Best Dog Breeds for Borderline Personality Disorder

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: December 21, 2023


Thousands of people live with borderline personality disorder in the United States and in Canada. While handling this unstable emotional condition can be hard, having an animal by your side is proven to make your life better! Getting one of the best dog breeds for borderline personality disorder will increase your quality of life.

So, having an emotional support animal who is right for your condition is the way to go. They provide comfort, company, and are a great help for people on the road to recovery. Having an ESA makes living with borderline personality disorder much easier!

What is Borderline Personality Disorder (DSM 5) in People?

Borderline personality disorder (or BPD) is a mental disorder that affects how people connect with others. A person suffering from it usually has very intense relationships, has a distorted image of themselves, and is extremely impulsive. This makes functioning in society and creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships hard.

People with BPD have a tendency to push people away because of their mood swings and rash decisions. However, being alone is quite hard for them. On top of that, since they have an intense fear of abandonment, relationships become even harder to manage.

Other symptoms include ongoing feelings of emptiness, periods of stress-related paranoia, easy and sudden loss of temper, and even suicidal thoughts and threats. All these signs can persist for hours or even days at a time. After which, in a lot of cases, they are followed by more intense, yet happy feelings.

Borderline personality disorders usually show its first signs at the start of early adulthood. The worst symptoms tend to appear when patients are young adults. However, BPD tends to get less severe as people get older and have better control over their emotions.

Lastly, BPD is one of the illnesses listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Therefore, it is a diagnostic given to patients by mental health professionals. This means that a diagnosis of BPD is enough for that person to get an emotional support animal.

Do I Have Borderline Personality Disorder? Talk to an LMHP About a Personality Disorder Test

If you have looked at the signs of borderline personality disorder and think you may have it, talk to a professional. Only licensed mental health professionals are able to properly diagnose any mental or emotional disorders. And with BPD, that is also the case.

Knowing your lack of self-esteem, troubled relationships, and unstable emotions are due to BPD is already half the battle. Don’t despair, there are always ways of coping with this disorder. Being diagnosed with BPD is not the end of the world. Plus, it is much better to know early on so you can learn how to cope with it properly!

A mental health professional will put you through a personality disorder test in order to diagnose BPD. This will most likely be a one-on-one interview in which you’ll discuss your symptoms and emotions. After that, you can discuss what the best route is to get your emotions under check and how to live a good life with BPD.

A lot of the times, people with BPD are prescribed an animal. It may sound odd at first, but being around pets is very therapeutic. Curtin University even did a study that shows having a pet improves people’s quality of life! It’s no wonder that getting a loyal and loving furry companion helps people with BPD deal with their condition.

Getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter with CertaPet

One of the most successful steps of therapy for borderline personality disorder is being around animals. Pets can drastically improve the quality of life of people who suffer from BPD. Especially being around the best dog breeds for borderline personality disorder! The human-animal bond can be very strong and help patients cope with their emotions and disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment: Can an Emotional Support Animal Help You?

So what better way to get better than by getting an emotional support animal? An emotional support animal is not considered a pet and is even protected by federal laws. Their task is to give their owners unconditional amounts of love and to offer them emotional support and comfort.

Getting an ESA is all the more important for people with borderline personality disorders. Since these animals are always by their side, their fear of being alone and abandoned will decrease. Emotional support animals are the ultimate human companions and they’re very calming in stressful times. Having an ESA who is one of the best dog breeds for borderline personality disorder makes the healing process even better!

In order for you to get an emotional support animal, you first need an emotional support letter. This letter attests that your furry companion is crucial for your emotional and mental wellbeing. It is the ultimate proof that they’re not a pet and deserve to be protected by law.

The only people who can write you an official and valid emotional support letter are licensed mental health professionals. CertaPet” href=”” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>CertaPet puts you in touch with an LMHP so you can get your ESA in your lap as soon as possible. And it all starts with our simple, yet thorough 5-minute screening test. If you pass it, we will put you in touch with a licensed mental health professional who practices in your state. They will reach out to you to understand your needs and, if you qualify, to write you your emotional support letter!

You won’t have to take your yellow book out or spend hours searching online for a therapist for you. CertaPet does all that so you can relax and not be even more stressed out by the process! Getting an ESA should be an exciting process — not a tiresome one!

So, What Are the Best Dog Breeds for People Suffering from BPD?

The best dog breeds for borderline personality disorder are those that will be by your side no matter what. They should be loving, attentive, and love being given attention. Since people with BPD tend to be afraid of being abandoned and of being alone in general, having a loyal puppy by your side makes their lives better. So what dog breeds should you be looking for if you have BPD?

The Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle: The Best Dog Breeds for Kids with BPD

Although most BPD diagnoses are given to young adults, children can also be diagnosed. Having a puppy by their side will make dealing with borderline personality disorder easier! The best dog breeds for them have to be the forever loyal and playful Golden Retrievers and the Standard Poodles.

They are loving and sweet puppies who form very strong attachments to their owners. No one likes to play more than they do, so they’re the obvious companion choice for any active child! On top of all that, they get along perfectly with children and adore being showered with attention.

King Charles Spaniel and the Beagle: The Best Small Dog Breeds to Help You Cope with BPD

Among the best dog breeds for borderline personality disorder, you can also find small dogs! Just take the King Charles Spaniel and the Beagle as examples. They’re not the biggest dogs around but have a huge heart of gold. These dogs love their owners more than anything. There is nothing they love more than to be around humans who love them. A whole afternoon spent laying on the couch is their definition of a good time!

Meet the Staffy! A Smart Family Companion

The Staffy, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is the perfect family dog. They’re even often called ‘nanny dogs’ because they are so good with children! They are also one of the best dog breeds for borderline personality disorder sufferers. Their uncanny ability to bond with people and to stay by their side during the hardest moments wins them this award.

Staffies love their owners and they love to play. These goofy puppies adore being the center of attention and making their owners laugh. If you are having a bad day because of BPD, your Staffy companion is sure to make you smile!

Emotional Disorders Can Be Hard to Deal With! So, Make Sure You Talk to a LMHP if You’re Emotionally Unstable

Living with emotional disorders isn’t easy — and borderline personality disorder is no exception! The best way to stop being so influenced by BPD is to talk with a licensed mental health professional. They will help you learn how to cope with the disorder. Plus, they might also recommend you getting an emotional support animal! ESAs are a great help for anyone who suffers from BPD and they make the road to recovery less scary and daunting!

Common Questions on the Best Dog Breeds for Borderline Personality Disorder

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Why should I get an ESA for my borderline personality disorder?

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