5 December, 2017

CBD Oil for Dogs: The Main Facts You Need to Know

CBD Oil for Dogs
SUMMARY VERSION: We recommend the HonestPaws brand.

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Does your dog suffer from chronic pain day in and day out? What about if he has trouble relaxing when you leave the house? CBD oil for dogs is a more natural remedy when they have no luck at the vet.

With CBD hemp oil, you help your furry friend live a better lifestyle.

Throughout this article, we will be discussing what CBD is, how it works, what the benefits are, and all the questions you may have about the ground-breaking substance.

CBD Oil for Dogs: How it Works

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that is found in a cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart THC that creates a ‘buzz,’ CBD is not a psychoactive stimulus, but rather provides your dog with a calming sensation and pain-relieving sensations without harming them with potential intoxicating effects.

You may be interested to know that both humans and dogs have the same endogenous cannabinoid system. CBD acts by targeting these receptors located in the brain, organs, central nervous system, and immune cells that stimulate relaxing effects.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

The benefits of using CBD for your dog is incredible, with more and more people seeking the treatment for their furry friends. Products containing this substance have opened up a whole new world for pet care and those who believe in natural remedies.

Treats Seizures and Epilepsy

Many dog owners turn to CBD when their canine suffers from seizures and epilepsy. High levels of CBD can manage your pet’s seizures. Over time, it has been known to reduce the frequency of them, and in some cases get rid of the seizures altogether.

Relieves Chronic Pain/Arthritis

Even dogs can’t escape arthritis, but CBD can help with that. Arthritis is the inflammation of joints that cause aching, pain, and other degenerative illnesses. As CBD is a pain reliever, it targets these aching joints and gives your dog relief. Not only that, but it soothes the chronic inflammation that prevents your pet from healing properly.

Boost Appetite

When a dog loses their appetite, it can be hard to know the reason why. Majority of the time, however, they lose it due to nausea. As a human, we won’t eat when we feel like that unless we take something to alleviate the digestive issue and receive pain relief. CBD can do this for your pet.

Reduces Anxiety

If you have ever suffered from anxiety, then you know that it is awful, and it would be the same for your dog too. Many dogs suffer from anxiety and have been known to be depressed and extremely anxious in certain situations, such as when their owner leaves. This can result in destructive behaviors such as chewing objects, urinating, pacing, and more. CBD helps because it is a relaxing stimulant that calms your pet.

Prevents Cancer

Unfortunately, dogs can get cancer too, and when they do they have symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite, and chronic pain.

CBD allows your pet to feel comfortable during those difficult times and helps to reduce the side effects that cancer can have on your dog.

Pet owners are also giving their dogs small doses of CBD daily as it has been proven to aid in preventing and killing cancer by:

  • Helping the immune system to kill cancer cells
  • Blocks the cancer cells ability to produce energy
  • Contains anti-tumor properties

Helps All Types of Diseases

The majority of diseases in dogs all result in the same types of symptoms – chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, change in behavior, etc. CBD is an all-around stimulant that can help your dog relax and alleviate pain in troubling times.

Some diseases that CBD helps with includes:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease

Hemp Oil vs. Marijuana: Why You Need to Know the Difference

When thinking about CBD for your dog, you should first understand the difference between marijuana and hemp. Firstly, they both come from the same cannabis sativa plant, however, have different properties and results.

Marijuana – is the buds, leaves, and resin of the cannabis plant and are a high source of a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This what results in a psychoactive effect in humans, or in other terms, getting ‘high.’

Hemp – is the rest of the plant. This part of the plant contains less than 3% of tetrahydrocannabinol but does contain a substance called cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol activated receptor sites in the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD hemp oil is not associated with the “high” of marijuana, otherwise known as the THC.

How to Add Cannabis Oil to Your Dog’s Diet

If you think that cannabis oil sounds like the right treatment for your dog, then there are different methods for adding CBD to your dog’s diet. These include:

  • CBD tincture
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • Dog treats
  • Cannabis oil

Whilst the tincture and the oil are great, you may find that the dog treats work better for your dog as they are more prone to want to take the treat. Find out what dog treats we recommend below.

FAQ on Cannabidiol for Dogs

Are Cannabinoids Good for My Pet?

CBD products are absolutely safe for your dog as they are non-toxic and offers a relaxing stimulant and pain-relief effects. Cannabinoids come from the hemp oil (or hemp seed oil) and leave out most if not all of the THC making it a safe supplement for your pet.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Bad for my Dog?

No, it’s not bad for your pet as it is all natural ingredients. Medical cannabis such as cannabidiol oil is extracted from marijuana plants but doesn’t mean it automatically contains THC.

How Do I Know if my Product is Organic?

If your CBD oil for dogs product isn’t organic, it will contain substances such as pesticides, fungicides, and/or solvents.

Will it Give my Dog a ‘Buzz?’

