ESA Seattle- Emotional Supports Animals in The Emerald City

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: September 14, 2021

ESA Seattle

The Emerald City is a welcoming place for people traveling with dogs and emotional support animals. In many ways, Seattle is among the most dog-friendly cities in America! Multiple areas in Seattle are so pet-friendly that nobody blinks an eye when dogs are in places you rarely find them in other cities. Seattle is like any major city in that it can be hard to get around, especially by car. It is still relatively accessible to dogs though. The city allows small and larger dogs on the buses and trains. The King County Metro allows dogs you can carry to travel for free. For dogs that are on a leash, you need to pay the same fare as a person. One dog per bus is allowed. Since dogs are allowed on the public transit and the ferries, you can avoid driving in Seattle even with a dog.

ESA Seattle- Where tourists can take the dog?

When visiting Seattle, there are multiple places to take your emotional support animal. While there are two laws in place to fly and live with your animal free of charge, the FHA and ACAA, there are still plenty of places to take them that isn’t the airport or apartment!

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful Puget Sound from one of the many ferries or tour boats. Seattle is known as a maritime city, which is why the baseball teams name is the Mariners. Most of these tours allow dogs on leashes to accompany their owners.

Dogs are also allowed on Argoys Cruises Water Taxi Service and the Blake Island Adventure Cruise that takes you to Blake Island State Park. Many people with dogs go to the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Ballard Locks to hike, see the locks, and watch boats or stroll the 7 acre botanical garden. Dogs are also welcome visitors to the 230 acre Washington Park Arboretum.

Downtown visitor hotspots include Pioneer Square, which is Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. Here there are carriage rides that can take you and your pup on a relaxing cruise through the city.

ESA Seattle- Where to stay?

Seattle has multiple dog-friendly hotels in the area. The Alexis Seattle is easily number 1 when it comes to being dog-friendly.

Located at 1007 First Avenue they offer people staying with dogs, treats, a leash, their own doggy bed, and even dinner bowls for their stay. Your emotional support dog will feel right at home.

They also offer pet sitting services and pet walking while staying at their hotel. The Wooodmark Hotel in Kirkland is also a very dog-friendly hotel which offers pet lodging and doesn’t charge fees for your visiting dog. The Vintage Park is another hotel that also offers similar pet services.

Seattle also has a wide collection of hotels from all major hotel chains which are pet-friendly as well.

ESA Seattle- Where to eat?

Dog-friendly restaurants are widespread in Seattle but you will need to check with them, as some policies may change. At the fancier outdoor restaurants in Seattle, dogs may be allowed but would have to be tied to the outside of a railing surrounding the eating area.

In most cases, this is not a problem, and in many restaurants, dogs can sit next to your table directly. Doggie menus are available at the Cedarbrook Lodge Restaurant at 18525 36th Avenue South and at Norm’s Eatery and Ale House at 460 N 36th Street. The Ale House even has a nightly food special called the “Doggie Bowl”.

The Belltown Pub at 2322 1st Avenue is an extremely dog-friendly bar. They have craft beers, wines and signature drinks for patrons to enjoy. Bark! Espresso is a new idea for a dog-friendly café in North Seattle. They offer an area called the “Hound Hang Out” for dogs and their people.

ESA Seattle- Final Thoughts

As we discussed earlier, Seattle is a top city when it comes to being pet-friendly. From its multiple dog parks to its thriving dog based business, it is the perfect city to have an Emotional Support Animal by your side.

CertaPet wants to help you make this dream come true – take our easy 5-minute pre-screening to see if you’re a good candidate.

Emotional Support Animal Seattle

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