Weird Animals on the No Fly List: ESAs That Aren’t Allowed on Planes!

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weird animals and strange animals emotional support reptileAn ESA is an animal that provides emotional support. Most people love the company of their canine companion or feline friend, but there are some very weird animals as ESAs too! Are all these animal species providing emotional support?

Some people use their ESA letter to get any bizarre animal or weird animals for the travel and living benefits. It’s leaving emotional support animals with a bad rep and it’s not fair on those who genuinely need their ESA cat or dog!

Each to Their Own: No Judgement When It Comes to the Human-Animal Bond…But…

At CertaPet, “We do not certify anything but cats and dogs and the occasional rabbit. We understand that other animals may have therapeutic value and we do not discredit that at all, but it is our policy to only recognize dogs cats and rabbits due to zoning restrictions, health concerns and regulations, and public safety.”

The star-nosed mole and red-lipped batfish. These wild creatures and endangered species should stay on ‘strange animal facts’ shows! For ESAs, pick sensible companions. Choosing bizarre animals as ESAs and causing havoc at the airport creates a negative image of ESA owners as a whole! Don’t ruin it for those who desperately need their ESA cat or dog.

The Benefits of Having an Emotional Support Dog or Emotional Support Cat!

  • They can live with you under the Fair Housing Act!
  • They can accompany you on airplanes under the ACAA!
  • Many cat and dog-friendly places welcome you!
  • Other people will love your animals (as long as they are well behaved)!

These species have been domesticated over centuries. They couldn’t survive without humans. These are the most suitable ESAs as they can genuinely be there for you 24/7 and are recognized by the general public, airlines and authority bodies, as safe pets!

Getting an ESA Letter from an LMHP for Your Dog or Cat Has Never Been Easier!

It’s so easy, you can find out if you’re eligible in 5 minutes for free! Doesn’t matter where you live or the mental difficulties you’re facing, anyone can try CertaPet’s 5 min application process.

If you qualify, we’ll hook you up with an LMHP who is licensed to prescribe an ESA letter in your state.

Strange Animals and Weird Animals that are ESAs…But Should They Be?

You need to think about the animal’s needs as well as your own! The mantis shrimp may be your favorite companion, but they belong on the sea floor.

Cool Animals: As in, Cold Blooded Cool? No Thanks!

Lizards, worms and caecilian amphibians. They may be very cool, but are they providing emotional support? Can you easily take your goblin shark or sea pig (not as cute as it sounds) with you for a day out in the pet-friendly park?

Other people in the park might not react well to you feeding your lizard live insects!

weirdest animals that are esas emotional support lizzard on hand

So Extra! Extra Weird Birds on the No Fly List!

Like certain mammals, birds are not allowed on airlines. From the colorful lilac-breasted roller to shoe-billed stork to, long-wattled umbrella bird. No matter how exotic or commonplace your bird is, you aren’t getting it on an airline!

Many airlines, like Delta, now have strict lists of animals and breeds that you can take on planes.

Pigs, cows, miniature horses and more exotic creatures from South America and beyond! The big problem with taking these animals on planes is the space they take up – your ESA should fit in its crate under the seat without stepping on your feet!

Just last year a woman tried to take an ESA pig on a United Airlines flight, only to be kicked off for her pig’s disruptive behavior!

Interesting Animals: The Absurd Short-Lived Love of Insect ESAs

Insects and strange creatures from spiders to ants aren’t just awkward when traveling, but can trigger severe phobias!

These creatures don’t live very long and tend to cause more anxiety for the public (and you) than they solve.

They May Be Coolest Animals to You, But Your “ESA” Snake is Not Going to Happen!

All snakes sold legally in the USA are non-venomous (bush vipers are out, sorry) and don’t pose a threat to public safety…

… but that doesn’t mean they make good ESAs!

A good ESA should accompany you to locations and events that you might find stressful. A busy restaurant, for example. You won’t have any trouble finding a dog-friendly restaurant, but a snake-friendly restaurant? Not going to happen!

The weirdest animals are not the best ESAs.

When your ESA can’t travel with you, whether they’re a harmless snake or yeti crab that should be on the ocean floor, they’re not really providing emotional support.

interesting animals child touching emotional support snake

The Opposite of Emotional Support: When Your ESA Triggers Allergies or Phobias!

