Licensed Mental Health Professional & World’s Leading Expert on Animal-Assisted Therapy

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: April 21, 2023


Prairie Conlon portrait

Prairie is a licensed mental health professional and is considered the world’s leading expert on Emotional Support Animals. She is the Clinical Director of Therapetic and consults for CertaPet, one of the largest telehealth companies in the nation. Prairie has a Master’s Degree in professional counseling and a Postgraduate Degree in Military Behavioral health counseling. She is certified as an equine assisted psychotherapist. Prairie is a certified Accelerated Resolution Therapist and helps train future trauma therapist in this modality. She consults for several nonprofits for veterans and first responder trauma, including The Lone Survivor Foundation and Horses that Heal. She is the founder,developer and lead researcher of emotional support animal Assisted Therapy (ESAAT) which is a set of techniques utilized to decrease anxiety, panic attacks, depressive symptoms, and sleep difficulties with the use of an Emotional Support Animal.

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Prairie Conlon with her horse

Prairie and her horse, True.

“True has been with me for 16 years, since the day she was born. She has been a professional athlete in the rodeo world as well as a therapy horse in my private practice. She is truly a unique animal in that she is able to remain competitive when she was still racing, yet be gentle enough to work with children in the therapy arena. She is a blessing to many.”

The Animal Effect

Listen to “The Animal Effect – Introducing Prairie Conlon” on Spreaker.


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The Guardian

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Holidays can be stressful: Tips for traveling with an emotional support animal The Advocate More college students turning to emotional support animals What Are the Psychological Impacts of Social Distancing?

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CertaPet Challenges Proposed Michigan Law Limiting Access to Emotional Support Animals for Disabled Individuals


“An emotional support animal is a very natural form of therapy.” – The Advocate

“Animals are different for us just because they are so vulnerable and unconditional, not only that, most of the time they have been with us when we are at our most raw. We have real raw moments around our animals and through that experience too, when holding our pets, when we are having those big emotional reactions the animals react, we have those we are putting off neurotransmitters and chemical signals so the animal’s having a reaction because.” – The Animal Effect (Podcast)

“You come home from work and sit down and you’re like: “Oh my gosh! What a day! Your dog crawls on your lap and looks at you. You start petting them. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. That warm fuzzy feeling. Those are actually a huge flush of oxytocin, and that can be super balancing.”  – Dog Save the People (Podcast)

“Why is mental health so important to you?” … “People that have mental disabilities, anxiety, depression, they can’t stand up for themselves a lot of times. We don’t need to cheat them out of an experience just by quickly getting them in and out of an office and adding to the opioid addiction. Something as ‘silly’ as getting to sit with your dog in a plane I see it change lives every day.  That’s a pretty amazing feeling.” — The Guardian

“Something that a lot of people don’t realize, they think it’s a certificate that can get them into housing or airplanes but what they don’t realize is that consistency that brings to you as you are traveling or moving from place to place, especially for a military family.” – Military Makeover


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