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Our ESA letter enables you to keep your emotional companion with you to help manage your stress, anxiety, or emotional disability.

CertaPet makes getting an ESA Letter quick, simple and discreet.

The next thing to do is take a more in depth assessment that will be reviewed by a LMHP in your State.

Why Schedule a Consultation With CertaPet?

You may be wondering why you don’t just get an ESA Letter on your own?

While you can, there are many hurdles you’d face including:

Woman lying on the carpet playing with her ESA dog
  • Finding a mental health professional who’s qualified to approve an ESA Letter for your state.
  • Visiting them in person to be assessed. If they’re in another town or city this could take an entire day.
  • Having to answer deeply personal questions in-person that may make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Even with insurance, multiple consultations can cost you USD 300 or more
  • You may have to visit them more than once, with no guarantee your request will be approved.
  • It may take a week or more for all the paperwork to be completed, putting your legal rights in limbo.

With CertaPet, you face NONE of these challenges. Because we handle the entire process for you.

Protection from Non-Pet Polices

A CertaPet ESA consultation puts you on an even playing field with non-pet owners. It protects you from non-pet policies that can otherwise restrict your housing and traveling options.

Even if you do find a pet-friendly apartment or an airline that will let you fly in-cabin with your pet, you may still be subject to:

USD 500 on a pet deposit for your apartment or house.

USD 100 in monthly pet fees to your landlord.

USD 200 on flights (an ESA Travel Letters also allows your pet to fly in the cabin with you, instead of being locked in a cage).

However, with a legally binding ESA Letter you can avoid these fees.

An ESA Letter will also protect you and your pet from eviction so you can always have your pet to support you, no matter what. You’ll also gain the peace of mind knowing your legal rights are protected.

How CertaPet Works

Now that we have your screening answers, all you need to do is schedule a consultation for the ESA Letter that best suits your needs from Housing, Flying, and a combined Housing + Flying Letter.

After taking a more in-depth assessment, CertaPet will then submit your secure answers to a mental health professional qualified to review and determine the need of an ESA Letter for you in your state. The licensed mental health professional will reach out to you to schedule a phone call within 2 business days. If approved, you’ll get a digital copy of your ESA Letter.

If for any reason your letter is not approved by the Licensed Mental Health Professional, we’ll refund your fee to CertaPet, excluding a non-refundable consultation and administration fee.

Why Choose CertaPet

  • Straight-forward and direct process – The CertaPet process is tailored towards connecting patients with qualified mental health professionals.
  • Fast – Our service takes much less time to complete compared to a day spent visiting a mental health professional in person.
  • Discreet – There’s no need to answer uncomfortable questions in person. Everything is handled privately online.
  • Prevent unfair fees – An ESA Letter will prevent you being charged thousands of dollars a year on pet deposits, pet housing fees, airline charges and other unjust costs.

The 100% Safe ESA Letter Service

There are other ESA Letter services available online. However, we believe none of them provide the ethical standards and legal protection of CertaPet.

We are BBB accredited – Many of our competitors are little better than call centers with minimal training (or worse, they’re outright scams). If you run into any problems they may not be much help. The Better Business Bureau has determined that CertaPet, however, follows good ethical practices and offer to resolve any consumer complaints.

If you have any questions or doubts please call us at (877) 207-0561.


If you see companies offering free, instant approval or lifetime ESA Letters or say they’re an ESA Letter registry, they’re likely to be scams and the letters they supply not legally binding. Their service may not be just a waste of money but also illegal.

CertaPet is 100% legal and has 1,000+ positive reviews – We are a well-established company and have helped over 55,000 pet owners, just like you, get an ESA Letter.

What Our Customers Say...

“I feel very supported through this website! I feel like my mental issues have been taken seriously, which has been a great feeling. My personal doctor has a policy where they do not allow to write these letters. This website has been a blessing.”

Elizabeth F.

“The process was extremely easy, fast and convenient. Once approved I had my letter in a couple of days in my mailbox and same day in my email. I’m soo glad I have my pet as an emotional support animal. Now I don’t have to worry about being separated from him ever!

Rob S.

“I couldn’t be happier with the customer service of CertaPet. They were very considerate and thorough in their evaluation and timely on getting me the paperwork required. I can’t thank you enough!”

Susan G.

Money Back Guarantee

Your consultation is protected by CertaPet’s Money-Back Guarantee.

If, for any reason, your application is not approved by the Licensed Mental Health Professional your fee will be refunded, excluding a USD 40 for consultation and administration fee.

Choose The ESA Letter Consultation That Best Suits Your Needs





  • Covers almost all housing complexes
  • Lasts for one full year (the legal maximum)
  • No security deposit
  • No monthly pet fees
  • Adopt a pet you otherwise wouldn’t be able to have




  • Covers all domestic and international flights originating in the US or run by US airlines.*
  • Lasts for one full year (the legal maximum)
  • No airline fees*
  • No need to put your pet in the cargo hold

* Check your airline's policies based on changes made by DOT as of Jan 11, 2021

Why Get Your ESA Letter Consultation Now?

