dry Dog Food: Victor Performance

One of the most popular dry foods offered by Victor is the Performance bag. Victor Performance is the result of over 6 decades of development and research, and it aims to provide quality nutrition for larger breeds.

It also aims to assist dogs with joint issues caused by their breed or physical size.


While the product includes a wide array of vitamins, minerals and grains, it’s the main ingredients that pack the punch here.

Beef Meal – A high protein meat concentrate used in pet foods. It’s manufactured by heating meat, (as well as bone and connective tissue,) to high temperatures until all its moisture evaporates.

Chicken Meal – Chicken processed in the same way. Victor claims to have sourced the chicken locally, which is another positive for the brand!

Pork Meal – Take a guess! Pork which has been processed at high heats. This is the third meat option used in the product.

Chicken Fat – While most humans chose to remove this fat before eating the meat, it’s VERY nutritious and contains Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega 6 is needed for coat and skin health, as well as immune system function and reproductive health.

Glucosamine Sulphate – Glucosamine has been used widely by vets to assist dogs with joint issues. It’s an edible compound taken from crustacean shells, which helps to prevent the breakdown of bone cartilage.

Chondroitin – A well-known natural molecule that helps animals with osteoarthritis or joint issues. It’s an excellent anti-inflammatory, and it also blocks arthritis causing enzymes.

As you can see, the main ingredients offer the dog exactly what it needs. In a large or ageing dog, joint issues are very common. Consequently, the inclusion of high-quality meat protein (78%) for muscle strength, and Glucosamine and Chondroitin for the joints is ideal.

Controversial Inclusions

While Victor Performance contains an excellent array of ingredients, there are two inclusions that may cause concern for some dog owners.

Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal – Alfalfa meal is a very nutritious ingredient, but when it’s dehydrated and included in large quantities in dog foods, it’s almost always there to boost protein levels. While this isn’t a huge issue, many owners do want their protein content to come entirely from animal sources.

Tomato Pomace – The leftover product of processed tomatoes, including the skin, seed and pulp. Some see the ingredient as nutritionally excellent, but others see it as a low-quality filler. They also say that it causes excess flatulence in their dogs.

Feeding Guide

Weight of dog (lbs)Daily Amount (cups)
201 1/4
301 3/4
402 1/2
603 1/4
803 3/4
1004 1/2

Customer Reviews

‘I would prefer actual deboned beef and chicken instead of the meal, but my dogs eat it no problem.’

‘I have an 11-month-old gsp that is a picky eater. I have tried the most expensive foods with no real great results. Decided to give the Victor a try and she is picky no more. Absolutely loves this food!’

Where Can I Buy Victor Performance Online?

Victor Canned Dog Food Review: Grain-Free Beef & Vegetables Entree in Gravy

Victor Dog Food: Grain-Free Beef & Vegetables Entree in Gravy

Victor Dog Food: Grain-Free Beef & Vegetables Entree in Gravy

Another option for both puppies and active adult dogs alike is the canned Beef & Vegetables meal. It aims to offer quality nutrition and energy for your pet for a good price.


Chicken, chicken liver and chicken broth – The chicken cuts offer an excellent lean source of protein for your dog. The chicken liver and accompanying broth also provide healthy fats and vitamin A.

Beef, beef broth – Beef and beef broth provides high-quality amino acids, minerals and enzymes.

Carrots ­– Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin K, C and A, as well as fiber and potassium.

Peas – An excellent vegetable which contains manganese, fiber, magnesium, zinc, potassium and Vitamins A, B1, B6, B3 and B2.

Visibly, the can provides an excellent vitamin, mineral and protein-packed meal for your pooch. The 8% protein and 5% fat content is sufficient for a single meal.

Controversial Ingredients

Rice – There has been a lot of controversy regarding rice quality in pet food. While many low-quality foods include rice packed with preservatives, we can assume that Victor includes good quality rice in its food. However, as nothing is said about their chosen rice, that’s about all we can do!

Feeding Guide

1-1 ½ cans per 15lbs of body weight, daily. The food should be served at room temperature and refrigerated if a portion remains after use.

Customer Reviews

‘This company makes good food at a reasonable price. The wet food here falls right in line. We only give it to our dog once a week. Dog loves the flavor and we like the ingredients.’

‘Both of our dogs love this food mixed with dry food.’

Where Can I Buy Victor’s Grain-Free Beef & Vegetable Entree In Gravy?

Victor offers an excellent array of dog food at reasonable prices. The locally sourced ingredients are a big plus, and the attention to detail in ingredient choices is admirable. Also Read: Pure Balance dog food review.

Their dog food is tailored to all sizes and breeds, and the companies focus on nutritional superiority has made them a household name.

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