Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

CertaPet offers a payment plan option under the following conditions: 

1. The customer agrees to pay an initial $35.99 fee. Of the $35.99 fee, $35 is a non-refundable consultation fee. 

2. Additional charges of $17.99 will be then be charged in 30 day intervals until the end of the payment plan period (1 year).

3. The customer will not be charged any fees if they request a cancellation before an assessment is made. 

4. If the customer is not approved for an ESA letter, they will not be charged any additional fees after the non-refundable $35 consultation fee. 

5. At the end of their 12 month payment plan, the customer will automatically be eligible for another assessment.

6. If the customer would like to cancel a payment plan, they may only do so at the end of said payment plan. A cancellation is permitted if the customer would not like to automatically receive an ESA letter renewal at the end of a payment plan.

7. If the customer does not honor the terms of the payment plan, their letter will be voided.

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