Top Chewy Dog Food Picks: The Bestsellers of 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes You can buy just about anything online nowadays. It’s not surprising that online stores don’t only cater to humans! Listen up pet parents: Online pet stores are very “now” and have just about anything Fido’s heart may desire. Before you splurge on toys and treats, go check out the (enormous) Chewy dog food

All You Need to Know About the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canada and the United States are brimming with exciting vacation destinations. From the Golden Gate Bridge to British Columbia’s national parks, there’s so much to see! Taking your furry friend along is the best way to make the most of your trip. Luckily, thanks to the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy, you can take Fido with you.

Diamond Dog Food: Ingredients, Ranges, Reviews & More

Reading Time: 4 minutes As humans, we get to choose what we put into our bodies. If you want to live off Burger King, that’s up to you. If you’re a complete health nut: good on you! However, as pet parents, we are solely responsible for our dog’s diet. Diamond Dog Food is one option! Read on to learn more about this brand!Table of ContentsShop the

ESA Weekly News August 6th: CertaPet Launches in Canada

Reading Time: 2 minutes CertaPet is your one-stop-site for emotional support animal news. Today, we’re bringing you one major story that happened this week: the launch of CertaPet in Canada. Keep reading to get up to speed! Disclaimer: CertaPet has qualified therapists in British Columbia only at this time. See If You Qualify for An ESA HereTable of

Jackson Galaxy aka The Cat Whisperer

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who knows cats better than Jackson Galaxy does. Since the 1990s, he has helped countless families finally understand their furry friends. From being an animal behaviorist to a television show host on Animal Planet, we’re pawsitive he’s a jack of all trades. His end goal? To make

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Cat Tongue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kittens are enigmatic creatures. They are full of odd quirks. Understanding them isn’t always easy, just ask any cat owner around! A cat tongue doesn’t hide any fewer mysteries. Its odd, rough, sandpaper-like texture is enough to weird anyone out. But have you ever wondered why a cat’s tongue is shaped like it is? Or