What’s In The Box? KitNipBox Costs, Reviews and More!

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Oh the things we wouldn’t do for our feline furkids. Let’s be honest, dog parents have it easier. All their furry friends want to adore their owners. Cats, however, are a different story. They decide when to show their owners love, not the other way around. Still, we can match their level of bribing the love out of them. How? One word: KitNipBox!

What is a Cat Subscription Box?

KitNipBox is one of the more popular cat subscription boxes. This is a box that gets sent right to your doorstep. It is filled with cat swag that will make your cat love you so hard that you won’t know what hit you.

Let’s be honest, our lives are busy and fast. We barely think we will manage to buy groceries for ourselves with everything going on at work or with the kids. It’s easy to forget that your furry friend could do with some new toys or treats.

The Two Options Available

There are 2 options pet parents can choose between. The first is the Happy Cat Box, which is best for a one cat household. It includes 5 goodies for $19.99 per month.

The second option is for multi-cat households. This box includes 7 toys for $29.99 a month.

The process of subscribing for and canceling a subscription is incredibly easy. You probably won’t ever want to cancel that subscription though!

The KitNipBox: A Monthly Box of Joy for Mittens

The pet subscription box industry is on the rise. And so is the competition. This is why you can only expect a KitNipBox to be filled with the best in cat toys, treats, and other products for every single cat to enjoy.

CatIf you’re convinced that a box of fun products will be enough to put Mittens into a frantic frenzy of joy, just look at an unboxing video or two online. By golly, the cats go GaGa when their boxes arrive and it’s time to see what’s inside. Other than joy that is.

What’s Inside These Cat Boxes?

cat toys and products

What we love about these boxes is that most of its content was made in North America. Especially the treats. You can read the fine print on the website, but responsible (local) sourcing seems pretty important to them.

There is always something new and exciting in the box. Let’s have a look at what to expect:

The Best Cat Toys

According to the website, they say that they only source and send the highest quality cat toys. It’s so important to make sure that no matter how fun cat toys are, that they are safe for Mittens to play with. An added (sustainable) factor is of course also that the toys need to last long.

Expect anything from feathers, soft plush toys, the odd felt toy or wand toy.

Treat Boxes: They Have the Best Cat Treats

Subscribers don’t need to worry about what is in those delicious treats included in the monthly box. Treats are often grain free and made entirely of natural ingredients.

Other Cat Products in This Cat Mail

The KitNipBox always include something to keep mittens healthy. Mostly this comes in the form of hygiene products that you can work into your grooming regime.

What About Cats with Allergies?

KitNipsBox has those kitties covered. They will happily remove any edibles from the box and replace them with other goodies!

Cat and Boxes are a Match Made in Heaven: But These Boxes Come With Cat Gifts!

kitten playing with toy

“I don’t like gifts,” said no one. Ever. This company does its research and does an incredibly good job of picking the purrfect gifts that Mittens will love!

If Mittens Isn’t Smitten with Her New Cat Toy: She Can Still Be a Happy Cat in a Box!

No matter how much money cat owners spend on their cats, at the end of the day, a good old cardboard box may come in on top in terms of entertainment value!

Other Monthly Crates for Feline Friends

There are of course various cat subscription boxes out there. Here are some worth mentioning:

Meow Box

The Meow Box is similar to most cat subscription boxes. What we love most about this company, however, is that with every subscription, they make a donation to animal welfare organizations!

BarkBox for Cats? No. But BarkBox Toys can Be Fun for All Furkids!

What’s wrong with a little sibling rivalry. The toys that come in a Bark Box will make your cat want to take them away from their rightful owners: Your dogs.

KitNipBox Reviews! What Customers on KitNipBox.com Have to Say

Unless you’re reading the word of angry internet trolls, reading reviews is a good way to gauge whether this surprise box is worth it.

Read a KitNipBox Review or Two and You’ll Be Convinced!

Let’s just let these reviews speak for themselves: 

“When I ordered, I was iffy because Arlo doesn’t play with toys I buy him. As soon as I opened the box he went crazy and loves all the toys in the box! He was so excited, and so was I :)” – Stacha B

“Brianna received her first box over the weekend. Thank you for the super soft toys. Bri had to have a good majority of her teeth removed back in the spring and I haven’t seen her play much with her older toys. She IMMEDIATELY took to the box, the fish, and the firecracker. I think she’s happy to receive a box just like her dog-sister, Calypso, gets each month.” – Christine E 

What About KitNipBox Coupons?

Yes. KitNipBox coupons exist and they are well worth finding! You can save a lot of $s if you find the right coupon!

Where to Find That KitNipBox Coupon and Get a Good Deal

Finding a coupon is as easy as typing “kitnipbox coupon” into the search bar and bam, you’ll be bombarded with offers for a good bargain!

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