The #1 Guide for CBD Dog Treats

Reading Time: 5 minutesSUMMARY VERSION: We recommend the HonestPaws brand. Check them out: CBD Dog Treats for Calming, CBD Dog Treats for Health and CBD Dog Treats for Pain Relief. ☆☆☆☆☆ Rated 5.00/5.00 Honest Paws Calm CBD Bites $24.95

ESA Weekly News December 22nd: New Airline ESA Laws on the Way in 2020?!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every week, we bring you the latest emotional support animal news pieces. Today, we’re delivering on that promise. Our first story is about changes that may be coming to ESAs on planes. The second is about an Iowa man who wants his emotional support coyote back. Sit back and get caught up! See If You Qualify for An ESA Here ESA

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Florida

Reading Time: 4 minutes Live on Miami Beach, in the Keys or anywhere in between? Wondering if an emotional support animal in Florida is right for you? Find out all you need to know about ESAs, service animals and companion animals – plus how to get an ESA letter for Florida – in our guide. Take CertaPet’s Free Screening Test Emotional Support Animal

ESA Weekly News Report July 2nd: New Tennessee ESA Laws in Effect

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every week, we bring you the best emotional support animal news. Today is no exception. Our first story is about new ESA laws coming into effect in July in Tennessee. The second is a heartwarming tale of a man and his ESA alligator. Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading! See If You Qualify for An ESA Here New ESA Housing Laws Coming to

Funny Dog Memes Ahead: The Best Dog Memes of the Year!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whether you are scrolling through your Facebook feeds or simply browsing Instagram, you’ll no doubt come across dog memes. These puptastic viral trends have been sweeping across social media for years and this is mainly because dog memes bring that smile to our faces. So, in this article, we’ll look at the cutest and most

CBD Oil for Depression: Does it Work?

Reading Time: 3 minutes With cannabidiol (CBD) popping up everywhere, the consumer demand for CBD oil for depression and anxiety is high and growing. With fewer side effects in most people, studies show that it may be an effective option to treat various mental illnesses or mood disorders such as depression. For those who have been self-medicating for years,

CBD Oil for Autism: The Science and The Myth

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no cure for this condition, but luckily, there are a variety of treatments that can help improve the quality of life of those suffering from autism, as well as those who have autistic people on their lives. One treatment option, in particular, stands out: CBD oil. CBD oil for autism may not be a cure-all, but it certainly has

ESA Weekly News Report End of May: Increase in ESA Campus Housing Requests!

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this week’s ESA news report, we bring you two emotional support animal stories. The first looks at the increase in campus housing requests for ESAs in recent years. We also look at a heartwarming story of ESAs getting their own page in the yearbook of a Florida school. See If You Qualify for An ESA Here Colleges Break All-Time

Beagle: Todo lo que Debes Conocer de esta Raza

Reading Time: 4 minutes Los perros Beagle son una raza de sabuesos cuya curiosidad y orejas caídas los distinguen entre la mutitud. ¿Recuerdas el ingenio y astucia de Snoopy? Bueno, entonces ya tienes una idea del comportamiento, las sorpresas y el amor que estos pequeños canes pueden darte. Típicamente de pelaje blanco, marrón y negro, ojos grandes, hocico

ESA Weekly News Report May 22nd: New Utah ESA Law Comes into Effect

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this week’s news, we report on Utah’s new ESA laws. The new laws aim to stop fraudsters from misrepresenting their pets as ESAs in order to get them into rented accommodation. We also meet an ESA who is helping its owner live a better life. Read on to find out more! See If You Qualify for An ESA Here New ESA Law in Utah

Barbudos y encantadores: Todo sobre el Schanuzer

Reading Time: 5 minutes ¿Quién no se derrite por las barbas de un Schnauzer? Adaptables, cariñosos y aventureros conquistan a grandes y chicos con su distinguida presencia y obstinada ternura. Compartir tu hogar con un perro de esta raza, cualquiera sea su tamaño o color, es ser testigos de su inteligencia y altos niveles de energía. La palabra Schnauzer

How to Adopt an Emotional Support Dog: You Can’t!

For your dog to be considered as an emotional support dog, you must have an ESA Letter from a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in your state. To learn about the process of getting an ESA Letter, click here. You can take a free screening test to know if you qualify for an emotional support dog.There are two laws which define the housing and travel benefits your

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