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All pet owners are always looking to improve the health and wellness of their pets. But, sometimes, booking an appointment at a vet clinic is tough. Life just gets in the way and schedules change all the time! Fortunately, the VIP Pet Care clinics are here to look after the pet health of our furry friends. It’s an easy and affordable service to use that makes preventative care more convenient than ever!

What is a VIP Pet Care Mobile Clinic?

The VIP Pet Care veterinary clinics are all mobile. This means there isn’t just one spot where you can go to pop in. You will find them outside pet stores and pet supermarkets all across the United States.

There, your pet will be in the good hands of a licensed veterinarian. They offer kitties and puppies all kinds of services. From flea and tick control to heartworm prevention, the caring staff will spoil them and look after their health.

A Mobile Pet Clinic? How Does That Even Work?

Mobile VIP Pet Care clinics work in a very easy-to-understand way. Put your puppy on a leash and kitty in a cat carrier and drive to the nearest mobile facility to you.

When you’re there, the staff will ask you questions about your canine and feline friends. Then, a veterinarian will oversee the treatment of your furry family. And that’s that! They also offer you a proof of vaccination, if you need it.

As you can see, these pet clinics are here to make the lives of pet parents and of pets all over the nation easier!

Next Time You Pop Into a Pet Supermarket: Have Fido Checked Out!

You can find the VIP Pet Care Clinics outside local pet stores and supermarkets. Next time you drive by one in your area, pop in to say hello to the staff and get your dog checked out. It’s affordable, convenient, and can prevent many illnesses!

The Pawsome VIP Pet Care Services!

There’s no question that veterinary care is super important for any dog or cat. Sometimes, it can be hard to find all the preventative care your dog or cat needs in just one place. Fortunately, VIP Pet Care is here to offer a wide variety of services!

fat pug being measured and weighted at a vip pet care clinic

Community Services

VIP Pet Care’s community veterinary services are very flexible. They include microchipping, heartworm prevention, a variety of vaccines (including rabies vaccinations), and so much more!

The best part of it all is that you don’t need an appointment. If the community mobile clinic is open, you can walk in and have your pet checked out.

Wellness Services

Looking for a more traditional veterinary setting? Then VIP Pet Care’s permanent wellness centers are right for you. They’re located inside local pet stores and offer a bunch of wellness care services in addition to preventative care.

Visit a wellness center if your dog or kitty needs a physical exam, nail trims, pet grooming, or more. This is where your furry animal can be pampered!


Did you know that 9 million pets are admitted to kennels in the United States every year? In many cases, those animals have gone missing from their owner’s home. But if there’s no way to contact them, they can never be reunited.

Fortunately, microchipping is making these reunions possible. A dog that has a microchip is 2.5 times more likely to be returned to its owner. Now that VIP Pet Clinics offer microchipping services, there’s no excuse not to take your pup there!

dog with fleas in need of vip petcare

Parasite Prevention and Detection!

Parasite prevention and detection is another pet care service offered by our friends over at VIP Pet Care. They treat heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, coccidia, tapeworm, and Giardia in dogs and cats.

There’s no reason why these treatable parasites should ruin your kitten’s or pup’s fun. The procedures are quick, simple, and can save your four-legged buddy’s life!

VIP Pet Care Clinics Near Me? How to Find the Nearest VIP Pet Care Clinic Locations

Are you sold on how convenient VIP Pet Care’s services are? Now, you just need to try them out for yourself! There are more than 2,700 clinics in 28 states. Check if there is a mobile clinic near you by typing your ZIP address into their website.

If You’re Not Convinced: Read Some VIP Pet Care Reviews From the Website!

Still not sure that the VIP Pet Care clinics are the right choice for your pup? No problem! Don’t take it from us, take it from two of the many happy pet parents.

“The staff despite the line take the time to care for your pet at an affordable cost. I brought 3 of my dogs in and was quite pleased Saturday with the young veterinarian. Very professional.” — Janis M Lando

“Excellent experience! The staff was great with my large, scared, stubborn mutt. They made the visit very quick and easy for both of us. We will be back!”
D. Rutter

family with dog in pet supermarket with an animal care clinic

Hustle for That Bargain and Find Those VIP Pet Care Coupons!

We love a good bargain, and we’re sure you do too! Fortunately, it’s not hard to find VIP Pet Care coupons. Yay for saving money and for keeping our pets healthy and happy!

The Best Place to Find Your VIP Pet Care Coupon

Looking for even more coupons? Groupon is a great place to check. They regularly offer VIP Pet Care coupons for a variety of different promotions. Once you see one on there, make sure to grab it instantly! They’re always a great deal.

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