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Posted on: 1-25-2018

Congratulations on completing the pre-screening! There is just one more step before you may receive your ESA Letter.
After completing your purchase, we will connect you to a Licensed Mental Health Professional who will evaluate your specific case.
Our mental health professionals are non-judgmental and supportive and create a comfortable environment for our clients.

2 Reasons you won't be approved for an ESA Letter

Our screening process is designed to ensure that only people who need an ESA Letter get one.
Otherwise the system risks being abused by people looking to get free flights for their pet or to get around pet housing fees.
It’s important to us that we provide the support of an ESA letter only to individuals who truly qualify.
If you don’t qualify it’s likely because you did not have a significant mental health condition that warrants having an Emotional Support Animal. Or that your answers suggest you were applying purely as a way of saving money, rather than out of genuine need.
Finally, you may not qualify if your therapist does not feel that you are responding to their questions.

The approval process is gentle and calming, yet thorough

Our highly skilled Licensed Mental Health Professionals have evaluated thousands of clients over the years.
This has led to us getting a deep understanding of our clients and their unique needs as individuals who believe they may qualify for an ESA.
We know that you’ve found your way to our site because you’re dealing with deep emotional or mental distress. We have no intention of adding to that. So we’ve designed the process to be gentle and non-judgmental while thorough.

Our ESA Letter are 100% genuine and legally complaint

The internet is flooded with websites offering ESA Letters, registries and kits. Many of these services have, unfortunately, sprung up to make money from people needing an Emotional Support Animal.
At CertaPet we focus purely on your evaluation and not on gimmicks because we know an ESA Letter is the ONLY thing you need to gain legal protection for your pet.

Every Letter is approved by a mental health professional

All of our letters are approved by vetted Licensed Mental Health Professionals qualified for your state.
This gives you peace of mind knowing you have a legally enforceable document that protects your rights for housing and on flights.

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