4 May, 2018

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel: A DNA Test For Dogs

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel: A DNA Test For DogsDNA testing your dog has never been easier! Wisdom Panel is an innovative dog DNA test that allows pet owners to tap into their pets genes! Find out more about how this pawesome dog DNA test can benefit your pooch!

What is Wisdom Panel? A Wisdom Dog?

Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Test 3.0 next to Rescued Puppy

Wisdom Panel is a dog DNA test that allows pet owners to find out exactly what breed of dog they have. When you take your mixed-breed dog to the dog park? How many times have you been asked: “what kind of dog is he/she?”. Wisdom Panel uses dog DNA to discover the different breeds that went into creating your dog’s breed.

As an added bonus, Wisdom Panel can even identify genetic diseases that your pooch may be prone to. Next time someone asks, you’ll be able to confidently tell them what breed of dog your pup is down to the percentage.

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel—Who Runs the Show!

Wisdom panel uses state of the art technology to accurately detect dog breeds. Using DNA from an at-home check swap, your dog’s DNA is examined at 1800+ markers and that data is sent to a computer that uses a special algorithm to compare the genetic markers to that of known breeds.

Wisdom panel professionals perform this genotyping using a patented chip that is analyzed at the Geneseek Laboratories (a subsidiary of Neogen, the largest animal DNA testing facility).  Both mixed-breed dogs and purebred dogs have family trees that can be traced back three generations through Wisdom Panel.

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Kit— Is It Worth Your Money?

Breed identification is important not just for pet owners with “supermutts” that have to guess what combination of different breeds created their unique dog.

Wisdom panel uses your dog’s particular genetic markers and tests them against the largest breed database. Your results will show a genetic analysis of your dog’s ancestry and over 150 health conditions.

Wisdom Panel 4.0: Best DNA Kit Ever?

The Wisdom Panel 4.0 is the latest DNA kit offered from Mars.  It uses the largest dog DNA database on the market.

The results include a breed breakdown by percentage, the breed groups, weight profile, and a family tree that goes back three generations.  The Wisdom Panel 4.0 also includes MDR1 and exercised-included collapse screening, both of which can be fatal.

The Basics to Know

Once you order your Wisdom Panel dog DNA test online, you’ll be sent a DNA kit. Following the instructions, you will need to use a swab to painlessly collect DNA from the inside of your dog’s cheek.  Your kit will need to be activated online, and then you can mail the DNA samples back using a prepaid shipping container.

Once the samples reach the lab, it takes around 2-3 weeks for them to be analyzed.  You will then receive a customized online report that contains resources and the results of your dog’s analysis.

Wisdom Panel Breed Identification Dog DNA Test—There are different types available!

Wisdom Panel Breed Identification Dog DNA testing kit on white background

Not sure which Dog DNA test is right for you? Well, Wisdom Panel has many different types of DNA testing kits that can cater to your needs.

Wisdom Panel Health

Wisdom Panel Health combines breed identification with genetic health screenings.  In addition to your dog’s ancestry, the DNA samples will be tested for over 150 genetic health conditions.

Veterinary Test

Some veterinarians, animal hospitals, and DNA centers offer canine DNA testing for breed identification and genetic health conditions.

Optimal Canine Selection

Optimal Canine Selection is a genetic screening kit, created by the company behind Wisdom Panel.  It helps breeders screen for potential diseases, traits, and check for genetic diversity to maintain sustainable breeding practices.

Optimal Feline Selection

Optimal Feline Selection offers genetic screens for cats.  Cats can be tested for over 40 genetic diseases and over 20 traits like blood type and coat colors.

Wisdom Panel 4.0

The current kit offered by Wisdom Panel is the 4.0, which adds exercise-induced collapse testing, MDR1, and additional trait analysis to breed identification.

Wisdom Panel 3.0

The Wisdom Panel 3.0 is the older and more basic “testing kits” offering breed identification and analysis, ideal weight prediction, and the MDR1 mutation.

Wisdom Panel 2.0 vs Wisdom Panel 2.5

Both the Wisdom Panel 2.0 and 2.5 were released to the public in 2013, but they only tested for 321 genetic markers and only had 200 dog breeds in the breed library.  The 2.0 did not test for MDR1. As the technology advanced, these two tests were discontinued.

Wisdom Panel Database: How Do They Differ from the Other Dog DNA Tests?

Wisdom Panel 4.0 offers breed detection for 250+ breeds and can screen for 150+ health conditions with Wisdom Panel Health using 1800+ genetic markers from your at-home DNA sample.

Embark Dog DNA uses 200,000 genetic markers, 175+ dog breeds, and 160+ genetic conditions.  DNA My Dog offers breed identification, wolf-coyote hybrid tests, deceased dog DNA tests, as well as genetic screening for 100+ conditions.

Check out DNA My Dog Breed Test if you’re interested in other dog DNA tests!

Breed Library 

Wisdom Panel has over 15,000 purebred dog DNA samples in the database, which are used to test against your dog’s unique DNA sample.

Some DNA testing companies only have common breeds in their breed library, but Wisdom Panel has samples from purebred dogs that are less common in North America to provide the most accurate results possible.

World’s Largest Breed Database

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are genetic variations in DNA.  Each breed has particular SNPs that can be identified in your dog’s DNA.   Wisdom Panel has DNA samples all American Kennel Club registered breeds as well as rarer breeds.

