CertaPet Supports a Grieving Family With Military Makeover

By: Kathryn Anderson Updated: April 21, 2023

What do military families want more than anything? Consistency. And as licensed professional counselor Prairie Conlon explains to Montel Williams, host of Military Makeover, emotional support animals provide that.

“It can take up to two years for a Veteran to get approved for a service dog – and it can be expensive, so my recommendation is to get your animal an ESA letter first.” – Prairie Conlon

Just in time for Veterans Day (November 11), Conlon, a military spouse herself, sits down with Holly and Aaron Middleton to discuss the mental health benefits of having an ESA. She provides education about emotional support animals to the family and supports Holly in connecting with an online counselor. 


“As a military spouse when you’re at home and your spouse deploys it can be really difficult – that’s when anxiety and worry can be overwhelming and overpowering. Having that animal there can fill that space.”

“When there’s a loss in the family there’s going to be that overwhelming grief, having the dog there provides that being that can actually provide a focal point to come out of it. They notice a difference in their chemical balance, and being a bonded member of their pack they [the ESA] want to intervene and interfere. Having them come to you is sometimes enough to intervene with the crying and panic attacks.”

“They think it’s a certificate that can get them into housing…or bring on an airplane. What they don’t realize about the emotional support animal is that consistency that it brings to you as you’re traveling, as you’re moving from place to place.”


“When I have anxiety attacks…Aaron will hold me and put pressure on my chest. Unfortunately Aaron can’t be with me all the time, and that’s why we were excited to learn about emotional support animals.”

“When I go to those dark places that I can’t really get out of myself – I can lean on her and she can help me.”


CertaPet is a leading telehealth company. We provide in-depth mental health assessments and provide our clients with comprehensive clinical treatment plans that may or may not include the recommendation for an ESA Letter.

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