7 Compelling Reasons to Choose CertaPet for Your ESA Letter

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There are so many companies offering Emotional Support Animal services out there, that it can be difficult to know who to trust. That’s why when it comes to the legal protection for your beloved pet, you want to make sure you’re in good hands.

Here are 7 reasons more than 34,000 satisfied customers have chosen CertaPet for their Emotional Support Animal Letter needs:

1- Documents from Other Providers May Not Be Legal

You may have encountered ESA Registries that offer to register your pet as an emotional support animal. These websites certainly may look and sound official, but adding your pet to a registry is not a legal requirement for a pet to be classed as an Emotional Support Animal. Even worse, without an ESA Letter signed by a licensed mental health professional you have no legal protection at all against unnecessary pet fees and no pet policies.

CertaPet’s ESA Letters fully comply with all Fair Housing and Air Carriers Act laws. Your landlord or airline can even verify the letter by contacting the mental health professional who approved it. Taking it a step further, they can also check the health professional’s license number on the official state website.

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2- We Provide the Correct Legal Protection for Your State

The laws governing ESA letters vary from state to state. A low-cost ESA letter provider may not match you with a LMHP (Licensed Mental Health Professional) licensed in your state, making your ESA letter void. They may, for example, issue you a letter signed by a therapist licensed in Florida, when you live in California. This can prevent you from getting legal protection from unnecessary pet fees and no-pet policies.

CertaPet has a huge network of qualified mental health professionals licensed in over 46 states.This ensures we can match you with a therapist able to provide a letter applicable to your state, so you have the legal protection and peace of mind, too.

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3- ESA Letters That Are "Free" or "Lifetime" are scam

An ESA Letter from a licensed mental health professional is like a prescription, it has to be reassessed and approved annually. For this reason, any site offering ESA Letters that are “free” or “last for a lifetime” are likely to be scams.

CertaPet only supplies ESA Letters that have been manually assessed and approved by a certified, licensed mental health professional. Additionally, these ESA Letters must be renewed each year to maintain their compliance with the law.


4- Registries Do Not Provide You with Legal Protection

Registries do little more than add your pet’s name to a database. That’s it. They may also provide you with badges, a vest, and an official looking certificate. But NONE of these replace a consultation with a therapist or licensed mental health professional, which is the ONLY way to get a LEGALLY BINDING Emotional Support Animal Letter.

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5- We Provide You with Industry-Leading Customer Support

Getting legal protection for your pet can seem complicated. But when it comes to your pet’s legal protection and safety, you want to be sure you can get your questions answered.

Many websites simply give out certificates and letters, they are not there to support you. However, at CertaPet, we try to do things differently because we are fur parents, too, and we understand the companionship and the bond that you and your pet share.

Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to answer any questions you may have about our service or ESA laws in general. You can call us at any time knowing that we will do our best to help in any way that we can.

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6- We Pride Ourselves in Our Speed

We know that you may need an ESA letter urgently for a last-minute flight or an upcoming move into that new apartment or house. In these situations, our support team can work with the therapist to help you get your letter as fast as possible.

You can complete the entire process online on our website without having to visit a therapist in person, which saves you time and money! We can even provide you with a digital ESA Letter in 1-2 business days and a printed copy via USPS priority mail.

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7- Thousands of Positive  Comments

CertaPet has helped thousands of pet owners gain rock solid legal protection against unfair pet policies and unnecessary pet fees. We have over 34,000 satisfied customers and counting! Our reviews speak for themselves. Each one with their own story and written by happy, satisfied customers whom CertaPet has helped through a stressful situation with minimal fuss or confusion.

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So Why Take Risks? Get Legally Secure Protection and Peace of Mind from CertaPet

It’s always wise to save money. But going for the cheap option can end up being more expensive once you find out it doesn’t provide you with the legal protection you were looking for.

Any websites offering ESA letters that are “free” or “last forever” are likely to be scams and getting your pet listed in an ESA Registry won’t provide you with ANY legal protection at all. The only way to be safe is to get your ESA Letter from a company that you know you can trust and has your back.

CertaPet has helped thousands of pet owners get their ESA application assessed and approved by a qualified, licensed mental health professional all from the comfort of their own home. Plus, we ensure your letter gives you the proper legal protection in the state in which you reside and protects you from unnecessary pet fees and no-pet policies.

If your emotional support animal is your best friend and your source of comfort, we will make sure they are always by your side. With a legally binding ESA Letter from CertaPet, you can rest assured knowing both you and your beloved pet are protected.

Check out what others are saying about CertaPet!

“Knowing my data is safe is what made me choose CertaPet.

With CertaPet you know your info is going to a real therapist and not some quack who downloaded their diploma from Google images. So my advice to anyone who feels a little guarded about their information, you can put your trust in CertaPet that your application is 100% confidential.”


“Getting legal protection isn’t something I wanted to take a risk with.

There are so many websites offering ESA letters that it’s difficult to know which to choose.

Luckily, I decided to use CertaPet.“

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