Wisdom Panel: Dog DNA Matters – But Why?

Dog DNA is important so you can know what type of dog you have.  Some breeds have instinctual behavioral traits such as retrieving and herding that can cause behavioral issues if they aren’t to able to fulfill those natural drives.  Dog DNA can also analyze how large a dog will grow and even genetic conditions.

Shelters often have to guess the composition of mixed-breed dogs based on their canine heritage and behavior.  Staffy bulls commonly found in shelters, both purebred and mixed-breed dogs.

They’re labeled as “pit bulls” and looked over because of their negative reputation, which is often undeserved. Shelters that can identify the specific mixes, may be able to find quicker homes.  A 20 percent Staffy Bull, 80 percent lab mix may be more easily adopted than a vaguely labeled Staffordshire bull terrier mix.

According to Vin News Service, certain medications like ivermectin that is used to treat demodectic mange, cannot be used on some sighthound or herding breeds like the border collie. Canine DNA tests can help determine genetic conditions that may affect your dog.

4 Facts You Need to Know

  1. Flat-coat retrievers are the 2nd least genetically diverse breed group, which can lead to health problems.
  2. When AKC DNA profile program began in 1998, 89% of litters tested had correct parentage, and 5 years later it had 95% correctness.
  3. Each dog’s genetic makeup is unique, like a fingerprint, you can’t fool the lab by sending multiple DNA samples even under different names.
  4. Wisdom Panel 3.0, 4.0, and Wisdom Panel health test for wolf and coyote DNA, while other tests can check for fox DNA.

Wisdom Panel Cost!

Wisdom Panel 4.0 which is just canine breed detection is $84.99 from the Wisdom Panel website and the Wisdom Panel Health that combines breed and disease detection is $149.99.

“What Comes in my Wisdom Panel DNA Testing Kit?”

Your kit includes swabs to collect the DNA, containers to put them in, a prepaid shipping container, and instructions on how to activate your kit.  The results will be delivered online via email and include a percentage breakdown of breeds, family tree, breed information, weight profile, MDR1 screening, EIC screening, and a genetic trait analysis.

Do It At Your Home DNA Test!

Dog DNA tests like Wisdom Panel let you find out your dog’s ancestry from home! You don’t have to stop by the vet’s office or a clinic.  You collect the DNA from your dog’s cheek swab at home and then send it to the lab. It’s quick and easy!

Wisdom Panel Results: 5 Tips on How to Ensure Accuracy

  1. Wait a few hours after food and water to make sure there’s no interference with the test results.
  2. Follow the directions to make sure you get enough DNA and have stored it properly.
  3. Try to make sure your dog’s mouth is clean as possible, dirt and other abnormal bacteria can alter test results.
  4. Wait 5 minutes for the sample to dry before putting in the tube.
  5. Make sure your dog doesn’t share food, water, or toys with other dogs 2 hours before sampling, as it can make the results inaccurate.

Wisdom Panel Coupon, Wisdom Panel Discount, and Wisdom Panel Promo Code!

You can find promotion codes on coupon sites like Retail Me Not, which have offers for $10 or $15 dollars off a DNA test.  You can also find promo codes during certain holidays on WisdomPanel.com.

Why People Choose Wisdom Panel 4.0

People choose Wisdom Panel 4.0 because it is the latest and most comprehensive Dog DNA test from Wisdom Panel.  It accurately tests for different breeds and has a wide screening for genetic health conditions.

Wisdom Panel Reviews

Wisdom Panel is highly rated and reviewed by customers and review sites.

  • The Dog Breed Identifier – 4.4/5 overall stars
  • Wisdom Panel Website- avg of 4.8/5 stars from 122 customers
  • DNA Testing Choice – avg. 4.7/5 from 31 reviews
  • Top 10 DNA Tests-  9.4/10 stars

Wisdom Panel Is A Pawesome Dog DNA Test Here’s How It Can It Help Your Dog!

Wisdom Panel can give you an insight into the genetic makeup of your dog.  You can find out what breed groups and even percentage of each specific breed your unique dog has.

These results can help you fulfill your dog’s instinctual needs and give it the proper exercise and nutrition.

Genetic health screening can help identify any potential issues your dog can be susceptible to, so you can treat it early and watch out for symptoms.

Dog Wisdom Panel—What does the MDR1 and EIC Mutation Mean for Your Pet?

The MDR1 and EIC mutations can be potentially life-threatening.  Dogs that have the MDR1 gene cannot be treated with certain medications, which can cause a severe reaction.

Dogs with the EIC genetic syndrome lose muscle control after intense exercise and need to be monitored during activity.

What Breed Is My Dog? Now You Can Find Out The Answer Because Dog Genetic Testing Has Never Been Easier!

You’ll never have to wonder what kind of dog you have!  You’ll be able to tell friends, family, and even strangers, down to a percentage what kind of mixed-breed dog your pet is.  Dog DNA testing is incredibly easy, you can order a kit online and collect the DNA samples yourself.

Once they are sent to the lab it only takes a couple of weeks for the results to come in.  You can learn about your dog’s unique family tree, ancestry, and check for important genetic conditions.  Learn where your best friend came from, so you can make them as happy as possible!

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