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Pets are a key part of our families today so it’s no surprise that more and more of us want to take them with us on holidays, on big moves across the country, or even on international flights! Before arriving at the airport, however, it’s important to check the policies and requirements, even of pet-friendly airlines, in regards to animals on board, in order to ensure there are no nasty surprises! We have done a complete wrap-up of the Frontier Airlines Pet policy so look no further for information about taking your furry pal wherever you go when you fly.

Boarding with Animals: What Assistance Animals Are Accepted for In-Cabin Flight?

As you probably already know, airlines strictly regulate the carriage of animals on board aircraft.

However, there are some animals that fall under this strictly enforced rule and are eligible to be passengers, according to Frontier Airlines pet policy. See if your animal falls into one of the below categories:

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are animals that are used to support a person with a physical or mental disability or illness, as certified by a medical professional. These animals are utilized to support a specific person that needs emotional assistance during their day to day activities.

Service Animals

Service animals are highly trained in specific tasks to assist individuals suffering from disabilities such as visual impairment, mobility impairment, seizures, hearing impairment, post-traumatic stress disorder, and diabetes with day-to-day tasks and activities.

These animals undergo extensive training and have specific skillsets that are intended to help people living with these conditions.

frontier airlines dog policy

Documentation: The 3 Forms You Will Need Before Arriving at the Airport

If your pet qualifies as an emotional support animal, the good news is that the Frontier Airlines policy will allow you to bring furry friend aboard!

From November 1, 2018 and on Frontier’s ESA policy states:

  • The ESA must be either a dog or a cat
  • Only one ESA is permitted per person
  • A minimum of 48 hours advance notice must be given when bringing an ESA on board, through submission of forms required by Frontier Airlines
  • The animal must be contained at all times on board and in the airport, either in a carrier that can fit under the seat or on a leash

The Frontier Airlines Pet Policy asks that you have some specific documents and information on hand regarding your pet when you fly.

ESA Letter

The Frontier Airlines Pet Policy asks for information about your pet in the form of a letter from your attending mental health professional. This letter must include the following information and be written on your physician’s letterhead.

Your mental or emotional disability must also be recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition. This letter must include the license type held by your mental health professional, the jurisdiction in which it was issued and the date.

It is also required that the letter include documentation that you need the ESA for the flight or at your final destination. Please keep in mind that an ESA letter from your doctor is only valid for one year, after which time you will need to obtain another letter from your doctor.

If you do not have a legal document sating your need for emotional support, CertaPet has licensed mental health professionals with experience writing ESA letters, who can assess your mental health disability and issue an ESA letter.

The pre-screening is simple, fast, and convenient to complete online!

Health Certificate

All animals must have a health certificate issued within 10 days of the day of departure from the originating city is required.

Current Vaccination Record

A rabies certificate for dogs is also required. Some states require additional health documents. Please check with the states that you are flying from/to for further information. Passengers should consult their veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture to ensure that their animal will comply with all requirements.

Cabin Travel: The 4 Main Facts to Know When Carrying Your Pet Onboard

Before getting your heart set on taking Doug and Daisy the delighted doggos, or Charlotte the cat on your next Frontier flight, be aware there are some important facts to be aware of to ensure a smooth flight with your animal.


Frontier Airlines charge a one-off $75 directional pet fee per flight. This is one of the most inexpensive pet flight fees across the US! You can choose to pay this fee in advance or pay at the airport check-in counter.

Breed Restrictions

Frontier airlines do not list any specific breed restrictions, however, it is wise to check this with Frontier before departure. It is also a good idea to check with your vet as to whether your destination could have any health risks for your pet, especially owners of snub-nosed dogs and short-nosed dog breeds.

Weight and Height Restriction of Carriers

In order to carry a pet in the aircraft cabin on your flight, your pet carrier must not exceed a maximum of 18″ length x 14″ width x 8″ height.

Pet carriers are recommended to be soft-sided.

The travel container must be large enough for the pet to stand, turn around, and lie down in a natural position. The carrier must also fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Be aware that the Frontier airlines pet policy stipulates that a pet carrier takes the place of a personal item or carry-on baggage. Therefore you are only able to take a personal item or carry on bag item in addition to your pet carrier.

Regarding Pet Safety

Always ensure your pet is fit to fly before traveling! Animals with respiratory illnesses should not fly.

Although it can be a tempting idea to sedate your pet for a flight, it can be unsafe. There is no conclusive evidence on the safety of sedative use at altitude, therefore it’s a good idea to use natural methods to soothe your pet before, during and after the flight.

Pet Cargo Compartment Travel with Frontier Airlines

frontier airlines pet restrictions

Unfortunately, Frontier Airlines Pet Policy does not currently accept animals in the cargo hold as checked baggage at this time.

5 Top Tips As You Are Preparing to Travel with Your ESA

  1. Feed and give water to your pet within 4 hours of a flight. It is also a good idea to bathe them the day before if possible in order to avoid any unpleasant odors.
  2. Ensure that they have plenty of exercise and stimulation before the flight so that they are relaxed (and sleepy!) during travel.
  3. Give your pet ample time to toilet as close as possible to getting onto the plane to avoid any accidents.
  4. Ensure that you have complete control of your animal before checking in, as you may be asked to demonstrate this.
  5. If you are jetting off on a holiday, ensure you have booked a pet-friendly hotel!

Flying with Your ESA: Know the Special Requirements when Traveling with Frontier Airlines

  • Domesticated dogs and cats can fly to all Frontier’s international destinations except Jamaica.
  • Pets must remain in their carrier at all times on flights. It is the owner’s responsibility to soothe their pet whilst still inside the carrier if it becomes distressed.
  • Frontier Airlines pet policy requests that food and water should not be supplied to a pet during travel.

CertaPet’s Frontier Airlines ESA Fact Sheet

To get all the information and more in one place, we created an emotional support animal fact sheet when cruising in the sky with your ESA. Easy to download so you don’t have to forget anything!

Where to Call or Visit for More Information on Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

To contact Frontier Airlines for more information on their pet policy, try these:

Phone: 801-401-9000


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