No, CBD products are not a psychoactive agent, meaning that they do not contain the substance THC that causes this reaction. Marijuana comes from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa with the active ingredient THC, but CBD is a relaxant and pain-relief agent and non-psychotropic.

CBD Oil for Dogs Products: Different Brands, Same Benefits?

There are many CBD pet products on the market, and that is why it pays to conduct your research. We have created a list of the best brands for selling CBD oil for dogs below:

Honest Paws – OUR RECOMMENDATION. It comes in three formulas. Pain Relief, Health Restore, and Calming (an “Amazon’s Choice” last time we checked)

Therabis – focuses on calm quiet

Zesty Paws – focuses primarily on calming bites

Hemp Chewz– focuses on join pain

In CBD Dog Treats, there is one brand that stands out from the rest.

The Best Cannabis Doggy Treat Product: Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

As we mentioned above, there are a thousand and one reasons pet owners are turning to CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats.

Not only can it help with certain issues a dog faces, but the treat is actually a treat and tastes like heaven to your dog’s taste buds.

So here’s our recommendation on the best CBD dog treat product that hits all the categories above.

Honest Paws Calming CBD Dog Treats

For example, how many times have you ever something along the lines of:

“My dog has terrible anxiety wherever we go.”


“He has a major phobia of thunderstorms and he can’t stop shaking.” (- that’s called astrapophobia btw!)

Dogs get nervous and anxious just like us, and you don’t want to fully sedate your dog whenever he starts to freak out.

Behold – Honest Paws Calming CBD Dog Treats

No matter if your lil’ pooch has fears of car rides, astrapophobia – or any phobia for that matter, nervous licking, or needs help falling asleep at night, these peanut butter flavored treats helps him chill out.

Plus, a fear of flying does not help an ESA so you want to calm him just like he calms you.

Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats

Okay, so your dog is a pro when it comes to flying or bad weather or loves riding in the car with the top down, so doesn’t really need a treat to calm him down. Sure, he gets excited like all furry creatures, but he knows how to chill.

However, what if they’re in pain?

Might be from cancer, arthritis, any joint and mobility problems, inflammation, or just overall pain.

What if they are prone to certain diseases like liver or kidney disease? All of it hurts for you to see them in that condition, especially with all the prescriptions, surgeries, and countless vet visits that rack up.

With Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats, you can help ease that pain and give them comfort without the excess pills and whatnot.

We know this treat can’t cure cancer or diseases, and we are not encouraging you to stop all the medicine prescribed to your dog (that’s up to your vet), but it can help them feel better and lead an easier life like all doggies should.

Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats

Dogs age.

Their digestive health sometimes fails them causing them to be nauseous or unable to eat certain foods. They might be allergic or have skin allergies with dry, itchy skin. And some experience seizures and may have epilepsy.

If your dog does or has anything of the above, consider Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats.

Just like their other CBD treats above, it has a peanut butter AND coconut flavor to help with maybe that not so young pup of yours who refuses to eat anything new. Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats helps with allergies and even epilepsy. No one should have to endure pain, especially our fur-babies.

With Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats, your pooch has a fighting chance to feel good and lead a happier life. 

Besides, most pet owners claim they would die for their dog so surely they will do anything in their power to ease their pain.

CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage

The doses for CBD hemp oil will vary depending on the size of your dog, and that is why a lot of the above brands give you a range of different options to choose from in terms of products.

However, if you should choose to go with CBD oil or other products that have to be measured, then you should have an understanding of the dosage to give your dog.

How much CBD Oil should I give my dog?

The majority of products will have the recommended dosage on them, but it’s best to start with the lowest amount possible to see how your pet reacts to the substance. Gradually increase this every 5 days until the desired effect is seen.

Know the Dangers of a CBD Oil Overdose

Like most supplements natural or not, there can be side effects when CBD hemp oil, and whilst using medical marijuana for dogs is okay, accidental ingestion of the substance is a whole other situation.

The reason you can only give CBD hemp oil in small doses to your dog is that CBD can be fatal to them if too much is consumed.

According to the FDA, if you suspect your dog has overdosed on marijuana that you should call a vet immediately. Signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Heavy drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Agitation
  • Tremors
  • Unusual behavior

“Don’t Knock It, Till You Try It”: CBD Oil for Dogs Really Helps

As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover! The same goes for CBD hemp oil.

Many are hesitant to try the substance on their dogs for fear of the name, however, CBD has some incredible benefits for your dog.

Not only that, but it is completely safe and has been used by many other pet owners in your position.

Alleviate your dog’s pain and help them relax and get relief during their troubling times. CBD oil products can help you do that, and give your dog some quality of life back that other products can’t achieve.

