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6 December, 2016

Emotional Support Animal Rights – A Legal Perspective

Countless studies across the years have shown that pets provide a wide range of health benefits, both physical and emotional. But when you are renting your living accommodations and you depend on an emotional support animal (ESA), where do your emotional support animal rights end and your landlord’s begin? We’ve put together this article to give you an idea of …

17 October, 2016

How to Register Your Cat as an Emotional Support Animal

Can Cats be Emotional Support Animals? Absolutely! Cats can provide the same love, compassion, and support as any other Emotional Support Animal. Some people who aren’t “cat people” may not understand, but a cat’s love can be just as unconditional as a dog’s. More than that, many mental health professionals recognize and report that the positive effects of cat ownership are just …

8 June, 2016

Flying With a Dog? Try a Tortoise

The growth of the Emotional Support Animal (ESA) as a legitimate treatment option is definitely increasing, but are people taking advantage of it? There is no doubt about the healing power that animals can bring to some people – today’s science is just telling us what we have already intuitively known. Here at Certapet, we work with therapists that focus …