September 21, 2018

ESA Weekly News: Selfie of ESA Owner and Pitbull Goes Viral

emotional support animal with newspaperDid someone say cute?! Pitbull and owner in a cozy pic below that won hearts over the internet this past week.

Pitbull ESA Selfie Goes Viral

A pet owner’s selfie with his beloved emotional support animal has gone viral this week. Alabama man Brandon Hamil McKerley, who suffers from crippling anxiety, posted a series of photos on the site Reddit this week. He credited his Pitbull Ellie May with providing vital emotional support for his condition.

McKerley believes that ESA Pitbull owners have a right to keep the animals that assist them with their condition. He says that his support animal Ellie May “exudes calm and security.”

The support shown for McKerley is timely, as airline companies such as Delta embark on controversial, and possibly even illegal, bans on Pitbulls and Pitbull related breeds from qualifying as ESA or service dogs on their flights.

esa pitbull owner with dog

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Pitbulls and Pet Airline Policies: What Should ESA Owners Know

Delta policy states “Please be advised that our service and support animal policy is changing. Effective July 10, 2018, each customer [is] limited to one emotional support animal. Additionally, we are no longer accepting pit bull type dogs as service or support animals.”

Delta claims they made the move due to the safety of their customers and staff. The changes to the policy prompted a fierce backlash. The backlash came from the general public, as well as animal organizations, such as ASPCA and Animal Farm.

Animal Farm, an organization that trains Pitbull dogs as service animals, was particularly critical of the move. They claimed that it discriminates against the breed with little justification.

Delta’s policy remains in place at this time.

Prepare ESA Forms Before Getting to the Airport

Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure your emotional support dog or cat is ready to fly with the airline of your choice. Today, airline policies are different across the board so don’t assume you will only need the ESA letter to fly with them. Also be prepared and read up on the potential bans they might have like Delta and pitbulls.

Stay up to date with the latest emotional support animal updates so you won’t have to worry when booking your flight or moving!

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