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  1. Hello . I am in England . I have a American Bulldog of 9 yrs of age . He got diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early December 2017 . Which over only a week made my dog blind . He was given a large dosage of Prednisilone immuno suppressant for three months . Which had horrific physical side effects . But he did regain approx 15 – 20% sight . Now several weeks on , he is no longer on any meds . And again has zero vision . I have built his physical condition up considerably . And I have been administering CBD oil for 4 weeks . Three times a day . Yet there is no improvement as yet in his vision . I am not expecting a miracle . But obviously for me to put my dog on CBD . I am living in optomistic hope . If there was to be any positive changes in my dog . Approximately how long does CBD oil take to get any results . As I have read many blogs and reports on dogs with many forms of cancer . And I am still not clear or informed on how long CBD has to be administered before any positive results . Apologies for the long comment . But I feel I am running out of time . And I feel my dogs quality of life is paramount . And at the moment though he is not in pain . His quality is poor. To the active life he had several months ago .

  2. I have a rescue dog be ( German Shepherd) almost 2 years old. She has gone from bad to extreme fight mode in fact she lunged at another dog in obedience classes and busted my hand . I have an 8 year old German Shepherd who viciously be attack each other. Will this help them, right now they’re both separate from each other in kennels which I think is totally unfair to both of them

  3. The advertised “best brand” doesn’t even have CBD in it. Hemp oil has no medicinal benefit and is used like coconut oil for food and etc. this is basically like any other dog treat. There has to actually be cannaboid in the product to have medical benefits and CBD doesn’t contain Thc that gets a dog high so it’s not dangerous specially not when properly doses. 90% of the companies with CBD in the name only have hemp in their ingredients which does nothing for actual medical condition. It’s just oil like any other oil.

    1. Hey Christina. I have talked with the owner numerous times and even received lab paperwork that I verified with the lab. They DO have CBD in them, but are unable to advertise as such based on Amazon’s Terms of Service. Check out their website if you need additional information. FYI, CBD oil and Hemp oil can both be extracted from a hemp plant, they just come from different parts of the plant (flowers vs seeds).

      1. Yes I know where the two come from and that they are 2 different things and do 2 different things. But if the ingredients sticker doesn’t say it then I wouldn’t want to buy something to hope they are leaving ingredients off their product but still including them because then what else could be left off.

  4. Why advertise an item that doesn’t exist and we can’t buy? Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats, unavailable, website is an email address collection site. How about links for the CBD Oil? Seems this site is another click bait site. sheesh, just wanna help my dog.

    1. Hi I have been using HonestPaws products for my dogs. since last summer. So far so good. I bought a package to see what worked best and found that the biscuits work best for us. I bought them for pain relief for my Jack Russell that had cancer (Max biscuits). It worked so well that I now use the Advanced biscuits for my rescue dog that has anxiety issues. Good luck 🙂

    2. I have a senior dog and he can’t take metacam or rimadyl because it has caused liver and kidney damage. I purchased several products from petwellbeing.com I have been using their Agile Joint Supplement drops and they have helped tremendously. Although, he still has his bad days when a front comes through and those rainy days are tough. So I started researching CBD oil for my dog to see if that would give him more relief from the arthritis. I just bought a bottle of the 125mg from Innovet Pet and he’s on his second dose. He’s not in pain and taking his late morning nap now. I bought a bottle for my Aunt’s senior cat and she said she could tell a difference after the second day. Just wanted to share so you had places to research and read other pet owners experience on these products. Hope I helped.

  5. Can anyone tell me if there’s a difference between CBD oil for humans & CBD oil for dogs. I don’t seem to find the answer on the Net anywhere. Thanks

    1. My vet just recommended it for my dog and said i can use it also, but to get the human kind because its the same thing just more exspensive if you buy the “dog” kind or dog treats…said just put it on a treat at home…same thing….my dog is 98lbs and she said .8cc once a day for 7days then move up to .8cc twice a day. 750ml from Hempworx.com.

  6. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd products for my dog? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

    1. Go to any of your local natural food stores; they are likely to carry it. It is widely available and perfectly legal to buy anywhere in the United States. I’m guessing it’s import/export laws that got you, so buy local. I started my aging dog with both arthritis and severe anxiety problems on it just a week ago, and within a day or two, he was like a new dog. The anxiety went from about a 10 to a 2.

  7. I can tell you that it’s amazing stuff.i started giving to my 3weimaraners years ago..Sadie lived to be over 17…it seams to really help them in there joints and walking..if they get a cut I put it on that also….I think I really noticed just all around better everything…all of them… one had cancer removed a year ago and is now 11…I give him 6-7 drops at dinner time..and my 6 yo 3-4 drops.. preventative medicine I think for them..it can’t hurt if you love your dog and it’s not to pricier than vitamins….I love my dogs and I think it’s really good for them…..

    1. So you have the oil for them?
      Isn’t it a pet only product or did you just buy a regular human rated brand? I’m not seeing a site for pet only CBD oil..

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