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For emotional support animal owners, it’s wise to read up on airline policies and what to bring and do before you step foot in the airport! As the ACAA states, emotional support animals can fly with the passengers in the aircraft cabin on flights free of charge. However, there still is valuable information to learn when traveling to Hawaii and back! Read more on Hawaiian Airlines ESA Policy and the forms they require, the types of emotional support animals they allow on board, and so much more!

ESA Policy Hawaiian Airline’s Pet Fee for Non-ESAs

If you want to travel with your non-ESA dog or cat (in the passenger cabin) within the state of Hawaii or from Hawaii to North America.

Then it will cost you $35 for inter-island flights and $175 for flights from Hawaii to North America.

Larger dogs, cats, and birds can travel in the cargo hold and count as checked baggage.

A List of ESAs That are Permitted on Hawaiian Airlines

Dog and cat sitting together at an airport, ESAs permitted on Hawaiian Airlines ESA Policy

Only dogs and cats are permitted as Emotional Support animals and allowed to fly in the passenger cabin in Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy (one per owner).

Breed Restrictions

Certain dog and cat breeds are restricted from flying in the cargo hold due to respiratory difficulties. Short-nosed dog breeds can be at risk during the flight and “in Hawaii’s tropical climate.” According to the Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy, some prohibited snub-nosed dog breeds include:

  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Bulldogs
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Chow Chow
  • Pug
  • Shih Tzu

ACAA and ESAs: What You Need to Know: Alert Hawaiian Airlines You Will Be Bringing Your ESA!

Emotional Support Animals must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to provide emotional support or psychiatric service.

ESAs and service dogs can fly free on Hawaiian Airlines. The Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy states that the call center must be notified at least 48 hours in advance for the flight for ESAs.

Know Hawaiian Airlines Pet Carrier Requirements!

Pet carrier requirements help keep your pets safe during flights.  There are different carrier restrictions depending on whether your pet is flying in the cabin or in cargo.  Pets flying in cargo that aren’t emotional support animals or service animals need to be kept in a carrier throughout the whole flight.

However, if you have an ESA, then they may need to be kept underneath the seat in front of the passenger. When flying cargo, more space is allowed so each pet can be kept comfortable and safe.

What’s Acceptable

If your pet is traveling in the passenger cabin, the carrier will need to follow certain specifications for comfort and size. It can not exceed 25 pounds total (including the dog) and cannot be larger than Length 16 in. X Width 10 in. X Height 9.5 in.

The carrier needs to be soft-sided, leak-proof, and large enough so the pet can sit, stand upright, turn, and lay down. Your pet will stay under the seat in front of you for the entire flight. The carrier counts as a personal item or carry-on baggage.

If your pet is traveling in the cargo compartment of the aircraft kennel, it will need to follow certain requirements for size depending on your pet size. The kennel must be hard, leakproof, designed to prevent escape, and have absorbent material lining the inside.

What’s Restricted

Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy allows dogs and cats to fly with their owners in the cabin, but all other non-ESA must travel in an acceptable carrier.

“Where Does My ESA Go Once I’m on the Plane?”

Hawaiin Airlines ESA policy states that emotional support animals and service dogs do not have to stay in a carrier during the flight.  They can sit with their owners either on their lap or on the floor in front of them.

Bring And Fill Out The Required Documents/Forms! One of the Most Important Steps!

If you choose to bring your emotional support animal on a Hawaiian Airlines flight, be sure to follow the Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy.  If their policies are not followed, your pet may have to fly cargo and may have an extended quarantine.

ESA Letter and Mental Health Form

An ESA letter is a letter that’s been prescribed by your licensed mental health professional. The latter form (found on their site) will need to be filled out by your LMHP.

Your CertaPet LMHP can do this for you.

Forms for 8 Hours or More for Flying

You must provide documentation your ESA or assistance animal won’t go to the bathroom where he/she chooses and is well behaved.

Veterinary Health Certificate

This may or may not be required depending on your destination. We encourage you to call the airline to see!

Prepare Your ESA for Flight!

Dog waiting in airport terminal for Hawaiann Airlanes biting plane ticket and luggage by side

Your ESA should be calm and relaxed before flying.  If your support animal causes too much of a disturbance, you can be denied boarding, according to the Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy. Proper training and exercise will help keep your pet relaxed and prepared for the flight.

Teach Your Dog The Proper Behavior When in Public and on the Airplane

Prepare your ESA for your flight, you may be denied boarding if they exhibit aggressive or very disturbing behaviors.  They must behave calmly when waiting at the airport check-in counter, relieve themselves in designated areas, and remain calm during take-offs and landings.

They’re There For Your Comfort, Not Disturbance

Your ESA may not cause significant disturbance during the flight. They may be exposed to unusual circumstances like other dogs, of life independence oxygen tanks, or small children and need to behave.

Read ESA Owner’s First-Hand Flying Experience on Hawaiian Airlines.

Here’s what happy customers have to say about Hawaiian Airlines ESA policy!

“My flight was September 2017 everything went great that’s all I know!! No one gave me a hassle about the paperwork no one said a word as I walked him around the airport on his leash no one said a thing on the plane except how cute and that was about it everything went perfect!” – Alia, BringFido

Are You Traveling Internationally? Check Out Location-Specific Resources to See If Your ESA is Allowed

Even if your ESA is permitted on an international flight, there may be restrictions when you land in a different country.  Certain countries require specific paperwork and health certificates for foreign animal entry. If you do not have the correct paperwork, your pet may be not allowed in the country or forced into quarantine first.

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