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The World of the Comfort Dog AKA Crisis Response Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutesDogs make everything better, especially in scary and stressful situations. Their presence seems to put us almost immediately in a better mood or at the very least feel comforted. Bringing comfort to people comes naturally to dogs, but with a little training, the reach of their comfort can reach hundreds of people. A dog like this goes

Can You Get a Service Dog for Depression?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Around four percent of the American population suffers from a severe mental health disability. For those who live with severe depression, living a normal life can be hard. They need a little help getting by in their day-to-day. One thing is for certain: they would greatly benefit from getting a service dog for depression. These animals

Equine Therapy: How Equine Assisted Therapy Changes Lives

Reading Time: 4 minutes Equine Therapy – have you heard of it? It can be life-changing. It’s been around for a very, very long time, but it has only been gaining recognition in relatively recent years. Read on to learn more about where equine therapy came from, what it is, and how it is helping thousands of people worldwide. Hippocrates, the Greek

Setting Pups Up for Success: The Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Alliance of Therapy Dogs is a non-profit organization that certifies dogs as therapy animals. Today, more and more medical professionals are seeing the importance of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activities (AAA) on people’s health and state of mind. So, if you’d like to join the movement and learn more

101 Course on How to Make Your Dog a Therapy Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutesHave you ever been to visit someone in a hospital or been standing in line to drop your bag at the airport, when suddenly you find yourself face-to-face with a dog whose job it is to cuddle? Therapy dogs are amazing canine citizens that are taken to places where people might need a little extra love and support. The best news? Your pet

Pet Partners: Dedicated to Healing through the Human-Animal Bond!

Reading Time: 3 minutesOur pets are our best friends and our companions who love us unconditionally.  For some of us, our pets are even our biggest source of support. Pet Partners is an organization that has witnessed first hand, the many positive effects a therapy animal can have on people. If you think a therapy dog is right for you, then read on to learn