American Airlines New Policy Has Improved by Banning More Creatures

By: CertaPet Staff Updated: September 16, 2021

American Airlines Improves Its ESA Policy by Banning More CreaturesAmerican Airlines’ main goal for its passengers is to get them safely and sound to their destination, especially for those flying with ESAs or service animals.

However, when certain animals, such as hedgehogs, goats, non-household birds, and more, aboard the plane and cause disruption, or worse danger, it becomes a problem. American Airlines’ new policy plans to fight this with a new rule by banning a list of creatures from stepping (or crawling) onto the aircraft.

The No Fly List: Creature Editon

Going into effect on July 1st, passengers traveling with their animals must sign a form claiming their animal’s behavior is proper and will cause no harm or distraction to other flyers. Accompanying this form, customers with emotional support animals will also, as always, need their ESA letter, which has to be signed by a mental health care professional state their need for one.

Reminder for these forms: Passengers traveling with emotional support animals must provide the proper documentation at least 48 hours before their flights.

Animals that will NOT be allowed in-cabin include:

  • amphibians
  • goats
  • hedgehogs
  • insects
  • non-household birds
  • animals with tusks, horns, or hooves

Do[ing] the Right Thing: CertaPet Believes American Airlines New Policy is Good for ESAs

In the past year, Delta and Alaska Airlines have changed their policies to include a couple of additional documents (health/shot forms, etc.) to pair with the passenger’s ESA letter 

As more airlines are cracking down on ESA policies, they are on a mission to weed out any potential flyer who is just looking to travel with their pet free of charge. Keep in mind, emotional support animals are not pets but assistance animals who are there to provide comfort and ease for their emotionally or mentally disabled owner.

While American Airlines is not requiring, at this time, veterinary animal health forms and vaccination records, they are still in the process of figuring out the best policy for emotional support animals that 1) keeps the surrounding passengers safe and comfortable and 2) legitimizes ESAs for those truly in need.

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