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australian kelpie dog sitting in field
20 September, 2018

All You Need to Know About Your Australian Kelpie Puppy!

Kelpie pups make companionable pets, and you don’t have to be down under to enjoy one in your own home. When Australia was first inhabited on a grand scale in the 1800s, it seems the only indigenous dog about was the dingo. Being practically-minded people of determination, Australia’s first farmers bred dogs which could help them farm livestock in this …

will my apartment accept my esa, dog with his human
17 September, 2018

Will My Apartment Accept My ESA (Emotional Support Animal)?

You’re moving into a new apartment complex with your emotional support animal and there is a strict rule on no pets allowed. What do you do? “Will my apartment accept my ESA?” Learn more about how to make sure your ESA can live with you even if your landlord does not allow pets. People suffering from an emotional/mental disability find …

emotional support animals Wichita law guide
14 September, 2018

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Wichita, Kansas

Are you thinking of getting an emotional support animal in Wichita, Kansas? These amazing animals can be such a source of comfort and love for people with an emotional and/or mental disability, but how should you go about having one for yourself? And what exactly do they do? Get the answer to these questions and more right here! Take CertaPet’s …

emotional support animals cleveland ohio law guide
14 September, 2018

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Cleveland, Ohio

An emotional support animal (ESA) can be a life-changing source of comfort and support for people with emotional or mental disabilities. However, there is a lot of confusing information out there on how to go about getting one. Don’t worry though, we’ve broken down the process of getting an emotional support animal in Cleveland, Ohio down into easy steps for …

cerenia for dogs maropitant citrate tablets
14 September, 2018

Cerenia for Dogs and Cats: Stopping Motion Sickness Once and For All!

For some dogs, car sickness gets in the way of joining in on family holidays and fun! Cerenia for dogs is a new medicine that has now been developed to treat vomiting in pets. Read on to learn more about Cerenia for dogs. Table of Contents What is Cerenia for Dogs?CBD Oil for Dogs is A Natural Way to Relieve …

dog ibuprofen tablets
14 September, 2018

Ibuprofen for Dogs Warning {Must Read}

Ibuprofen is a go-to painkiller that many people reach for when they’re feeling ill. But what about ibuprofen for dogs? Read on to learn all about the best forms of pain relief for dogs and the natural supplement you can give in its place. Table of Contents Can Dogs Have Ibuprofen?Go the Safer Route with Natural Pain Relief for DogsWhat …