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  • Roberta Jensen says:

    I have forgotten my password. When I tried to renew for an emotional support animal, the site never allowed me to receive a code to reset my password. Please let me know how I can renew. My telephone is 206-852-9880.

  • Alex says:

    I am looking to register an ESA for my wife, however we currently live in an area where local bylaws prohibit owning more than 3 dogs per household, yet we have 3 who are too large and rambunctious to be well enough behaved to bring with us in the cabin. Would a 4th, smaller, trained dog be protected from the household limit?

  • My spouse and I both qualify for Emotional Support Animals.
    The challenge is that we have three: two Miniature Schnauzer siblings (@ 4 years old) and another Miniature Schnauzer (@ 6 years old).
    Is a person limited to only one Emotional Support Animal at a time (or per trip) … or is there a way that our three Emotional Support Animals can accompany us together on our flight to Portugal?
    Thanks for your advice and feedback.

    • minlee says:

      Our letters typically designate only one animal. That being said, you can certainly ask the therapist that you are assigned to if they are approve the need for multiple animals.

  • Scott Cooper says:

    I work in a public library. They have recently distributed guidelines which indicate that the library is to ban ESA’s. Is this legal? It seems unclear. A patron recently attacked an ESA. The patron who needed her friend was escorted out by the police. Is this legal?

  • Ryan says:

    So just to clarify, if I am approved, a licensed mental health professional will send me a letter? Would this take the place of me having to schedule an appointment to see a health professional face to face?

  • certapet says:

    Contact our team at [email protected]. We will be able to guide your through the process.

  • linda says:

    I have a diagnosed bipolar and anxiety disorder. I was hospitalized for it within ythe last year. I have been unable to see my psychiatrist for medicatio . Due to no longer having health insurance. I need a letter for my landlord. I was going to get it from my doctor buy again no insurance I can’t even see the therapist. When I take your screening it is basically telling me I don’t need one…..when my psychiatrist had even mentioned it in the past….I am currently unmedicated and my puppy is literal y what is keeping me will I be able to get documentation?

  • Tae says:

    I’m trying to register my dog for an ESA and I asked my college what they needed and this is what they said … “In order to receive accommodations, students must submit documentation of a disability or limiting condition. Appropriate documentation establishes the individual as a person with specific functional limitations and provides a rationale for reasonable accommodations. Your documentation must include information on how your condition specifically limits your functioning in a university setting. The most useful documentation is thorough enough to demonstrate whether and how a major life function (e.g. hearing, seeing, walking, speaking, thinking, breathing, learning, etc.) is substantially limited by providing a clear sense of the severity, frequency and pervasiveness of the condition(s). If you have a condition that is permanent and non-varying, then documentation that is many years old can be considered current. Conditions that fluctuate or progress or that are temporary may require more recent documentation in order to provide an accurate picture.”
    Will the information from certapet be enough to allow my dog to be with me at college?

  • J Watson says:

    If I get an ESA animal to live in a pet free condo does the ESA mental health letter need to be in the lease holders name
    Or can it be the pet owners name?
    State of FL
    Condos are owned but the community allows no pets unless they are ESA.