Many current and prospective customers have asked us why they should get their ESA Letter now instead of waiting. At CertaPet we honestly believe it is better to get your ESA Letter sooner rather than later.

This is because:

Time for airlines and landlords to accept ESA Letters

Airlines request that ESA Letters are submitted well before the flight date. The closer you get to your flight date, the more risk you are taking.

Landlords may take a few weeks to accept the Letter. It is better to be prepared ahead of time than to wait until you absolutely need the ESA Letter.


Getting your ESA Letter sooner guarantees you can live and travel with your pet worry-free. Many times waiting an extra month will cost more in pet fees than just purchasing a CertaPet consultation.

Peace of Mind

Having an ESA Letter gives our customers tremendous peace of mind knowing that their rights are protected. If you are worried about your pet travelling in the cargo hold of a plane or being evicted then an ESA Letter can help.

Frequenly Asked Questions 

The CertaPet Process

How do I know that CertaPet is legitimate?

CertaPet has helped over 65,000 pet owners, just like you, get an Emotional Support Animal letter.

We have over 8,000 reviews between Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and YotPo.

Our Licensed Mental Health Professional network covers all states in the US including Puerto Rico and has more than 40 members. We also work with Qualified Mental Health Professionals in the following provinces in Canada: Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia or Newfoundland and Labrador.

Additionally, CertaPet is BBB Accredited.

Still unsure about CertaPet? Just call us at (877) 207-0561 and speak with a member of our customer support team.

I just completed the screening. What’s next?

First you need to select which ESA Letter is best suited for you: Housing, Travel or Combined. You then need to purchase a consultation with a mental health professional.

You will then fill out a more in-depth assessment and your assigned mental health professional will determine whether or not you would benefit from an ESA. If approved, they will personally write a licensed recommendation for an Emotional Support Animal.

What is the turn around time for this process?

Right now our turnaround to be contacted by a therapist to schedule a phone session is around 2 business days. If approved, you will be able to download a digital copy of your letter right away from our platform.

What is the refund policy?

Your consultation is protected by CertaPet's Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, your application is not approved by the Licensed Mental Health Professional your fee will be refunded, excluding a USD 40 consultation and administration fee.

How do I know that this is legal?

There are two main federal laws that apply to ESAs: the Air Carrier Access Act, and the Fair Housing Act. Our ESA Letters are fully compliant with these laws and are all approved by fully qualified mental health professionals. This ensures our letters are 100% legal.

CertaPet is also the only HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliant website that can give you a certified ESA letter.

What kind of Licensed Mental Health Professional will sign my letter?

Our LMHPs consist of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors.

All of our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are fully qualified and have passed board exams. The LMHP we select will be one that is legally qualified to approve ESA Letters for your state.

ESA Letter Basics

Which ESA Letter should I choose?

First you need to select which ESA Letter is best suited for you: Housing, Travel or Combined. You then need to purchase a consultation with a mental health professional.

If your pet lives with you then you should get the Housing letter. If you expect to fly at least once in the next year, then we recommend getting the combined Housing and Travel letter. This combination will save you the most money. If you own your own home or already have a Housing letter, then you should get the Travel letter on its own.

What does the letter look like?

The ESA Letter comes directly from a LMHP with their license number and their contact information. The letter will come on the professional letterhead of the licensed mental health professional and have everything legally needed for an ESA prescription within the body of the letter.

Will I need additional forms besides the letter?

No. Your ESA Letter covers all the legal requirements.

Occasionally, custom forms are required. If a custom form is needed then you can login to the CertaPet platform and upload it so your assigned therapist can complete it for an additional cost.

Using Your ESA Letter

How do I submit my ESA Letter to a landlord or airline?

We send you copies of your ESA letter both digitally and in the mail.

For landlords, we strongly recommend that you present the letter immediately in-person. Nearly all landlords are extremely accommodating.

For airlines, you must call the airline during booking or a couple of weeks prior to your flight.

What rights do I get with an ESA Letter? Where can I take my ESA Letter?

Your rights depend on which ESA letter you applied for.

The Housing ESA letter entitles you to qualify for no-pet housing (in apartments with more than 4 units and houses where the landlord owns multiple properties). This means that even if an apartment is listed as not allowing pets, you are legally protected to have one. You also won’t have to pay a pet deposit and can’t be charged a pet fee by the owner.

With the travel letter you will also be able to to fly with your pet in the cabin with no additional fee.

Does the ESA Letter expire? How often do I need to renew?

Your ESA Letter will last for one year. You can then have the opportunity to renew your ESA Letter via CertaPet at a discounted rate.

Can I use this for campus housing?

Yes, during the Assessment you can select the option for Campus Housing Letter.

Additional Questions

Do I need to use a “registration” site to make my pet as an ESA?

NO! The ESA letter signed by a mental health professional is all you need. Registering your pet on a “registry site” is not a legal requirement for ESAs.

Will I need additional accessories like vests and an ID card?

The letter, signed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional, is the only thing that is legally recognized.

Vests, ID Cards, and tags are accessories that may make it easier to identify your ESA but are not necessary. Still, many of our customers find the accessories very helpful for letting others know you have an ESA.

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