flying with an emotional support animal

Flying with an Emotional Support Animal

flying with an emotional support animal

You can fly hassle-free with your pet — without charge — so long as you have obtained an emotional support animal letter from a qualified mental health professional.

The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination against passengers with disabilities, including mental and emotional. Airlines are required to accommodate passenger needs.

If you need your dog or cat, which provides you companionship and satisfaction, and fends off symptoms of disease such as anxiety, depression, headaches, etc… traveling with your pet is easy so long as you have an emotional support animal letter.

The letter will explain that your animal is an emotional support animal, similar to a working service dog.

You may also have an emotional support animal vest or patch, identifying your pet; a photo ID card; a certification document; and letter from your mental health professional, prescribing the emotional support animal to treat the symptoms of your disability.

Traveling with your pet is easy, provided that you have the correct documentation.

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