Why You Should Sponsor a Snip on World Spay Day 2020

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While it may seem strange to celebrate a day that pets worldwide get their reproductive organs snipped out, World Spay Day is for a good cause. Millions of animals end up on the street and meet their demise at an animal shelter due to overpopulation. By 1995, animal shelters euthanized between 14 and 17 million cats and dogs each year.

Where it All Began

Doris Day Animal League decided that enough was enough and launched Spay Day USA. The goal was to promote spays and neuters of homeless animals across the county, and the world, to cut pet overpopulation and inhumane killing. The concept grew, and today, millions of animals lose their reproductive organs rather than their lives. As a result, the euthanasia rate has dropped drastically to about one million annually in the USA.

The Humane Society International now promotes the scissor-happy event. Veterinarians and local animal shelters around the world have embraced this idea and often provide grants on this snippy occasion. Some organizations or veterinarians might even offer a free spay day or spay-a-thon for their community.

When is World Spay Day 2020?

It’s time to mark this day on your calendar. World Spay Day is held on the last Tuesday in February each year. This year it falls on February 25th, 2020. While spaying and neutering are encouraged all year round, this is an excellent opportunity to create awareness on why fixing pets is so important. And if your Christmas present pup hasn’t had the procedure yet, then now is your chance to make that appointment.

A Look at the Numbers of World Spay Day 2019

Many organizations and animal hospitals around the world will share their success stories and news on the happenings of World Spay Day. Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in New York City took part in the occasion for the first time during 2019 and reported on a purr-fect event. Veterinary students of the university and supervising professionals performed 42 cat spay procedures and 36 neuters on this one day.

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Why It’s Important to Spay or Neuter Cats and Dogs

Spaying and neutering animals aren’t merely about stopping unwanted pregnancies and reducing pet overpopulation. There are many other health benefits to fixing your pet. Veterinarians have endorsed spays and neuters as a way to promote longer and healthier lives for pets. This means fewer vet bills for mammary and perianal gland tumors, prostate cancer, and ovarian and testicular cancer. You can prevent your pet from getting life-threatening Pyometra with this quick fix.

Sterilized cats and dogs have a reduced urge to explore their wanderlust desires. With dogs, there is less aggression and unwanted marking behaviors. Let’s hope that means less fighting with the neighbor’s feral pooch.

Six Ways to Show Support on World Spay Day

Many national days celebrate pets, and for a good reason, we love our furballs! These national days promote adoption, cuddling your kittens, or encourage the community to volunteer at a non-profit organization or shelter. World Spay Day relies on you to get the word out there. Be a voice that puts an end to the euthanasia of millions.

Spread the Word

Social media makes it easy to create hype. Do your part this World Spay Day and share a funny meme about a dog who can’t find his balls or a success story about a spayed cat who’s life was spared from cancer. You can also take some time to talk to family and friends about why their kitten needs a fix. See if any shelters are taking part and offering a spay day and share their event online.

Your local animal welfare needs your help. Low-cost spay and neuter procedures are possible with donations from the community. Use this as an opportunity to sponsor a snip at your local shelter.

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Raise Some Funds and Donate to a Shelter

Rally your community, raise some funds and gift the collection to your local ASPCA. Involve your family and get your kids to offer dog walking or washing services to collect money for the spaying and neutering of pets in the neighborhood.

Volunteer at a Spay Day Outreach

Partner with your animal shelter or veterinary clinic to organize a Spay-a-Thon. Find out how you can help: online marketing, event organizing, fundraising, design a flier, or be there on the day to cuddle each pet and help with their recovery. Your input, whether big or small, is impactful in the community.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Adopting a kitten or puppy from your local shelter means that you will also be paying for their sterilization before they’re sent home with you. You will also be taking a cute companion off the street and welcoming it into your home. It’s a win-win situation.

dog wearing dog cone after being spayed

Celebrate Your Infertile Furbaby

If your companion animal has already had the procedure, give them some extra cuddles and treats on this day. Make them a homecooked meal or buy them a new toy. While they might not think it’s a momentous occasion, they’ll undoubtedly lap up the extra attention.

Neutering your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner. Generally, we only think of it for cats and dogs, but your exotic pet can also undergo the procedure to improve their health. Do you know the phrase “breeding like rabbits”? Well, many veterinary practices also encourage and promote spaying and neutering of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rats. The operation will have a positive impact on their behavior and overall health.

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