All You Need to Know About the Flair Air Pet Policy

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: April 21, 2023

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could board a flight and enjoy your vacation with Fido? We love taking our pets with us on special trips. It brings us so much joy and makes for an unforgettable getaway! Fortunately, the Flair Air Pet Policy is welcoming of our furry friends.

All Aboard! Flair Airlines Welcomes Pets on Their Planes!

Traveling with pets can be a hassle. Navigating airlines’ pet policies is a real headache. Luckily, Flair Airlines is pretty straightforward with its regulations. Small dogs and cats are welcome in the cabin. Larger pets, unfortunately, can’t fly with this airline.

Make Sure You Reserve Fido’s Spot!

Flair Air planes aren’t very large. In fact, since they mostly handle charter flights, they’re rather small. That’s why the Flair Air Pet Policy says only four pets can travel aboard their planes at once.

When you start booking your trip, don’t forget to call the airline! Just because you purchased an air fare for yourself doesn’t mean Fido or Mittens will have room aboard.

What Animals and Breeds Are Allowed on Flair Air Flights?

Dogs and cats are the only two types of pets allowed into these planes. But not all breeds will be accepted!

For space reasons, only small breeds can fly with Flair Air. Your pet must fit under the seat in front of you comfortably. Fortunately, short-nosed breeds won’t be denied boarding. As long as they’re small, they’re welcome aboard!

It’s important to keep in mind that the Flair Air Pet Policy says no pets can be checked in. Thus, larger dogs and cats aren’t allowed in the cargo hold. Not even if they’re in a sturdy kennel.

Pets as Carry-On Luggage: Which Pets Are Allowed in the Cabin?

As we mentioned, only small dogs and small cats can travel in the cabin. That means that unless Fido or Mittens are good at fitting in small spaces, they won’t be able to go on vacation with you.

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Pet and Carrier Size and Weight Restrictions

When getting ready to fly with your furry friend, you’ll need to find them a suitable kennel or carrier. It must be soft-sided, airline approved, leak-proof, and well ventilated.

It also can’t be too large. Carriers and kennels must be smaller than 16 inches long by 9 inches high by 10 inches wide. That is, under 41 cm long by 23 cm high by 25 cm wide.

Remember that there are also weight restrictions in place. The total weight of the carrier and your pet in it must be under 22 pounds (or 10 kgs).

Your Carrier or Kennel Needs to Check All the Boxes

These are a lot of rules to remember, but we can’t stress enough how important they are! If your carrier doesn’t comply with the Flair Air Pet Policy, your furry friend will stay behind. That would be enough to ruin your travel plans, right?

The Costs Involved in Flying with Fido!

Just like you have to pay for your ticket, you’ll need to pay for Fido and Mittens to fly, too! Think of it as a discounted boarding pass.

The Flair Air Pet Policy states that the pet fee for any flight is between $78.75 and $86.25. That is if you book your pet’s place in advance online.

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Unlike Pets, ESAs Fly Free of Charge: You Just Need an ESA Letter!

Did you know that emotional support animals travel by plane free of charge in Canada? They provide comfort to those with emotional and mental health problems. The law calls them assistance animals, which is why their owners don’t pay a dime.

If you have an emotional or mental disability, the road to getting an ESA is easy. All your ESA needs to be protected by federal and provincial laws is an ESA letter.

CertaPet makes getting this document easier by connecting you to a mental health professional. To kickstart the process, you can take our 5-minute pre-screening for free!

Make Sure Fido Is Fit for Travel: Important Documentation You’ll Need

If you hate paperwork, we have great news for you. There are no pet travel forms to fill out. Hurrah for saving hours on headache-inducing bureaucracy!

That said, you need to phone Flair Air to let them know you’re traveling with a pet. Depending on the flight you’re on, you may be asked to present a veterinary health form. But don’t sweat it: more than likely you won’t be asked to show anything on domestic flights.

If you’re flying to an international destination, however, we have bad news. Fido and Mittens will have to stay behind. No matter what the embassy or consulate of that country say, Flair Air doesn’t allow pets on international flights.

The Flair Air Pet Policy Checklist

Now that you’re preparing your trip, we have a checklist that will save you hours (and frustration) before boarding. Make sure to tick all these boxes before hailing a taxi to drive you to the airport!

  • Call ahead to let Flair Air know you’re traveling with a pet.
  • Make sure to have paid the pet fee.
  • Triple-check the kennel you have is airline approved.
  • Have food, water, toys, and cleaning supplies to make your pet’s stay at the terminal and air travel comfortable. There won’t always be outdoor space.
  • Pack any forms needed with you.

Where to Call or Visit for More Information on Flair Air Pet Policy

Getting through to customer service is a breeze. You’ll need to call (204) 285–0844 before departure, as soon as your travel plans are set in stone. Otherwise, your furry companion may not get a seat!

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Taking a Different Airline? Check Out More Policies Here

Is your itinerary making you fly with another airline? We’ve covered dozens of airline pet policies on our blog so far.

Our most popular guides are the American Airlines Pet Policy, Air Canada Pet Policy, and the Southwest Pet Policy!

Make sure to double-, triple-, quadruple-check this article before boarding your flight. Traveling with Fido and Mittens can be a breeze, but only if you know the Flair Air Pet Policy!

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