Keep Your Kitten Entertained for Days with Videos for Cats

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kitten watching videos for cats on laptop

As pet owners, we have often noticed the mesmerizing effect that television has on our pets. Videos for cats are a great option for cats to spend those long, lonely hours at home while you’re at work. Would you want to find out more about videos for cats and where to find them? Read on!

TV for Cats: Why Our Feline Friends Love Watching Videos 

When we think of videos for cats, a question inevitably arises: does our fluffy, furry feline friend really enjoy watching birds on a plasma screen? Well, that depends. All pet owners know that every animal is unique in its personality. In the case of videos for cats, the latest technology has made it possible for Mittens to enjoy watching funny cat videos to its heart’s content.

The boom of videos for cats on YouTube and other video streaming platforms is probably due to the increase of cats as pets. Cats are genetically wired to want to stalk, chase, and pounce on their prey, so a domesticated cat that doesn’t have access to the outside world is likely to enjoy this escape from the four walls of its home.

Let Mittens Go Mad with Mice Videos for Cats 

The shows you choose for Mittens to watch are very important. The primetime shows of videos for cats include videos in which mice run around the screen and birds dart from corner to corner. No big surprise there!

You are going to want to keep your cat’s attention piqued in what it’s watching. It has been found that cats process images much faster than humans do, so the way cats see an image on a standard 50Hz screen may appear as a non-discernible jumbled heap of pixels to Mittens’ sharp eyes. Go for a high-definition 100Hz screen so that the images are clearer for Mittens!

ginger cat looking for videos for cats to watch

Feline Favorites: The Best Videos for Cats to Watch 

Much like you and I, Mittens probably has a favorite show to watch. In your cat’s case, that show probably involves a small creature darting to-and-fro on a screen. Anything that can quench a cat’s instinctive thirst to hunt prey! These videos will reduce Mittens’ stress levels significantly. Fortunately for you and your cat, there are TONS of videos for cats on YouTube. Go check them out!

Bird Videos for Cats 

We’ve found that if you want to keep your cat entertained, playing these YouTube videos of birds is a pretty safe bet. Your cat is sure to go crazy over them. A lot of them are hours long, so you can leave it on for your cat while you go to the office for the day.

Fish Videos for Cats 

We all know that a cat’s favorite snack is a big, juicy fish. You can bet your bottom dollar that Mittens will LOVE fish videos!

Mouse Videos for Cats

Mice? Eek! Most people see a mouse or a rat, and they run the other way. Not Mittens, though! Your cat will observe, patiently stalk, and then… Pounce!

Cat Videos for Cats 

Cats also enjoy watching other cats play. There are several long videos of cats pouncing on their toys.

Other Cat Entertainment Videos 

There are tons of videos that your cat is sure to enjoy! From computerized images of small mice moving on the screen (with the occasional squeak) to ribbons moving on the screen as if blown by a soft breeze, there are videos that your cat will love!

kitten with phone watching a video for cats

Cat Entertainment Central: YouTube Videos for Cats 

If you’re looking for YouTube channels with all things on feline entertainment, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best channels for you!

YouTube for Cats is a Quick Search Away! 

You can search for any one of the following YouTube users that have a channel dedicated to the entertainment of your cat:

  • Paul Dinning
  • Little Thomas Boy & Family
  • Relax My Cat

These are just a few. There are many more cat lovers out there!

Videos for Cats: Fish and Squirrels, It’s All Right There!

Cats are complex creatures, but the things that entertain them are simple and generally the same. Videos for cats typically contain some critters that they would consider as prey. Insects, birds, mice, and other rodents are all potential protagonists of these videos for cats. You’ll find it all on those YouTube channels!

What About Cat Games? 

Videos for cats are fine, but what about cat games? What kinds of games can you play with Mittens your kitten? There is so much fun to be had as a cat, and with simple, inexpensive materials, too! Something as mundane as a paper bag will keep your cat entertained for hours. Here’s a list of some things that your cat will enjoy playing with:

  • Toys shaped like mice or birds
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper or paper bags
  • A cat-safe fish tank
  • A room with a nice view

A Cat Game is Fun for Everyone! 

You know Mittens best! Read your cat’s reactions, and you’ll soon find what suits their needs most.

3 Best Games for Cats on Tablets 

So, you’re a techy? There are several games you can download on your tablet, and many are free. Just make sure your cat’s claws are short; you don’t want an expensive piece of equipment damaged accidentally.

Here are a few games for cats you can download:

  • Game for Cats
  • Mouse for Cats
  • Cat Fishing

Something for Pet Parents? Try a Cat Video Game!

There are tons of video games to play for cat owners, too! From the more innocent “Catlateral Damage” to the more risqué “Purrfect Date”, you’re sure to find your cup of tea!

white cat watching bird videos for cats on tablet

The Ultimate Game for Cats? Play Time with Their Human! 

All of that being said, the game your cat will like the most…Is the one played with you! So grab some string, grab a camera, and make your very own movie to add to the long list of videos for cats! You will both have fun.

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