Talking of snakes, phobias are a big problem with weird animals!

Is anyone else getting the creepy crawlies?!

There are also allergies. You may be fine with your long-beaked echidna, but other people on the bus may have a serious allergic reaction!

With exotic animals from far off places, like the proboscis monkey from southeast Asia, people may be scared too.

With cats and dogs, people know whether they’re allergic or not and can stay clear. Taking a strange animal into a public area can cause a lot of upset!

According to the ACAA: There’s Feline, Canine, and “Not Allowed on a Plane”!

All sorts of creatures from the animal kingdom have tried to fly – with little success!

Can you imagine if all ESA type animals were allowed on planes? Never mind the smell, what about the danger? They may be your emotional support but they’re also an animal.

Some are predators, some are prey.

Trapped in a flying metal tin, it’s a recipe for disaster and not practical for airlines.

Your ESA Peacock Can’t Fly with You! No “Ifs” “Ands” or “Buts”!

Peacocks are big birds! But it’s not just the size that’s the problem. A panicked peacock on a plane is a problem! They definitely fall into the category of “weird animals: that aren’t accepted as ESAs!

Some airlines will allow certain species to be transported in the cargo hold – this is the only way your peacock is getting from point A to point B.

And That Goes for Your Emotional Support Squirrel Too! CertaPet LMHPs Will NOT Approve It!

Squirrels, as cute as they may be, are rodents. They’re not considered domestic animals, unlike hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits. These animals are allowed on some airlines as they are domesticated, kept securely in cages and are highly unlikely to panic any of the other passengers.

Squirrels are not!

unusual animals that are esas emotional support squirrel eating a nut

Understanding the Air Carrier Access Act and Changing Airline Policies

The Air Carrier Access Act gives you the right to travel with your ESA, but there are conditions. Not only do you need to prove your need for an ESA, but you must also give the airline plenty of notice.

Fun Fact: Airlines never HAVE to accept snakes, reptiles, ferrets, rodents, sugar gliders, and spiders.

It’s bad news for your lowland streaked tenrec!

Any airline has the right to turn down an ESA travel request if they are unsuitable for traveling in the cabin! This means if they are too large, too heavy, upsetting other passengers or behaving disruptively.

They’ll also refuse to take your weird animals that are ESAs on board if the species is prohibited in the destination country.

And finally, if your ESA passes all the checks and is accepted by the airline, you must ensure you meet their onboard requirements. Usually, you’ll need a specifically sized pet travel crate, food, water, and other supplies to last the journey.

Nearly all airlines are happy to welcome well-behaved cats and dogs!

Can Your Weird ESA Live with You? Housing Emotional Support Animal Laws Say No!

It doesn’t matter how calm and friendly they are, whether they’re a super cute baby pangolin (one of the most trafficked animal species!) or a bald uakari. Weird animals are cool, but they’re simply not allowed on planes as ESAs!

There are strict rules on keeping exotic and livestock species in residential areas. From pigs to cows to three-toed sloths. These are not house animals, they should be in the appropriate environment!

If you want to keep exotic creatures, why not get a fish tank?

All Around the World Cats and Dogs Get the Job Done!

Cats and dogs have been human companions for centuries. They rely on us and we depend on them for emotional support.

You can take your Irish Terrier for a walk and cuddle with your tortoiseshell cat, but the maned wolf belongs in the wild!

emotional support animals a poodle, corgi and two cats posing

No Weird Animals Allowed! If They Go “Woof” or “Meow”, You Can Get an ESA Letter Today!

We’d never discredit someone’s connection with their pet. If you love that pot-bellied pig, that’s great! However, as a general rule, we don’t encourage or approve ESA pets that aren’t cats or dogs (or the occasional well-behaved bunny) because of the travel/living restrictions and safety concerns that arise. Unusual pets tend to cause you more stress than emotional support!

Normal domesticated pet species, apply here! You could get approval for your ESA letter after just one appointment with a LMHP. Your letter could be in the mail in just 48 hours!

Your ESA letter states that you have a need for an ESA! So, whether you’ve already got a much-loved cat or dog (or are planning to head to the nearest animal shelter) your letter is all that’s needed.

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