Would Your Dog Make a Good ESA?

By Marisa Anderson | Featured Writer
Posted on 11/15/17

Your Dog Has Special Powers.
It’s true. 

Just as every superhero in the history of DC and Marvel has shown, superpowers are bad-ass but a secretive business.
You see your dog every day, spend time with them and have countless discussions, trying to ascertain who is a good boy (or girl).
They are right there in front of you, every day, licking you in the face. 

But look a little closer.
Do you see it?
You probably don’t. Most people don’t.
They’re hiding something from you, those sly dogs.
What is it they know that we don’t?

Does Your Dog Know How to…

Brighten up your day? 

Distract you when your life gets complicated? 

Obey basic commands such as “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay” and “Quiet”? 

Calm you down in stressful moments? 

Love you unconditionally? 

If you can answer yes to the above, then you might be in the presence of your very own ESA, a superhero disguised as a dog.

Just like Superheroes, Emotional Support Dogs Provide Protection and Care

A lot of people, 1 in 4 in fact, struggle daily with emotional or mental health conditions, and one thing that all of these people can agree on, is that the world can be an overwhelming and scary place. 

Enter the ESA superheroes! 

Their sole purpose is to make people feel safe and loved. 

Emotional support animals provide protection from the villains that take so much from us and have crippling and debilitating power over our lives.

Harness Your Dog’s Power: What an ESA Letter Gets You in Return

One of the most important things for anyone who struggles with emotional or mental health issues is to have a safe space. 

A safe space provides a feeling of safety and security when life gets too much, but the problem is, you can’t stay there forever. 

The list of benefits of having an emotional support animal for anyone suffering from emotional or mental health conditions is very long, but perhaps the most important one is that you get to take your safe space with you. 

All you need to do is get an ESA letter. 

An ESA letter can change the life of anyone who could be a better, more confident version of themselves if they could just step out of their comfort zone with their loyal and loving canine companion by their side. 

That letter can have the power to allow you to take your dog with you when you leave your comfort zone. 

They will be allowed to accompany you to places that would otherwise leave you vulnerable and exposed to attacks by those villains that are fear, anxiety or panic to name but a few. 

Once you obtain your ESA letter, there’s nothing preventing your superhero from traveling or living with you.

Traveling can be scary for most people, but with your four-legged superhero best friend beside you every second of the way, things get a whole lot less scary. 

The same goes for having an ESA live with you. 

There can be no doubt that an ESA can massively improve someone’s quality of life, which makes it no surprise that with an ESA letter, the “no pets” policies of many residential areas can be sidestepped. 

Life can be far less scary when you have a superhero in your corner!

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