Fomo Bones Review: Does This CBD Dog Product Work?

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By: Cassie Moorhead Updated: April 17, 2020

fomo bones cbd dog treat graphicCBD oil is becoming widely popular as a natural way to treat chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and other ailments in humans. It’s so useful in humans that CBD products like FOMO Bones have been created for pet owners to treat pain and anxiety in pets. Learn more about the benefits of CBD for pets and read our FOMO bones review to determine if these are the right cannabis treats for your dog.

Veterinarians recommend CBD oil for dogs to treat, cure, and help with common anxiety-related issues like separation anxiety. These CBD dog treats contain no THC so your furry friends do not feel any of the psychoactive effects like they would with marijuana.

Disclaimer: CertaPet partners with Honest Paws.

What is FOMO Bones?

FOMO Bones is a new cbd product that offers treats infused with CBD hemp oil for dogs. CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural component of the hemp plant also known as the cannabis plant. FOMO Bones hemp products are used to help with anxiety and pain in dogs. They use CBD oils that contain no THC, which is the component that is psychoactive in marijuana, so pets do not get high.

In addition to hemp CBD oil, the treats also contain other ingredients like valerian root, and chamomile to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you’re looking for a product that can help with low-level issues like anxiety, FOMO Bones can be a great product, but that’s all as it is their only product.

Less Stressed Pups 101: A Lesson on CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD dog treats and CBD oil products for animals became popular and vet-recommended after medical marijuana showed robust results in helping anxiety, pain relief, seizures, and other medical conditions in humans. Some strains of medical marijuana contain no THC and are just CBD oil products that work like any other medicine.

Hemp extract and CBD is being used in dog treats to treat similar ailments without any THC, which is dangerous to animals. Cannabinoid receptors reduce pain and inflammation. CBD is an excellent alternative to traditional medicines that can be expensive or have other side effects.

pup needing cbd oil for dogs with anxiety

CBD for Dogs Also Helps…

CBD has become so popular because of the range of issues and ailments it is used to help with CDB oil is being used to treat anxiety, insomnia, pain (great to use to help with side effects from cancer), stimulates appetite, and helps reduce inflammation (which can be a source of pain).

How It’s Made: The FOMO Bones Ingredients List

The active ingredients in FOMO bones are CBD isolate, passion flower, l-tryptophan, valerian root, and chamomile.

It has CBD isolate which is a less potent form of CBD so it’s going to be less effective than a product with a full spectrum CBD oil in it.

How Many CBD Products Do They Sell?

There are many different ways to give your dog CBD oil, from a variety of flavored treats to CBD oil mixed with peanut butter or coconut oil that can be given orally or used topically to treat pain.

Dogs can be picky, and it’s great to be able to try different products to see what works best for your pet.

Just One: CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

FOMO bones has only one product the CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety. You can buy up to six bags at a time. There is just one size, strength, and flavor of their CBD oil treats. It’s great for anxiety because of the other natural anti-anxiety and stress ingredients and it’s natural with no GMOs or pesticides.

Mixed Reviews for FOMO Bones?

FOMO bones is a newer product, so there are no reviews as of October 19, 2018.

New products can be scary for pet owners as they can’t find accurate reviews online and the product hasn’t been around for enough time for any adverse side effects or warnings to be publicized.

CBD/Hemp Oil for Dogs: How to Choose The Right Brand for Your Pup

drowsy pup sleeping from cbd dog treats

It’s important to find a brand that has high-quality natural ingredients. FOMO bones treats contain soy which may cause an allergic reaction in dogs with soy allergies. All CBD hemp oil products are equal. Some CBD products contain THC, only use CBD treats designed for dogs. CBD oils can also vary ineffectiveness.

You want to make sure the treats are actually working. If your dog is picky or gets bored of the same flavors, you may need to choose a brand that offers more variety.

 The 3 Main Items You Must Look For

  1.  Absorption – High-quality CBD and hemp oils are going to be absorbed better into the body and be more effective. If the CBD oil is of lower quality, the treats will be more like treats and less like medicine.
  2. THC levels – Your dog treats should contain 0 percent THC.
  3. Other ingredients – Make sure your treats are natural and do not contain any fillers.
  4. Variety – If your dog has high levels of anxiety or chronic pain, you will need to give them these treats daily, it’s nice to have a variety of different flavors and even be able to switch between a treat or an oil.

What’s the Quality of Their Products?

High-quality CBD oil for dogs offers full-spectrum CBD. A full-spectrum CBD oil is going to be more effective at reducing anxiety and pain than a CBD isolate. Honest Paws uses a full-spectrum CBD, which has other cannabinoids so it can be more potent (still without having THC).

FOMO bones uses CBD isolate, which only has one cannabinoid and is, therefore, less effective.

Be Careful! FOMO Bones Side Effects

Your dog could have side effects from FOMO Bones from the other ingredients. Always monitor your dog when you give them a new treat that containers CBD oil.

Claims to Be “Best CBD Dog Treats by Fomo Bones” – But Is It?

FOMO bones claims to be the Best CBD dog treats on the market, but it’s a new product, and there aren’t many reviews. It is more expensive than other popular CBD oil brands like Honest Paws and has lower quality CBD, which reduces the effectiveness.

The treats are mainly used for dog anxiety, so the other active ingredients may help with that but be less effective for pain and other issues.

FOMO Bones Only Gets 3 Stars Because…

FOMO gets three stars for being GMO-Free and all natural. It claims to be “pesticide free” but not organic. It is more expensive than other leading brands and offers less variety, so it loses stars.

It does contain other ingredients that are good for dog anxiety like chamomile and valerian root, which is a bonus. FOMO bones shouldn’t be a bad product (it’s very new so we can’t speak much of the real thing), and it can work to solve any minor anxiety or stress-related issues in your dog. However may be less effective than other leading brands because they have only one CBD product that caters to one area of the dog’s mental/physical health.

Common Questions on Fomo Bones

Is FOMO Bones a good CBD treat for dogs?

What is CBD oil used for in dogs?

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

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